Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1628: The similarity between the two ladies

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"Hey you there, come take a look."

"Come, satisfaction in a single glance."

"No, come here, I will give you a special discount."

The peddlers in the Machine City were as busy as they always were.

Streams of people filled the streets as they went about their own businesses.

There are different stores lining the commercial streets here. From food to shoes, to gems, all that one would want to browse were here.

There are also shops selling automaton parts and low-grade automata.

It's a normal scene for a city like this.

There are orbs which had parts in them. One could find all the parts they need to make the automata they want.

Circuits without magic in them are normal-looking orbs.

The quality of the parts and circuits here leaves much to be desired but it's better than trying to find one elsewhere where they're not even sold.

Wu Yan looked around as he took in the sight. He sighed.

"The Machine City is oddly friendly."

"You're wearing the Walpurgis Royal Machine Arts uniform."

Charlotte spat out.

"Anyone who can afford to go there is either rich or is good enough to be sponsored by rich people. That's why they're so amicable on the surface."


Wu Yan heard Frey gulping.

"B-But I don't have anything other than my pocket money."

"Th-that's how it is normally. I didn't mean it had to apply to everyone."

Charlotte started defending her.

"My purse isn't doing good either. The shops don't know this."

"That's because you used your money to buy back the hearts of your family members."

Wu Yan explained.

"Other than that, if you had spent it on yourself then you would be very rich."

Charlotte turned her head the other way with a hmph.

Frey looked at Charlotte.

"Buying their hearts, back?"

"I am talking about the automata Charlotte used to live with."

Wu Yan explained.

"Due to certain circumstances, Charlottes' automata, the ones she used to live with, were dismantled. Now, she's slowly recovering their hearts in order to bring back her old life with them."

"W-What are you blabbering about?!"

Having her secret blown out in the open like that made her beet red as she hollered at him.

"Don't use that smug face with me, I haven't got to the bottom of why you know about all of this anyway!"

"The automata she used to live with? She called them her family?"

Frey showed elation in those red eyes of her.

"I also treat Rabi like family!"


Charlotte recalled what Wu Yan told her that day. The true reason behind Frey's determination to kill Raishin.

Given Frey's excitement at meeting someone else like her, it's probably true that she's doing this for the husky automaton.


Wu Yan looked at Charlotte before glancing at Frey.

"When did you tag along? Also, why are you acting like you were naturally supposed to be here?"

"I-I am just free, bite me!"

"Look, I don't mind you tagging along. Not going to send you back if that's what you fear."

She leered at him.

"Who knows what a pervert like you would do to Frey?!"

"Hey, change that line of thought? Do I look like a sleazebag?"

"U cannot judge a book by its cover."

Charlotte smirked.

"You're someone who can kiss his automaton, I doubt you would set a high bar for anything else."


Wu Yan inhaled deeply.

"You win this round."

Frey hid behind Wu Yan's back because she couldn't stand the two fighting.

Of course, the fact that a delinquent with spiky sprayed hair contributed.

The delinquent looked like a total clown.


When Charlotte also hid behind him, he looked behind.

"What's the matter with you two?"


Frey and Charlotte looked terrified of the delinquent. After the delinquent left, they sighed in relief at the same time.

Frey is a timid lady so it's not out of the ordinary for her. Charlotte's behavior is more unusual.

Tyrant Rex is scared of a punk.

Wu Yan can understand where they came from.

They were used to living with their automata shielding them.

Without their automata, they're no different than normal humans.

They're feeble and being conscious of this will breed fear and insecurities.

Charlotte probably had this while Frey's just doing Frey's thing.

Wu Yan bought a few drinks for them and he assured them.

"It's fine, I got your backs."

Frey and Charlotte felt assured.

Although he should be as helpless as them, they still felt safe around him.

It's weird.


Wu Yan started drinking the sweet drink.

"Alright, where to?"

"Frey can decide."

Charlotte drank her syrup too.

"She's the protagonist today."


Frey looked in a certain direction.

"I want to go there."