Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1646: Magic tools, one vs many

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The golden automaton drew a golden arc in the air when it swung its huge blades.

Clang clang clang clang

The hot gusts of air knocked away the countless weapons heading for it. These weapons were controlled by Wu Yan's psychokinesis at first.

Then, he upped the ante.

Dark weapons made of what looked like otherworldy iron sand were shooting out various red portals in the area.

The red portals spawned countless weapons that shot at Bronson and Lucifer from every conceivable direction.

It was like he had an army behind those portals. Lucifer did his best to generate hot wind and melt the impending weapons.


The automaton swung its huge blades once more and countless weapons flew into the distance.

The automaton is a piece of art in weapon form. It could swing high-temperature swords around all it wanted but the dark weapons were sent into the distance at most, none of the weapons broke from its clashes.

Moreover, under the relentless assault of the blades, the hulking machine slowly declined in performance.


Finally, the machine lost and staggered under the pelting of the weapons.


Bronson who was controlling Lucifer to the best of his abilities willed for the machine to return to him.

He was sweating hard.

The red portals were still spawning all around him. It looked like there was no end to this intruder's dark weapons.

"What the hell is that red portal? What is going on here? Why can't Lucifer's sword of flames destroy those weapons?!"

Bronson didn't know that even if he heated it to several thousand degrees more, the weapons still wouldn't break.

Although these weapons had physically questionable durability and sharpness, they were Noble Phantasms.

If it wasn't for his level limit and severely hampered abilities. Lucifer would have been reduced to rubble under his original Gate of Babylon.

Wu Yan also had to use his mana to enhance the depowered Iron sand Noble Phantasms.

"What's wrong? Bronson?"

Like a god who held his domain over the entire area, Wu Yan grinned as he grabbed a spear from a nearby portal.

"I thought you wanted to capture and experiment on me?"

Wu Yan threw the spear.


With his innate abilities and psychokinesis, he shot that out like a lightning bolt.

Bronson only saw a dark blur before the spear had reached the 5-meter perimeter he subconsciously marked with his remaining mental capacity.


Bronson wagged his middle and index finger. The golden doll near him turned into a humanoid form.

The automaton with huge blades for arms and swords for angelic feathers immediately leaped to cover Bronson.


Lucifer smashed the spear away.

"It didn't break, again."

Bronson analyzed the spear that smashed into a nearby wall.

"What the hell is that made of? Brat, is it a magic tool?"

A magic tool, a tool with a magic circuit in it.

Magic tools don't have Eve's heart.

It is just a tool without will or life.

Because of its simplified nature, magic tools are less taxing to use.

However, the user must work the magic circuit himself.

Aumaton are like auto-playing instruments while magic tools require skills from the performer to perform.

Magic tools are rare in fights for this reason.

Automaton is more efficient because the mental capacity of the dolls freed the caster to use other combat methods.

Bronson reckoned that these weapons were probably magically augmented tools capable of withstanding attacks from Lucifer.


Bronson looked at the red portals behind Wu Yan.

"That red portal, is it also a magic tool?"

"Magic tool or Noble Phantasms, it can kill you nonetheless, worry about that."

Wu Yan snickered.

"Oh, let me show you one more trick."

Wu Yan snapped his finger.


Red portals spawned around Bronson.

At such close proximity and omni-directed attacks, Bronson knew he had to move fast.

Lucifer jumped into the air with Bronson in tow.

Noble Phantasms jutted out and bombarded Bronson's original location in less than a second.

When the dust settled, his original location was but shattered ground.

If he hadn't moved, he would have been sliced up and skewered.

He isn't out of the woods yet. Bronson's eyes widened.

A giant red portal appeared above Lucifer and Bronson. They're both still in the air.