Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1648: Godspeed attacks

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"A card?"

The moment Wu Yan took out the card, Bronson furrowed his brows in anxiety.

The red portals quieted down but Bronson still had his guard up.

Bronson resisted the urge to squirm in pain from overusing his mana.

Bronson enhanced his sight with magic.

The card looked like a rectangular card with a Berserker drawn on it.

He read the Berserker title down there.


What is that?

Bronson knew this wasn't the time to be careless.

The red portals and the giant sword within almost took his life.

This normal-looking card surely had another side to it.

At first glance, it was like Wu Yan mocked him, and played with him so that he didn't die too fast.

Or, the card is scarier than the red portals.

Had Wu Yan gone mad?

No, then this card is more dangerous than the red portals.

"I don't care what you do."

Bronson forced his body to channel mana, his wounds started bleeding again. He infused Lucifer with the mana.

"You think I am just going to sit here and wait?!"

Lucifer started whipping out a burning tornado.


Lucifer fired what remained of his dagger feathers at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan inhaled deeply.

"Class Card Berserker, Limited Install."

Magic power from Wu Yan streamed into the card.

The card started shining brightly like the sun.


The mana whipped up a minor dust storm.

Fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh

The daggers pierced into the dust cloud.


The feathers hit something hard.

The daggers were repelled by something hard within the dust cloud.

Bronson endured the pain from using too much mana again.

He thought Wu Yan was using a distraction to call his dolls over.

Bronson knew he was wrong the moment the light dimmed.

Wu Yan revealed himself before Bronson. He was draped in his usual male student uniform. His red eyes were brimming with hostile intent, it looked like a wolf staring at a fat lamb.

Wu Yan looked the same as before, except for one small but giant detail.

Wu Yan had a gigantic slab of iron that looked like jagged beast teeth. The handle had bandages. It is a giant sword axe.

Bronson had chills just looking at the crude but savage weapon.

From it, Bronson smelled the scent of death.

If Lucifer is the weapon to strike down demons then this sword axe is a demonic sword used to cull mortal beings.

Bronson snapped.


Using all his remaining mana, Bronson told Lucifer to end the fight.

"Kill him!"

Lucifer charged up its remaining sword arm and lunged for Wu Yan.

Wu Yan sneered before rushing in Lucifer's direction.

"Behold, the power of one individual!"

Wu Yan yelled as he faced Lucifer.

"Witness the legend born from miracles and heroes!"

Wu Yan entered the striking range of Lucifer.

"Roar, Nine Lives: Shooting the Hundred Heads!"

Lucifer was also poised to strike. The sky darkened but fate decided Lucifer's attack would never come.

The opponent had disappeared.

No, the opponent moved so fast that he looked like he was a maelstrom in motion.

The gigantic sword axe dished out slash after slash on Lucifer.

8 slashes from all 8 directions, overlapping and simultaneous in its execution, all of it fell on Lucifer.

Crack clank

Lucifer cracked and...


It exploded into pieces.

The 8 slashes cut up the doll's torso, four limbs, and other areas, reducing the automaton to broken pieces of metal.