TTKWQ Chapter 18

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“…  Please manage with your acting skills.”

“Impossible, right?”

“There are some actors who play middle school roles when they are twenty, since there is only a three-year difference for you it should be okay.”

Well, I often see middle school and high school students being played by adult actors, but I wonder if the reverse happens often.

Which is better, to have an adult actor play as a middle school student or have an elementary schooler play the role of a middle school student?

“Long time no see Nana-chan”

“No, we saw each other the day before yesterday and I see that you got a hair-cut.”

I came to the drama meet the week after next and met Momiji-san. I did acting lessons the day before yesterday, so two days ago. Speaking of which the drama performance was finalised, and that was why I was eagerly attending lessons. Momji-san cut her hair from twin-tails to a short-cut that doesn’t reach her shoulders. The twin-tails looked nice, but Momiji-san with short hair is refreshing.

“Yeah, I didn’t think that they matched the role… Twin-tails are a bit childish.”

“Wow, is your role that of a teacher?”

“Ahaha, I am also a student, didn’t you hear that?”

For some reason or another a certain university town teacher comes to mind. I wonder if it would really be better for her to be a student. Momiji-san has no problem with age for playing a teacher role, but she does look more like a middle school student.

Looking at the meeting room, most seem to be quite young, except for Momiji-san. I was wondering what to do if all the co-stars were adults, but it is good that I am not the only young one.

By the way, Momiji-san is familiar with elementary school students.

“Then, what role do you have?”

“Tsukishima Suzu-chan is who I am playing.”

Momiji-san says while putting her thumbs up, she is a beautiful girl as long as she keeps her mouth shut. A slender figure with a short-cut dressed in stylish urban clothing, Tsukishima Suzu.

“Nana-chan is the main heroine after all?”

“No, I am playing Kashigawi Haruka.”

Her eyes turn downwards as I tell her that. My chest is full of pads.

“… What’s that?”

“I am preparing for my part.”

I play Kashigawi Haruka, a sub heroine who is a character filled with vigour and boasts outstanding proportions.

So, I tried to increase my bust size, Sasasaki-san had a faint smile when she saw me. It is better than nothing.

For some reason Momiji-san nodded and put her hands on my shoulders comfortingly.

“No, I am still developing!?”


As I tried to protest Momiji-san, I was hugged from the side and all the air left my lungs. I am being hugged by a beautiful girl looking at me with admiring eyes.

“I couldn’t wait to see you again, I am impressed!”

Mayu Asano-chan is looking at me with moist eyes while rubbing cheeks.

She was the child playing the main heroine in the drama ‘You and I in Mederato’ Since I had cried so beautifully in my performance, she tried comforting me and weirdly became attached. Several months ago, I played a role in the film ‘Me and You 2’ making this the fourth time for us to co-star with each other. Is it nearly time for that movie to be released?

“Well, Mayu-chan’s also acting.”

“Yes! Onee-sama and I co-star a lot, it must be the red string of fate!”

Her face is near with rough breathing and her eyes-only centimetres from my mine. While it is not bothersome to be hugged by a beautiful girl, but in this case, it feels like predator and prey and it is scary. 7

“I am happy as well, but I would be happier if you stopped hugging… No, nothing.”

When I told her to stop the light in her eyes started to fade, so I quickly hugged her back. I can call of the hug forcibly, but I feel that that would just be hurtful, so let’s just leave it for a while. When I hugged her back, her face showed great delight.

Part 2

“Hi Nana-chan, we are together again.”

While I was being forced to flirt with Mayu, a tall, handsome boy started talking to me. He is two years older than me and is the leader of the six-child idol group that Hiroto is in, Yamada Hajima-kun. It is my fourth-time co-staring with Mayu-chan, because I was playing the best friend of the emperor in ‘You and I in moderato’.

“Yamada-kun is acting as well, best regards.”

“No, it’s Yukishiro”

I made a mistake with his name. No, I am not wrong, but when Yamada-kun formed ‘COLORFUL’, he switched to a show name, Ichiro Yukishiro instead of his real name. He is an ikeman, however his face looks a bit older due to worrying, as a result his stage name Yukishiro doesn’t quite suit him. Besides I have called him Yamada-kun since we first met, so I call him Yukishiro reluctantly.

By the way, the idol unit ‘CLOLORFUL’ in which Hiroto is a part of contains five people in total, all of which have changed their last names to colours, Only Hiroto’s last name Kuroya stayed the same.

“Who is Yamada-kun?”

“It’s Snow White… haa, it’s fine already. I am the protagonist.”

“Mayu’s role is Takase Yuri, the younger sister.”

