TTKWQ Chapter 23

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I invite Isumi-san and receive singing and dancing lessons from them.

For some reason Isumi-san though up some choreography, now I am practicing singing while dancing. Well, this time it’s not as an idol, but as a band, so the dancing is light. It is quite a good idea to set it up as a middle school student’s band, so it’s fine even if the actors aren’t all that skilled playing instruments. It is difficult to act skilful when you are not, while it is easier to act bad if you are skilful.

At any rate, it is quite luxurious to be able to receive lessons from 3 idols, not to mention it being one-on-one. Singing is handled by Kotori-san, dance is handled by Isumi-san, while Momiji-san is responsible for miscellaneous thing. Momiji-san is better at guitar than she is a singing and dancing. It’s hard to find good teachers for this.

When my lessons end, I will give Isumi-san acting lessons, it would be bad if only I were receiving lessons.

Lately since we began taking lessons at my home, Isumi-san is gradually improving. Although she is not yet good enough to take on a leading role, she would be fine with a support role. However, with three people taking lessons, it seems that Isumi-san’s progress is slow, so she is disappointed and losing confidence.

Kotori-san who went through an awakening by being taught even a little is crazy, and Momiji-san who is generally skilful is just fine. It is must feel quite bad for being compared to such people.


“As I expected, I have no talent for acting…”

“Only people who have not put in a great amount of effort can say that and Isumi-san is improving.”

“… Really?”

“Really. Since I have recordings of it lets compare with the first time.”

I operate a computer that is synced to the camera and compare what they did on the first lesson with what they did last time. I check what I take on the spot, but it would be nice to compare with the past. After all, when you compare by comparing it on the TV, you can see that between the early days and their current performance, that they are performing better.

“See, you are diligently improving.”

“… I really am.”

Isumi-san who compares her past performance with serious eyes, breathes quietly.

“Or, should I say, I was really bad back then… No, no.”

“I have worked very hard for quite a while to reach this point. So, don’t feel disheartened, keep persisting.”

“Yeah, thank you Nana-chan.”

Isumi-san smiles delightfully.

However, ‘Talent’ does exist. No matter how hard they try, there are some people who do not make any progress, while others grow proficient just by learning a little and those that just improve quickly.

When you are making progress, it is not a steep hill, but a stair case. When trying for a while, there is a moment where it all falls into place. It is impossible to explain this, so the only way is for people to notice it themselves. So, if I do not give up and work hard, I can overcome any wall and step up… Maybe. One thing is certain, once you give up it is all over.

To work hard with a goal makes it all worth it. We would live to regret if we wondered round aimlessly.

Well, my goal is to be a NEET.


“Well, shall we continue the lesson?”

“No, it’s late so let’s stop.”

“Ah, sure.”

It was 10 o’clock by the time I noticed. My Mum’s voice resounded from the WEB camera installed in the ceiling of the lesson room. It was attached to watch over me when I was in the soundproof lesson room. The lesson room can be seen at any time on the TV in the living room or the kitchen and conversations can be had if you use the microphone. The price was 9800 Yen, my mother said it was quite affordable.

There are similar facilities in the child office, only lecturers and the children are allowed in the lesson room and the guardian is looking at the lesson through a monitor installed in the lobby.

I remember it being installed. When my 3-year-old self started to go to the office, my mother accompanied me. However, when my mother got pregnant with my brother Kozuki, they no longer accompanied me, so when I consulted my office, Shinozaki-san became my exclusive manager.

Afterwards, I was picked up, sent to the office and accompanied to shootings by Shinozaki-san one on one.


“You have to have a bath.”


Well, because there is a WEB camera, you can not sneak in late night lessons.


It takes time to bathe one at a time, so we all go together. Our bathroom is large, so there is enough space even if everyone enters. Besides, while I was an Ossan previously as one would expect after 10-years living as a girl I have gotten used to it. When I stayed over for shoots I would go to public baths, so it is safe because I do not get excited.

… But, as expected of idols their proportioning is amazing, it’s eye catching.


As I got out of the bath, there were two sets of guest futons in my room. When I do lessons at home I normally stay up as late as I can. If it was a normal family, they would get angry if an elementary student acted like that, but I thank Mum for supporting me without complaining.


“Wow, Nana-chan’s house is nice, I want to be a child of this family.”

“Momiji-san is living alone?”

“That’s right, I’m all alone.”

“Isumi-san… Ah, she’s already asleep.”

I tried to do a lady’s talk after entering my futon, however Isumi-san had already fallen asleep. I get to sleep easily, but I need more than just entering the futon.

“Well good night, I did a Variety show today so I am tired.”

“Being an idol seems hard, is it not?”

“No, no, I am not as busy as you.”

“Well, recently I have kept it under control so I’m not too busy.”

“… is that so?”

