TTKWQ Chapter 22

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While I was prostrating and apologising Ichinomiya-san who was crying, shooting was further pushed back. I can’t continue to neglect the shooting. Anyway, she is the daughter of a sponsor, so I must be careful with her.

However, it might be too late.

“Please wait a while.”

When Ichinomiya-san had stopped crying, I went to get some makeup tools, I also borrowed a wig while I was at it.

“I will fix your hair style and makeup, so that it matches the drama from now on, is that okay?”

When I said so, Ichinomiya-san quietly nodded. Since she had agreed, I stuffed her ringlets into the net and put a long straight wig on her. I fixed her mascara, took off the lashes and redid the make up to make it look natural.

This caused Ichinomiya-san to look like a simple, beautiful girl.

She looks more beautiful than with her ringlets.

“Yeah, it’s good. I think this will be fine for a student.”

When I gave her the mirror, Ichinomiya-san looked at the mirror closely.

“Is it not too simple?”

She says.

“How can an extra stand out more than the leading cast. If you don’t do your makeup properly, you won’t be in any scenes.”

“Is it like that?”

“It is like that. The Director-san said so.”

Is it fine to say I have heard it when I haven’t? Although, a beautiful girl with ringlets in cosplays doesn’t look bad. However, if it is in a human drama then it messes if up.

“I wonder if he said that in spite.”

“He didn’t say it for such a reason. So, go back to the director and attentively listen to him.”

“… If Nana-chan says so.”

Ichinomiya-san follows my words admirably and goes to hear what the director has to say. I wonder why she has decided to be obedient and listen to me despite us arguing only a short while ago.

“Well, shall we go back?”



After returning to the shooting site, Ichinomiya-san who changed from being a fake beauty ta a neat and tidy beauty, was seated in a noticeable place in the frame.

It may be that she is the daughter of a sponsor, but an extra that looks good in the camera easily makes it into the shot. Ichinomiya-san’s appearance has become better since she has changed to a neat beauty.

Although she did not receive any lines, Ichinomiya-san who was able to stand out, came to be in a good mood and was listening to what the director said.

Because Ichinomiya-san’s tantrums have stopped, the shooting proceeded smoothly, and it is likely that we will finish on schedule.

However, even if Ichinomiya-san comes to me, the staff who took her away until just a while ago, for some reason the pleasantly turn their eyes away and do not take her away.

Seems that she has made friends with the staff, they seem to have acknowledged her.


It is now the scene where the main character Yamada, best friend Akagi-kun and the main heroine Mayu-chan. There is only Ichinomiya-san and I have taken refuge in the location bus to take a break. I am a sub-heroine, so I do not have much screen time in the beginning of the movie…

While ignoring Ichinomiya-san’s machine gun like talk while resting with cold eyes, it came upon the topic of hair styles.

“… That’s why I had the same hair style as Nana-chan’s.”

“Eh, is that so?”

I’m surprised, was that ringlets a cosplay? No, I don’t think it is cosplay, but it could have been something similar… Unless she means Sakuragi Academy, it wouldn’t be inconspicuous even for ringlets. I think that a genuine Ojou-sama is different, I feel somewhat disappointed, Moreover I don’t respect the beautiful villainous young woman.

“I became a fan after watching that film, so it was nice meeting you today, Nana-chan.”

“Eh, is that so?”

What! That trash film? I figured it was from that drama, because her behaviour in school is exactly like the beauty of that drama.

“That said, I have yet to introduce myself, I am Ichinomiya Anju. Let’s be friends Nana-chan.”

“Ah, nice.”

“Well call me An, Nana-chan.”

Huh? I should have refused, but somehow, we have become friends. This type of hypnotic state, I think I have seen it before, but Ichinomiya-san said, “I want to be friends.”, with a smile, it isn’t easy to just refuse her.

While I was worried about what to do the machine gun talk restarted and it Sakuragi Academy became the topic. She was telling me about the upper echelons of society, “Oh, it’s amazing isn’t it.” But, I already know because I go to the same school, I am even in the same class as her.

Though, I didn’t know that the “How do you do” greeting, in our academy came from ‘Me and You in Moderato’. When I changed school, everyone was already using “How do you do” =. I felt nervous attending a rich person school, but for them to be fad followers. I feel cheated.


