Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1645: Solo the enemy camp

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The dark sky looked like a heavy rain was inevitable. With the sounds of metallic clashes and the pained yelp of anguished ones, Bronson exited his building to see a scene of carnage.

The patrols with smoking guns were all cut and torn up.

Some lay motionless while some were bleeding profusely from their wounds. There are also those who squirm in pools of their own blood.

There is also automata wreckage everywhere.

The smell of gunpowder, blood, and mana residue mixed to form a painting from hell.

A lone figure stood at the main entrance.

He wore a black t-shirt under the standard uniform for male students of the Walpurgis Academy. All around him are the bodies of guards and automata.

Surrounding the male is an assortment of weapons from daggers, swords, spears, and guns.

The weapons had a faint glow to them that signified that the user used advanced Psychokinesis.

It was obvious to Bronson that this lone attacker had decimated his security forces and his security automata.

A familiar intruder stood at his doors.

Bronson spelled out the name of the brutal invader who cut down his men and machines.

"Scarlet Eyes..."

Wu Yan let himself into the "orphanage".

"Yo, President Bronson."

He lifted his head to reveal his blood-red eyes.

"We meet again."

"Oh, yeah, we meet again..."

Bronson roamed his eyes over the fallen guards. He expressed no sadness or anger as if the fallen men had nothing to do with him.

"You sure picked a good place, time, and... Occasion for me."

"Oh, the pleasure isn't mine, if I could, I wouldn't want to see that piece of art you call a face."

Wu Yan expressed his disgust.

"But, like I said, if you did something stupid, I promised to give you a better surprise in return."

"Oh, you delivered..."

Bronson sighed.

"You broke academy rules, you left in the dead of night, this is probably the last time we meet before you're expelled, right?"

"The academy only prohibited unauthorized removal of automata from academy ground..."

Wu Yan retorted.

"Sorry to disappoint but barring a few reprimanding words from my teacher, this is probably not the last time we will see each other."

"Of course!"

Bronson grinned.

"But, academy rules say that students can't attack civilians, I hope you have a good team of legal counsel or it's the noose for you."

"Oh, you're bound for another disappointment."

Wu Yan slowly walked in his direction.

"I came as an agent of justice. I am here to expose and retrieve all the body modification, human dissection, murders, and other related evidence."

Bronson inhaled deeply.

"I am guessing this is where you kept the artificial Promised Children?"

Wu Yan looked at the surrounding buildings.

"And, you probably kept all the banned dolls and 'banned doll materials (failed human test subjects) here."

Bronson revealed a murderous look as he exposed his crimes.

"You know too much, that's not good for your life. Scarlet eyes..."

"You're not the first nor shall you be the last to want me dead. Just like the ones before you, I am still alive and kicking."

Wu Yan raised his arms.

"Oh, and one more thing, you better kill me here. Cause, if not, you're going to meet the maker soon."

Wu Yan willed his weapons to point and fire at Bronson.


Bronson wasn't fazed by the controlled weapons.

"You didn't even bring one of your dolls here, you think you can take us all on?!"

Bronson was happy to see this, he could kill him here.

Pin the intrusion and destruction of property on him, say it's legitimate self-defense and no one would bat an eye.

This is perfect for him.

"I am going to let you see the highest-performance Angel Series."

Bronson sent a wisp of mana into one of the buildings.

"Come here, Lucifer!"

A jet of golden light exploded out of the building and flew in Bronson's direction. The machine carried with it a hot gust of air that warmed the area immediately.

It smashed into the weapons in the sky.

Clang clang clang clang

The machine repelled all the weapons away like a truck smashing into tin cans.

The machine emitted golden jets of light that made it look like a tornado in the sky. It scattered all the weapons into the distance.

The golden light finally revealed its true appearance.

It had giant blades for guarding its arms.

It was an automaton that stood over 2 meters tall.

It looked like Cherubim in giant sword form except it was bigger and had a better color tone.

The hot gusts of air were extreme-heated air courtesy of its Jet circuit (Hot Air magic circuit).

An automaton of the Angel Series.

It is also the automaton that almost got Bronson his Satan title in the past.

"Your magic power is leagues above the Promised Children."

Bronson continued.

"You will make a fine test subject."