TTKWQ Chapter 19

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“Leader is cunning, that Akagi guy too…”

“Your meal will become unpleasant if you keep complaining, so hurry up and finish it.”

During lunchbreak at the Academy, Hiroto was at the Book club’s clubroom. I sometimes call Hiroto out, when I told him that I was eating a bento and before I knew it Hiroto was here.

As there are always women surrounding him during lunch at the cafeteria, so if Hiroto isn’t there is makes a large commotion. So, if you are here it can become unpleasant, that’s why I gave him instructions not to come here at lunch, but he stubbornly refuses to listen to me.

“It’s lunchbreak I want to be alone, so it’s alright.” Hiroto also said that students won’t follow him. Since there is no choice, I taught him how to erase his presents, so he is not allowed to enter until he mastered it, however he mastered it in only one week. It took a lot of hard work to learn that skill, it is outrageous that he could learn it so fast. This is why I hate cheat bastards.

So, now I am going to erase my presence, take a detour after tailing him and enter though the bottom window of the old school building.


“Even if I tell my manager I want to co-star with Nana they only say, “Sooner or later”, they don’t get it at all.”

“That’s because co-staring together immediately isn’t possible, if Hiro would grow up, you would be able to co-star next year when your heat dies down.”

What a troublesome outcome.

This place of relaxation is messed up because of Hiroto. Sayuri-chan and Ayano-chan eat their bento with strained smiles.

“If it’s performance, I am better than leader and Akagi, why is only leader allowed to co-star with Nana. We are part of the same idol group are we not?”

“We are merely co-staring in “Me and You”. You are being noisy, so be quite.”

“Why? I am questioning what I heard!”

“Occasionally complaining is fine, however do not come here and always complain about something, it makes my meal unpleasant.”

Saying that I finish eating and tidy up my bento, I drink some tea that Ayano-chan brewed. It’s hot and humid outside because it is getting into early summer, but this room is comfortable as it is equipped with air-conditioning. The rooftop is heard to withstand in this season, so it was good that there is a club room I can relax in without hesitation. The only thing unsatisfying about it is Hiroto complaining while eating his bread.

“At any rate, why don’t you bring a bento?”

“Because my mother says to eat with school mates.”

“Well, eat the school meals from the cafeteria, you will ruin your body only eating sweet bread.”

“Even if you eat while being surrounded by women you will only get tired, so it might be better for you to just eat bread here.”

With bento, handmade is the principle, so it is difficult to make a lunch everyday even for a full-time housewife. The meals at Sakuragi academy cafeteria are expensive, are delicious and perfectly balanced. As a result, most people eat at the academy, with few people bringing bento.

Therefore, sweet bread bought at a convenience store that Hiroto is eating are prohibited. I just hid it in my bag and brought it here, I have yet to be caught.

“Well, I guess I will have to make it….?”

“Can you even make a bento?”

“Hiro, your true intentions are shining through.”

Ayano-chan is timid when she talks to people, but since Hiroto was talking to me, she seems to be quite blunt in her replies, besides what is with, calling Ayano-chan ‘omae’. 1

Hiroto had a sour look on his face with his elbow on top of the table. He straightened his back and crossed his legs.

“Are you good at cooking?”

Hiroto says, smiling at Ayano-chan, the sun hits his teeth and reflects off of it.

“No, I am not that good, but I can cook well with my mother’s help…”

“Family oriented, I like girls that are family oriented.”

“Eh! No, not to that degree…”

“How about egg?”

Ayano-chan who was still eating presented her small bento, with delicious egg dishes lined up. When Hiroto picked on up he did not put it in his mouth for some reason instead putting it in Ayano-chan’s mouth.

“Eat it.”

Saying so he brought his face closer to Ayano-chan for mouth-to-mouth.


I go behind Hiroto without making a sound and raise my foot and bring my foot down on him hitting him with my heel, he can’t avoid it. The hit takes Hiroto completely by surprise. Though I can’t finish it by grappling and throwing him due to the location being bad. Ayano-chan and Sayuri-chan have yet to finish eating, so throwing him in this place would be a catastrophe.

Since it can’t be helped, I trample him with my feet, so he can’t run away and grab him by the neck and tighten the hold while standing up.

