Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1640: Sudden event.

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The people held their tongues when they saw the area devastated by Cherubim.

Getting cut by this is a good way to die, at least, be severely maimed.

And, Cherubim is an automaton with a magic circuit that can heat up air to several thousands Celsius, what couldn't the blade cut?

Even a 1-meter thick metal slab would be cut apart, right?

Even if Astrea was unsealed, this attack isn't something to be blocked.

However, she had speed and dexterity to dodge the attacks.

Wu Yan looked at the spinning sword in the air.

"I see, this is why they called you the Sacred Blaze."

The red halos of heat and the blazing inferno it wrought certainly earned him that title.

This is why people felt terrified, they saw what Loki could do.

indeed, his automaton is powerful.

Astrea looked at Wu Yan, she wanted his opinion on the matter.

Astrea is afraid she might slip up and get hit.

A hit from Cherubim would spell her doom.

Even Ikaros' Aegie would find it hard to completely block the attack.

Astrea L-type Aegis is a stronger defense than Ikaros' wide-area Aegis.

If she could use her shield, that is what she wanted Wu Yan to weigh in on.

She can fight wholeheartedly with the shield at her side.

She won't even need 10 seconds to take him down.

Wu Yan had the same thought. He allowed her to use the shield.

That flaming sword is no joke. He would level the entire academy if Loki so much as harm one of his ladies.

Astrea's safety is the priority here.

Plus, he had more trump cards in store.

Wu Yan nodded.

But, something out of the ordinary happened.


Magical power surged from somewhere near Loki.

However, it wasn't Loki.

Loki had no such magic power.

Wu Yan was supposed to be the only one who can generate mana storms with sheer quantity and density.

Frey is the one emitting this magic surge.

She is also shocked by this.


The others took a few steps back in shock.

The magic power was enough to trees away. She panicked because she wasn't doing this on purpose.

She didn't know she had this much magic power. She was also unaware of why her magic power rampaged out of control.

Frey's magic power turned wacky all of a sudden.


Nagisa flinched.

"What's going on?!"

"This magic power."

Wu Yan gasped.

"This isn't Frey's magic power, right?"

"No humans could ever reach this level. This is vampire-level magic power."

Natsuki turned stern.

"Careful, things are not what they seem."

Another magical surge echoed out with Frey as the center.

Loki got blown back by the shockwave.


Frey cried but she winced in pain.


Rabi howled in a manic fit. It lost its chill just like the magic power of its rampaging mistress.

Rabi turned golden as it sucked up Frey's magic power.

The scrawny dog enlarged as its fur stood like porcupine spikes. Its teeth also lengthened too. It wasn't a dog anymore, it was closer to a huge tiger at this point.


Frey watched as her beloved pet grew out of proportion.


The dog howled again.

"Ugh... Ahh... Kyaa..."

Frey slumped to the floor. Her skin and muscles started oozing blood as the magic power overburdened her physique.

Loki slowly got up.

Natsuki and Ikaros wanted to rush to Frey's aid.

Wu Yan held them back. He knows what happened to Frey.


Frey thrashed in pain.

Crack crack

Rabi bared its fangs at Wu Yan.

The next second, the huge dog pounced in Wu Yan's direction