Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1629: A game for three people?

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"I want to go there..."

They looked and their eyes widened at what they saw.


Wu Yan and Charlotte spat their drinks at the same time at one another.

They sprayed each others' faces like horizontal water geysers.


Charlotte turned livid red with anger.

"What are you doing?!"

"D-Don't blame me!"

Wu Yan felt her spit roll down his cheeks. He retorted.

"You sprayed me too?!"

"Don't use spray! Who sprayed you with what?!"

Charlotte shook with anger and frustration.

"This smell, it's a man's smell, that guy's..."

Charlotte wiped her face while grumbling in shame.

Charlotte looked like she delayed the wiping motion just a smidgeon. But, he could be wrong.

Wu Yan also wiped away the drool syrup Charlotte sprayed onto his face.

Wu Yan and Charlotte looked at the source of this debacle.


Frey tried to shrink into a ball.

Wu Yan and Charlotte couldn't stay mad at her.

Frey pointed at a hotel.

It's not a normal one either.

It's painted pink and there is a giant love symbol in its banner. There is also a couple passionately hugging in that heart.

Wu Yan and Charlotte have heard of hotels like this before.

It's for people who want to bump uglies on the bed or in the toilet, it's that sort of short-term stay hotel.

It's a love hotel.

"Okay, I know it's unlikely but I am just going to ask just in case."

Charlotte forced a smile onto her face.

"Frey, were you pointing at the wrong building?"


Frey shook her head so it was apparent what she was pointing at.

"Okay, I know it's unlikely but I am just going to ask just in case."

Wu Yan asked.

"You want us to go play inside that place?"

Anyone could tell what he meant.

Frey and Charlotte knew about the birds and bees, that's why they were red like tomatoes.

Frey raised her hand in a meek manner.

"O-Of course, not."

Wu Yan and Charlotte sighed in relief again. Albeit, what she said next caused them to stop mid-sigh.

"I want to go there with just Crimson Eyes. Tyrant Rex doesn't have to come."

Cough cough cough

Wu Yan and Charlotte coughed at the same time.

Frey is saying she wants Wu Yan to play the "plow my cucumber patch" game with her.


Charlotte stuttered.

"Do you know what you're saying?!"

Charlotte shrieked. She pointed at Wu Yan who was nonchalantly waiting for her to finish.

"You want to go 'play' with this horny guy?"


Frey is on the verge of tears, she thought for sure Charlotte wanted to join.

"Tyrant Rex, want to join too?"

"Hell no!"

Charlotte turned her anger on Wu Yan who said nothing from the start.

"Pervert! Shameless! Imbecile! Bastard that only knows how to think with his crotch!"

"You're the fool!"

Wu Yan chided her.

"I didn't say anything? How am I at fault?"

"You lecher, automaton smoocher, you tricked us so you can 'play' us?!"

"Okay, firstly, you came along without my invitation, secondly, I won't comment on that automaton smoocher part."

"Huh! You want to toss me aside because you want to do something nasty to Frey?! You perv!"

"You're the perv, what is going on in that mind of yours?!"

"You're just charmed by her titties, 'problems' my butt, you just want to play butt stuff!"

"Okay, we're veering off in a weird direction. Listen, I can explain."

"D-Don't fight..."

Frey wanted to stop them, but the commotion started to gather a crowd.

"It's fine, I don't mind doing it together."

""I mind!!!""

Wu Yan and Charlotte roared at once. They were glaring at one another with swirly eyes.

At last, they noticed their current predicament.

With the three of them as the center, the pedestrians surrounded them as they whispered among themselves.

"Those three, they're Walpurgis students, right?"

"Three elites arguing about the plays they're going to do at the Love Hotel?"

"They're humans, in the end, anyone would wanna blow off some steam once in a while..."

"Oh, I've heard about this before, rich kids paying other students to go try nasty stuff at the hotel."

"The morals of young ones nowadays, deplorable..."

"Watch your mouth, they might be powerful people. You're dead if they overheard you."

The whispers grew weak after that.

Wu Yan, Charlotte, and Frey heard it all.

Wu Yan covered his face while Frey hid behind Wu Yan.

Charlotte is shivering with anger and shame.

"I am Charlotte of the Belew House..."

Charlotte roared at the others around her.

"I am a noble! I don't do shameless stuff like that!"

The people scampered off after seeing her blow her tops.

Tyrant Rex, this is how she got her title, huh?