However, looking at Ichinomiya-san who is chatting with me, it seems almost like a different person to the one at school, whom views me as an enemy and often stares silently at me.

Well, everyone uses different personas depending on the partner and environment. Dad goes from a man in a position of power at work to a child loving Papa at home.

But, I do not think I can become friends with Ichinomiya-san who locked Ayano-chan in a locker.

That scene of the movie was good, the drama was great, so it doesn’t hurt if it is praised with a smile. Well I think that the scene was good as well. No, it is not my acting, but the directing was good, do you not think so? It is important for actors to understand properly what they want to convey to those who are watching.

I was astonished when I noticed we were hitting it off.


“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing…”

I hardened myself, when I realised her strange strength. Ichinomiya-san is a frightening child… I was careless, she had me at 100% goodwill and I almost opened my heart to her.

I will be her ‘friend’, for the drama’s shooting only. I will pretend to get along with her, even though I do not want to until then.


If that’s the case, then can I Educate(brainwash) her?

I am still a 10-year-old in the 4th grade of elementary school. Let’s educate her to wish for people’s happiness and feel sad at other people’s miseries before her personality is fixed and corrections become difficult.

If that happens, Ayano-chan will be safe.



“Well it always feels tough on the first day.”

“I’m tired, I want a drink.”

As Momiji-san says that she pours herself a can of non-alcoholic bear, tilting the glass and taking care to avoid too much foaming.

Several days after shooting the drama, I was having a drink with Momiji-san, who had been taking acting lessons at my house. In the beginning I felt obliged and acted revered, but now I am completely at ease.


“Well, my turn is only a bit ahead, so I can’t help other people right now.”

“No, no, it’s okay Momiji-san.”

While talking about that, I give Momiji-san an ordinary bear. It is a bottle meant for my Dad. By the way, because Kotori and Isumi-san have other jobs today, Momiji-san is the only one who came today.

“Oh… it’s bad right? I got taught by you and you’re even treating me right now.”

A white beard forms under the nose of Momiji-san who avoided the foam over flowing by drinking from it. Although she is 17, it’s fine to drink. Incidentally, the third heroine who is played by Momiji-san will be on for a while as she appears from episode 4. However, I am betting on the first drama performance, I will come and have lessons as soon as time permits.

“It’s fine, I am also being taught singing and dancing.”

“I already have nothing left to teach you, but these green soybeans are delicious.”

“Those are from Yamada.”

“Yamada…? Ah Yukishiro right?”

Yukishiro? So, no one’s against Yamada’s stage name?  Everyone calls him Yamada at work though.

“Why did you receive this from Yamada?”

“Yamada appears in, ‘Growing supreme vegetables’. He grows vegetables and shares them with other people.”

“Ahhh, that was delicious, I wanted to eat it, but I didn’t think I could get some to eat.”

While saying that, Momiji-san is eating the green soybeans with great gusto, drinking bear. The green soybeans I got from Yamada have only been boiled by Mum, but each time I take a bit I can taste a faint sweetness and great flavour spread through my mouth and it goes well with bear(non-alcoholic) and the saltiness from the salted fish is just right. Same with the eggplant, that is baked, and the bonito covered with ponzu, it is to die for. There are all kinds of ways you can prepare eggplant including eggplant tempura. Yamada gave me a cardboard boxed filled that weighted more than 1kg for making Ichinomiya-san obedient. Since it is a waste, you should eat it fresh, a green soybean and eggplant party.


“I’m home~. Oh, a guest? Welcome.”

“Welcome back Dad.”

“Oh, I am intruding… I should have called ahead of time.”

When we were having a drink in the living room, Dad came back. It seems that he has been unusually working overtime today, however that said it is still about 8 o’clock in the evening, so it is still a white company. By the way, Kozuki being a good younger brother, is already asleep in his futon. It seems, I got tired because I played with after our acting lessons.


“Oh, green soybeans.”

“Do you eat them Dad?”

“No, I am sweaty, so I will take a bath first. Momiji-chan, feel free to relax.”


While saying so he places his bag in the living room and walks to the bathroom. Looking at his shirt wet with sweat, outside must still be quite hot. The daytime shooting in the public high school is hot because it has been closed down, as such there is no air-con, so the only way to cool down is to bring an industrial circulator or you can go back to the location bus. It’s seriously hot.

