Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1642: Forced Mana generation magic circuit

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In a facility not far away from the main lecture halls...

The hospital of the academy stood.

Walpurgis is an academy with top-class students enrolling in the hundreds, up to thousands of students.

As such, the academy didn't pinch pennies on the medical facilities.

After school time, there are fewer reasons why students would be hurt so the staff stationed here are only relief staffs.

However, the staff could hear a commotion in one of the corridors.

The two angelic ladies at the forefront immediately caused the staff to awake from their stupor.

Ikaros and Astrea opened the door for Wu Yan as he brought in an unconscious and pale Frey.

Natuski, Nagisa, and Kanon followed closely behind Wu Yan whose shirt was stained red by blood.

The nurse wanted to grumble but when she saw the battered Frey, she stopped.

"What happened?!"

"She's hurt!"

Wu Yan cut into the topic immediately.

"She lost too much blood, prepare transfusion."

"How can transfusions heal her state?"

The nurse pushed a medical cart to them.

"Let's treat her immediately!"

"I have a great healer near me, just give her blood now!"

Wu Yan placed Frey on the bed. Then, he looked at Kanon.

"Kanon, Frey is in your hands, I will supply you with all the mana you need."

"And Rabi!"

Nagisa and Astrea pointed at the battered dog on Cherubim's shoulder.

"Knaon-chan, Please, heal Rabi too."

"I will try."

Kanon said anxiously.

She might have mind-boggling healing abilities but it's the first time she is treating a human and a dog in the medical room.

She's only a student, anyone would be nervous in her shoes.

Kanon can heal people but she can't regenerate the blood Frey lost.

Wu Yan brought Frey and Rabi here so they could get their transfusions. The healing and stopping of wounds can be done with Kanon's abilities.

The medical staff still wanted to object but another authoritative voice rang out.

"Do as he says."

An attractive redhead in office lady researcher attire walked over.

She's Kimberly.

"He has so much confidence behind his words, surely, he has his ways."

Kimberly examined Frey for a few seconds.

"Now, do your jobs."

The medical staff could only obey as the researcher ordered them.

Frey and Rabi were pushed into the operation room. Kanon also followed.

Frey lost too much blood, with transfusions and Kanon's healing, she should be fine.

Rabi is an automaton, he should be sent to the engineering department for fixing.

But, since he is a banned doll, the majority of his construct is of living parts.

Kanon's healing would do it more service than tinkering in the engineering dept.

Natsuki, Nagisa, Astrea, and Loki stayed mum. Ikaros is the only one who pleads with Wu Yan.


"Say no more."

Wu Yan assured her.

"Kanon is the best healer in the world, Frey and Rabi will be fine."

Ikaros nodded but her worried look wasn't gone.

Ikaros isn't familiar with Frey and Rabi.

But, Frey who lived as a weapon and tool while treating Rabi, a biological weapon like a family became someone who Ikaros held dear.

She cared enough that she wanted no harm to come to them.

Even this small wish was shattered by the scuffle just now.

Wu Yan balled his fists while calming his rumbling emotions.

"Professor Kimberly, why are you here?"

"My students fought in front of a dorm. You think people won't notice?"

Kimberly poked at him.

"I will ask for the details later. Heal her first."

Wu Yan nodded.


Nagisa looked at the closed door.

"Why did she suddenly lose blood and how did her automaton go berserk?"

"It's not Frey, she didn't seem like she knew this would happen."

Natsuki analyzed.

"My guess is that someone installed a magic on her that forcibly converted her blood to magic power."

"Someone did this to her?"

Astrea tilted her head.

"There are multiple ways to do this."

Natsuki looked at Loki.

"I fear that someone had installed magic formation to do that."


Wu Yan was expressionless while Loki looked like he had something to say.

A magic formation to forcibly make mana from blood.

That magic formation kicked in and Frey lost control?

"I see."

Kimberly snorted.

"It's conceivable if you say a part of her had been converted to magic circuits."

"She's part Automaton."

Kimberly assessed while looking at Loki, hinting for him to spill the beans.

"With blood as the medium, the magic circuit needs to be at the core of the blood circulation system."

"The heart."

Natsuki said with a grim face.

"Someone used machine parts to replace her heart and make a magic circuit there!"

Nagisa, Ikaros, and Astrea were stunned by this, it was like someone had slammed a hammer into them.

A modified human.

Part automaton and part human, she is even more of a taboo than her Automaton husky.

Who did this to her?

An immediate culprit came to mind.


Who else could do this except him?