*Seductive moaning*

While I was starting to get tired from Yamada-kun, Mayu whispered in my ear and play bit my earlobe. Since I was surprised a strange voice came out. I forcibly teared her off and scolded her. 12

“No, no. That is very NG in the presence of others.”

“So, it’s fine if it is just the two of us?”

“No good.”

I won’t allow it even if she begs in a pleading voice. Every time I meet Mayu-chan it always accelerates in a dangerous direction, who taught her this?

“Still, Mayu-chan is the main heroine.”

“Yes, best regards, Onee-sama♪”

I would like her to stop calling me Onee-sama, but she will not listen to me no matter how much I ask, so I have given up on it. Mayu is older than me, however even though I have a small build I am slightly taller.

Mayu-chan plays ‘Takase Yuri’, the main heroine, a Yamato Nadeshiko type Ojou-sama. 14

‘Farewell to You of the Future’ is a human drama romcom, where three heroines fall in love with the protagonist. 15

“Good for you Yamada-kun, you get a harem.”

“Why would I be happy over that?”

Saying that, Yamada-kun seemed tired when he wryly smiled.

Why? Being surrounded beautiful girls would be pleasant I guess, I then look at both sides to see, ‘Lesbian Yandere’, ‘Legal loli’ and me an ‘Ossan on the inside’. 16

Yep, nothing but land mines.

“Momiji-san, Yamada-kun is saying stuff like that, so are you going to respond?”

“Well, I’m not interested in elementary schoolers, I like the muscular older type.”

“I only love Onee-sama.”

Momiji’s preferences seems to be older men. I feel that is the reason why watching professional wrestling was written as her hobby on her profile. There are women that like muscly men I guess. Mayu-chan holds my hand and brings her body closer. Let’s tear her off, her excessive clinginess will get worse if I let it be.

Part 3

“That’s right, Nana-chan. I’ll show you who was appointed from our office.”

When Yamada-kun said so, he beckoned to a boy who was watching from a distance.

“Maybe you know Akagi, he is a member ‘COLORFUL’, welcome.”

“I am a close friend of the leader, my name is Akagi Taiga. Please treat me well!” 17

A boy wearing a red short-sleeved shirt runs up like a well-trained puppy. He is not like Yamada-kun who wears a tired look of a middle-aged man, Akagi is an active and obedient child. I remember when I first me Mayu-chan and Yamada-kun. They use to be pure children, why did they end up losing their innocence?

“Drama-senpai, I have done a few minor and supporting roles, but this is my first time in being part of the main cast, so please take care of me Nana-chan.”

“Keep at it, best regards!”

“oh, best regards?”

Why me? I though, as I was overwhelmed by Akagi’s Cheerful and beautiful bowing. I will let Yamada-kun deal with any troubles I find, I only need to smile *Nikoniko*. 18


“If there is something you don’t understand you can ask Nana-chan.”

“I will do my best to not trouble you, Nana-chan!”

Yamada’s pushed him unto me, though as expected the child of a major office is polite. Because offices are strict there are few misbehaving children, though some that become successful grow arrogant. It is good to be popular, however you should maintain good human relations with co-stars, staff-sans.

“Okay, then Akagi-kun, maybe we should start reading the script.”


The main cast of ‘Farewell to You of the Future’ are these five people.

A story in which five people with various obstacles try to cooperate with one another to get the desired future.

I take out the script that had been handed out in advance from my tote bag. I turn the pages of the first story and look at the stage directions, I underline my spoken lines. When I try to read it.

“Nana-chan, we will be doing script reading in another room later, we will start with the exposition, so please be quite.”

“Oh, yes.”

Come to think of it this was a meeting wasn’t it.

A place where Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, staff member of each part and actors who are cast are arranged and greet each other, talking about the concepts of the drama.

I got noticed by a producer, I put the script back in the tote bag as I sit down dejectedly. Momji-san is laughing next to me, I glare at her, Mayu-chan gently comforts me.

Mayu-chan… I was wrong to think she was kind, I twist the joints in her hand as she put her hand under my cloths and listened to the producer talking while twisting her joints.

(TN: Mayu-chan: “Worth it!”)

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7 This Mayu character sums just about all the readers’ and the translator’s feelings towards the protag. 10 His last name means black valley.
11 That is a liberal translation. The literal is Uhyahya, but seductive moaning sounded better.
12 This character is my spirit animal.
14 Yamato Nadeshiko is basically the ideal Japanese woman. Ojou-sama is basically a daughter of a high-class family.
15 I can’t remember what it was translated as before so…
16 The Author mentioned it. So, I am safe, you can’t blame me.
17  His last name means Red Castle. For those that care about this sort of thing)
18  NikoNiko mean a friendly grin or smiling. For more info about NikoNiko head to

Now just imagine the seconds girl being Nana-chan and let the moeness embrace you.