Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1643: A devious plan

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The beast howled as magic power mixed into the air. The magical gust cut everything nearby.

Rabii was gathering magic power with its mouth full of saliva.

Then, an invisible shockwave was emitted out of the dog's mouth. It cut the ground, sliced through the air, and devastated everything in its path.

It's a high-density sonic boom.

This was aimed at Loki and Wu Yan who was fighting Loki.

Frey's automaton attacked the two duelists.

Ikaros came to shield Wu Yan along with Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon. She deployed her Aegis.

The Aegis resisted the sonic boom as a shockwave echoed out the moment it hit her barrier.


Without letting up, Rabi ran along the side while emitting multiple sonic shockwaves at them.

Bam bam bam bam

The Aegis blocked each attack while dust flew around them.

Rabi continued peppering into the dust cloud.

Rabi lost all sense of rationality.

It only knew how to destroy everything standing around it.

The beast locked onto them and fired wave after wave of sonic attacks.


Frey's body continued to wither as the beast drained her mana steadily.

More blood seeped out.


Frey should have been in so much pain she couldn't stand up but she pleaded for Rabi to steady itself while ignoring her own state.

Frey wanted to control her automaton.

But Rabi didn't heed her call. It fired off multiple attacks while overriding her commands.

Frey wanted to use forceful control but that required immense focus which the battered her couldn't muster.

Loki looked at Rabi and gnashed his teeth when he saw the dog draining her sister's mana.


"I Am Ready!"

Cherubim fired off its dagger wings.

The daggers sliced a big wound across the dog's torso.


The dog howled in pain before magic quickly surged.

The wound grew tumors like nodules before the wound regenerated in less than a few seconds.


Loki was stunned.

That attack was enough to disable normal automata.

However, it recovered in an instant.

Garm Series never had such regenerative abilities.

Loki knew where the regen came from.

It came from its immense magic power reserves.

That regeneration took away 20% of the dog's mana.

Freya also bled out more as a result. Her blood evaporated and turned into mana that seeped into Rabi.

Loki finally understood.

"Freya's blood is being converted into mana."

Yes, Freya didn't have so much mana to begin with.

Her blood is being converted into mana to supply Rabi's bloodthirst, regeneration, and other abilities.

Lifeforce could be turned into mana.

And blood is just one of the mediums converted.

Blood is the thickest substance of mana in this world. The vassal beasts in Strike the Blood also lived in blood.

In other words, blood is the best material to convert to mana.

This is why vampires treated their blood like their lives in Strike the Blood. They placed its importance higher than their brains or hearts.

Now, Freya's blood is being converted to mana from an unknown means. Rabi is the unwilling receiver of this mana.

This is why Rabi lost control.

Freya is the source of this disturbance.

But, she has limited blood.

She will eventually bleed out in such a case.

They can't attack Rabi, it will drain her faster. The regeneration will kill her faster.


Loki clicked his tongue.

"Cherubim, stop!"


Cherubim stopped and retrieved the daggers.

Rabi pounced in Loki's direction. It wanted to bite Loki's neck.

If this attack connected, Loki would die for sure.

"No! Rabi!"

Frey yelled out.

Rabi continued to attack.

Cling cling cling

Purple chains wrapped Rabi up and immobilized the beast.

Then, another figure appeared behind Frey. With a gentle press on the head and a wisp of mana shot into her brain, Frey was knocked out.

Rabi slumped down unconscious as it slowly regained its smaller size. The overgrown muscles were also destroyed.