I have never received a job with out permission, so I will not become someone who comes home after midnight. Besides, I have not packed my schedule with lessons, so my time with my family has been increasing. Moreover, this is heaven compared to the days of working as a corporate slave.

“Well, let’s’ sleep, we have to get up early.”

“Oh, you have a drama shooting tomorrow? Well good luck.”

I say good night to Momiji-san before turning the light off with the remote.



I suddenly awoke to find that it was morning. My alarm has yet to go off and I get up.

I stretch before making my bed and opening my curtains to find a beautiful day.

There is an expanse of blue, I can see clouds in the distance. When I opened the window early in the morning I was bombarded with hot air, so I closed it again.

It seems it will be hot today as well…


“Good morning, Nana-chan.”

“Oh, good morning, did I wake you?”

“No, I woke up a bit ago.”

Isumi-san was sitting on her futon in cute pink pajamas. The tall and cool, Isumi-san seems to like cute stuff. My clothes are just simple every day ones.

I usually wear children’s pajamas. Momiji-san is still asleep snoring, instead of wearing pajamas she is wearing a tube top that has gotten to the point of being a stomach band and her bottoms is only pantsu.

As expected of Momiji-san, unlike an Ossan like me you are truly worthy of the forever 17 title.

“Well, I will do my daily routine, so come to the living room once Momiji-san gets up.”

“Yeah, as always thank you.”

“No, please thank my Mum instead.”

I go to the kitchen and take out a packet of milk from the fridge, drink it all in one go and head for the training room. Apart from the treadmill, there are various training instruments such as dumbbells, training bike, chess press machine and more. It is mainly for Dad.

I carefully stretch, run lightly on the treadmill, take a shower. Daily training is indispensable for actors because they physic is their capital.

Since my through was dry, when I entered the kitchen to drink some milk again, Momiji-san was playing with my brother Kozuki in the living room. It seems that she was taking care of Kozuki who had gotten up early for kindergarten despite it being summer vacation.

“I have come to defeat you!”

“Ohohoho! I will exterminate you!”

“Huh! You’re just putting on airs!”

“Gyaaaaaa! I have been defeated.”

When Kozuki imitates punching, Momiji-san suddenly collapses in agony.

It is the most recent special effects hero to become popular. Kozuki loves it, every Sunday morning he is cheering for the him on TV. Kozuki seems satisfied, as Momiji-san playing the phantom with real acting, which was the out come of our daily lessons.

“Let’s go again!”

“Okay~, who should I be?”


When Kozuki makes the next request, Momiji-san gets up. It looks like an older sister and younger brother playing, but their real ages are as far apart as parent and child.

Giving them a sidelong glance I walk over to the couch where Isumi-san is and hand her a iced coffee. She seems to like sweet things, so I put plenty of milk and gum syrup in.

“Thank you, Nana-chan.”

“it’s fine, anyway, Momiji-san seems to have lots of energy in the mornings.”

This time Momiji-san is a Ladybug monster, she fights with a strange cry “Hieya!”.

Ahh, so that’s how you do it.

Before when I did the Ladybug monster, without watching the program, he had a sad look on his face. It continued to the point where I was not allowed to play.

I don’t think I was that bad of a play partner.

I went to the company to get into it and I saw the whole series of ‘Masked Riders’, but it seems that the current hero series is different from ‘Masked Riders’. This old uncle can’t understand.

Well I think ‘Rescue Squadron’ was popular when I was three, it is so different from the conventional squadron series. This uncle can’t understand.


“Lightening punch!”

“Gua! Nooooo!”

For some reason the eternally 17-year-old familiar with heroes falls to the floor. I heard Mum’s voice from the kitchen call our, “Breakfast is done.”.

“Wow, Kozu-kun is so strong.”

“Momiji-onee-chan as well, let’s play together again.”

When Momiji-san who had fallen got up, she walked over holding kozuki’s hand.

Gigigi… Recently Momiji-san is better with Kozuki than me. He even calls her ‘Momiji-onee-chan’. I feel like my brother was NTRed.

“I will marry Momiji-onee-chan!”


What did you say…? Kozuki said he wanted to marry Momiji-san before me. He truly was NTRed.

Wow, I’m embarrassed. Should I get married to Kozuki if he gets big and muscly.

“Yeah! I want to look like Papa when I grow up!”

Oi don’t you like older guys? Please do not plan for him to become like that because that is impossible, Kozuki looks like mother and looks girl like, if he becomes like a muscly gorilla I will cry.

“Kazu-kun, aren’t you marrying onee-chan?”

“Because onee-chan doesn’t know anything about Alukar at all, she can’t cat like them.


Alukar? I will record it and watch it.

I have memorised all of ‘Masked Rider’ is that not good? Not interested?

Finally caught up with the author.

Well we will have to wait for the author to release another chapter.

it should only take me 1-2 weeks to translate the chapter, when it comes.