“What are you thinking?”

Tightening my arms, I put him in a suspended position. It won’t be troublesome to let him fall like this, so I loosen my arms letting him fall.

“*cough* What’s going on!”

“That’s my line! What are you doing to Ayano-chan. This fucking mongrel.”

As Hiroto raised his voice, mine also got rougher. With the egg roll still in her mouth Ayano-chan’s face turned as red as a lobster.

“What, you’re the one who said to do it.”

“ahhhn? Did I tell you to go eat mouth-to-mouth?”

“You said it a while ago, when you talk to women sometimes mimic manga.”

What? Well a long time ago I told Hiroto that he had to cherish is fans, I said “Listen to what women are saying and try to understand it.”, so I handed an original drama we co-stared in at the time to him.

The original work was a girl’s manga about elementary students in a platonic relationship.

“Oh, that manga you and I stared in? I don’t remember it having something so shameless in it.”

“Um… This month’s issue had a similar scene.”

“eh, you are still reading it?”

Ayano-chan swallows the egg roll, takes out a girl’s manga from her bag. After receiving it I read it, the protagonist is an elementary school student who became a high school student. I ‘imitate it’ must have been this as his actions are similar to the protagonists.

“… Ayano-chan, is there another volume of this?”

As I asked, she opened a locker in the corner of the clubroom and took out a manga. Since having manga is a violation of the school regulations, it seems that had been hiding it for generations.

The number of volumes has increased more than when I had read it. In the Elementary school arc, it was relaxed and heart warming, but as it got to the middle, high school and university arcs it got more extreme. Moreover, the protagonist got a reverse harem being expended with various ikemen to woo.

Still, it seems that the primary partner in elementary school is still the main romance partner, whispering embarrassing lines to each other at key points. The old naïve face gone.

The only salvation is the description of the mouth-to-mouth scene from the latest issue. It’s mostly just whispering sweet words.

“… Hiro, how long have you been mimicking this?”

“oh! It’s popular!”

I thought so.

Girls manga are full of women’s ideals. However, only Ikemen can act in such a way.

And Hiroto is an ikeman.

Indeed, Hiroto’s surrounding are filled with the shrill voices of girls crying out. I did not notice this in the academy because I try not to approach Hiroto.

“Did you eat mouth-to-mouth with other girls?”

“No, I have yet to do it.”

“That’s now banned.”


“Listen up, it’s banned. Okay? You are banned from mimicking this manga anymore.”

“Then, what do I do now?”

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, however nothing extreme. For him to call Ayano-chan ‘omae’.

“Ayano-chan, do you have any good books?”


“Manga, novels, anything is good. A girl’s novels that doesn’t have such extreme relationships like the last one.”

As I said so, Ayano-chan took out a manga and passed it to me.

The title is “Me and You in Momerato”.

I do not read girl’s manga, however there are a few I know due to playing characters in them. This is a blind spot.

However, Emperor is a ‘oresama’ type character, I think it might be risky for Hiroto to play such a character at the academy when he is just an ordinary person. 2

“I think that the best friend character would suit him best…”

When I made a difficult face, Ayano-chan made a suggestion. The best friend of Emperor of ‘Me and You”, is a character that often supports the emperor. Carefully helping when him when he was being bullied, warning emperor not to do certain things, but basically it is not too aggressive with girls. And since ‘You and Me’ is a complete manga there is no worry that the best friend will behave strangely in the future. Perfect.

“Hiro, please imitate the best friend.”

“Hmmm, I will do so if Nana says so.”

I hear him say that as I flip through the pages of the manga. I am grateful that in these situations he takes my advice seriously,

“By the way, you must not imitate the movie.”


“Because somethings were changed in the movie, so sticking with only the manga is good.”

The movie has its character subtly changed.

Emperor is childish, the heroine is a little foolish, while the best friend is rather mean.

Having such a beautiful character destroyed in such a way, demoted to merely a gofer.

I will release the rest of the chapters on New Years.

1. Omae means ‘you’, but very casual, you would only say it to someone you are close with.

2. A person of a very high position like an emperor or a very self-important person would refer to themselves as such.