“Haa, your Dad is cool don’t you think…”

“… No adultery.”

“No, no, no, I do not mean it like that.”

Momiji-chan replies with hearts in her eyes, I warn her while glaring at her with eyes full of scorn. Dad is 190cm tall, with a tempered body, an ikeman gorilla. Momiji-san like wrestling so he is in her strike zone. This is the first time they have met, and Momiji-san was acting meekly.

“Haa~, I wonder if there is a handsome wrestler out there… with a high income.”

“Idols are popular are they not?”

“Well, I am busy right now, besides most of the people who I am popular with are Lolicons.”

“It can’t be helped, you’re a legal loli. By the way, Dad likes big breasts, so give up.”

“Kuh, damn you society…”

I do not know Dad’s preferences, but Mum is big, so there is no doubt. I will destroy all your hope for an affair.

“Anyway, when you finish eating, I’d like to have a singing lesson.”

“Nana-chan is already so good, you could even make your debut as an idol with no problem. Besides the drama’s setting is a student band, right?”

“Yes, but I would like to improve as much as I can before the scene.”

In, ‘Goodbye to you of the future’ which is shooting right now, the main character was kicked out of a band which was formed with friends from other school, so the protagonist, heroine, we and our future selves come together to form an amateur band and participate in an outdoor rock fest sponsored by the city, in one of the episodes.

The protagonist is an amateur, but plays guitar, the best friend is a professional drummer, the heroine is learning piano, so plays keyboard and I the sub heroine am the vocalist. The third heroine appears in this episode and plays bass.

The casting of the characters and the band positions for the drama is quite good. Yamada and Akagi-kun both belong to ‘COLORFUL’, so they are professionals that have made their debut as a band idol group. Yamada is lead guitar, Akagi-kun is drums, which are the same positions as the drama. I guess it was because they were so good. Mayu-chan has leaned the piano. Momiji-san was a fairly skill full guitar player before she debuted as an idol, so bass is good.

In other words, my vocal is the only one at the level of an amateur.


At my child office we can receive lessons in basic acting, swords fighting, traditional Japanese dance and historical drama acting lessons, but signing lessons are at the choir level. I have not taken lessons in idol singing techniques.

I tried suggesting the exchange of acting lessons for idol lessons thinking it may come in handy one day, but I never though it would be useful so soon. As expected I have foresight, I look forward to triumphantly poking Shinosaki-san in the forehead.


“Okay~, if you have finished drinking so let’s resume the lesson.”

“Ahh, there is still some left!”

When I tried to clean up her bottle of beer, Momiji-san drank the last little bit left in the bottle.

“Kuu~! I usually drink low-malt beer. Regular beer is so delicious.”

“Low-malt beer? Aren’t you earning a fair amount?”

“Well, I am earning a fair amount right now, but idols have a short expiration date, so I have to save while I am earning money.”

Even if you are eternally 17, no one can win against the advancement of age. Every year new idols debut while older idols move on. Though, Momiji-san should still have a few years left. She must be taking these lessons with zeal so that she can switch to be an actress at any time.

I cleaned the dishes while Momiji-san drank the last of her beer, when a smart phone vibrated. Our phones vibrated at the same time, it seems that it was a group message from Isumi-san.

“It seems they want to come over now that their work is finished.”

“Well, it’s fine, but… “Since the lessons have moved towards singing, I hope that you are fine with that.””

When I tapped send, the chime rang *Pingpong*.


“Is Isumin coming?”

“No, I only just sent that message…”

While thinking that I check the intercom and I see Isumi-san on the monitor, nervously fixing her hair with a comb.

“She really came… um, do you think she would just go home if I refused?”

“Probably. Isumin is quite childlike.”

In what way, I am slightly scared.

Because it is bad to make someone wait for long, I unlock the lobby door using the intercom.

“Since this has happened before I asked her, and she responded, “I hesitate because I think that I will be rejected.””

“When you hear that the Isumi-san that is usually strong minded is shy and sweet… isn’t it a bit scary.”

“Well, you get used to it.”

Do you get used to it?


The message saying that she is here came too late.

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