Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1647: The one and the greater good, sacrificing the one for the team

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The sky turned red with the giant portal spanning a dozen meter covering Bronson's field of vision.

The shadow was enough to cover almost the entire orphanage due to its height.

"Your Lucifer can turn into a giant sword."

Then, something giant jutted out from the portal.

A bone-chilling voice entered his ears.

"Come, let's have a duel."

The portal shimmered like boiling water.

Then, a completely black sword easily over 20 meters started jutting out from the portal like an inverted mountain.

Bronson turned grim at the sight of that giant sword.


It felt like the air was being pushed out of the area, the giant sword crashed down on Bronson and Lucifer.

With his life under a giant sword, Bronson squeezed out every ounce of mana he got.

This is probably the first time in his life that he is so desperate to cling to his life.

Lucifer turned shining golden with the mana given to him by Bronson.

Turning into a golden sword, the giant sword heated to several thousand degrees as it shot into the sky.

Like a golden sword trying to stop a meteor, the two heavenly objects met in the sky.


The shockwave hit them first. The orphanage was enveloped in the entire shockwave.

The stone roof got blown off while the unbound objects scattered into the four directions.

The buildings here were almost demolished while the ground cracked.

Bronson was kneeling on the ground with a pained look. He was heaving hard. Then, he spat out some blood.

He overdrawn his mana and now he suffered the backlash. His skin cracked and blood oozed out while his internal organs were damaged.

Lucifer is in even worse shape.

Charred and smoking, the automaton looked like it was falling apart.

One of its wings was in tatters and it lost one of its arm blades.

Even if Bronson used all his mana, he still lost to the giant Noble Phantasm sword..

Wu Yan is a bit pale and breathing heavily from the exchange but lethargy is just his only sign of weakness.

He used Psychokinesis to force the iron sand into a giant sword, the burden was immense.

Psychokinesis took a lot of mana from him.

He flexed very hard and used a giant psychokinesis Noble Phantasm sword on Bronson.

Only Wu Yan could have done something like this. It was basically suicidal if anyone else did that.

"Oh, you're still alive, Bronson?"

Wu Yan looked at Bronson who was still bleeding from his mouth. He looked at the tattered Lucifer behind him.

"I was expecting a blood-stained spot on the ground, as expected of the man who almost got Satan in the past."

Bronson didn't answer. He lifted his eyes to stare back at Wu Yan with killing intent.

"Dear me, that's a scary look."

Wu Yan mocked him again.

"It has been 20 years, what do you have to show for it except for a slightly larger mana pool? You even forgot to train because you're too busy running a human experiment lab! You fool!"


Bronson laughed in anger.

"My body is just a stepping stone. The changes of an era is what I pursue, we magicians seek continuous upgrades! Think bigger!"

"Stagnation is humanity's greatest calamity. We must contribute to science and progress by developing, researching, and sacrificing ourselves!"

Bronson stood up.

"For the sake of progress, what is one person's sacrifice? This is what it means to sacrifice the few for the greater good!"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Well, The worth of many and the worth of one is easy to place on a scale."

Wu Yan continued.

"Rationality and right aren't always the same. What rights do you have to take away the lives and freedom of your experimented subjects?"

"Frey, Loki, they're all humans. You're on a slippery path to hell."

"You can't even keep the objective in mind, you can't even attain self-improvement, you can't even grab the thing in front of you, yet you preach to me about progress and stagnation?"

Wu Yan laughed.

"You're as amusing as you're foolish!"


Bronson burned with anger.

Wu Yan is mocking him.

"Okay, I don't give a fuck about progress or development. I am just here to fulfill my end of the bargain. I am here to deliver your gift and kick your ass on Frey's behalf."

A card fell from a nearby portal, the card landed in his palm.

It is a card.

"You say one man isn't worth much?"

Wu Yan grabbed the card and placed it against his heart.

"Let me show you what it means to destroy your so-called 'greater good' made from 20 years of hard work."