Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1644: Insurance?

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Machine City...

In an affluent area with multiple mansions dotting the large area, there stood multiple fields of crops that added to the scenery.

A stone mansion built like an ancient castle stood among the newer mansions.

The tall walls that surrounded it had warehouses, dormitories, and granaries built near it.

It looked like it was a place that bred and kept livestock.

However, the plaque with an orphanage written on it said otherwise.

Things didn't add up the longer one looked at the place.

There are personnel with guns on patrol. There are also Automata keeping an eye on the perimeter.

An orphanage with such tight security?

Even military warehouses aren't as tightly guarded as this place.

In any case, this orphanage is very suspicious.

In one of the villas here, Bronson stood solemnly with his white lab coat giving him a scholarly look.

The building is dark with little light to illuminate the place.

The windows were covered with metal bars. There are no furniture as rows of cages form two rows.

In the cages are different breeds of dogs: Golden Retrievers, shepherds, Corgi, labradors, and other types of dogs caged inhumanely.

They're all slumped in one corner and their eyes are devoid of lights. It seemed like no one gave them the care they needed. Only their noses and ears twitched, signaling that they were still alive.

The dogs had metal plates that looked like armor on them.


These are all the Automata with Hollow Sound Magic Circuit, the Garm Series dogs.

These dogs are the dogs Frey tried to save.

Bronson roamed his gaze over the dogs coldly.

The Garm Series was once his prided work.

The Garm Series is the reason why the British Army gave him the time of day.

But, these dogs are just trash to him now.

The dogs need a lot of upkeep and their capabilities aren't high enough for Bronson to justify keeping them a secret from the people lest he be caught and trialed.

Plus, they're the reason why Wu Yan could blackmail him.

Before confirming Wu Yan's death, it is too risky to get rid of the evidence, Wu Yan could have caught him while he was busy dismantling and disposing the dogs into the sewers.

Frey's rampaging heart was Bronson's plan.

He wanted her to gang up on Wu Yan with Loki. Without being able to fight back, Wu Yan would most likely die by Rabi's fangs.

He figured that if he would threaten him over Frey then he would most likely be unable to hurt Frey or Rabi.

Of course, Bronson isn't 100% sure of this plan.

If he didn't die, the dogs would be his final insurance to use against Wu Yan.

Even if Wu Yan found out, he wouldn't blab on him to the authorities unless he was ready to risk the death of these dogs.

Bronson wanted to negotiate with Wu Yan, if he survives.

With the dogs and Frey as bargaining chips, he was sure he could strike a beneficial deal.

Bronson was confident.

After all, he has been using people for a long time.

He wasn't someone who would give up valuable hostages.

Who knows if Wu Yan might snap at him.

He needed another insurance.

"You all..."

Bronson gave an order.

"Take these dogs and install mana disruptors near their magic circuits."

The personnel gasped.

Mana disruptors near the circuit?

If mana disruptors go off and disrupt the mana near the circuit, the Eve's Hearts which are close to the circuit would be damaged by the exploding circuits.

A broken heart cannot be repaired.

Bronson is thinking about installing bombs on their hearts.

"Just do it, don't worry about the dogs. set it so that the circuits go off once meddled with."

Bronson said.

"Do it, I want it all done by tomorrow!"

"Yes sir!"

The workers nodded.

Bang bang bang

Gunshots went off outside.

Then, they heard pained yelps coming from outside.

"What's going on?"

The workers cried out.

"What the hell is going on out there?!"

Bronson knew something bad transpired, his guts told him so.

Bronson rushed out of the building and saw a scene that made him furrow his brows deeply.