Chapter 48: Reputation of the Kenkiba Corps

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On that afternoon, when I went to the adventurer guild to be the tour guide for new adventurers, the air inside the guild was a bit different.


Besides the new rice (novice), mid-level adventurers are looking at me and talking about something somewhat.


While sitting waiting for a meeting at my usual seat,

One of the familiar mid-level adventurers spoke to me.


“Hey, Kenji, were you really invited by the kenkiba corps?”


Information spreads fast. Well the deputy director of kenkiba corps came directly to me,

Sara gave me a long speech about how

It is just a matter of time for rumors to spread.


“I was certainly invited. But I have not replied yet.”


“Well, please recommend me to the kenkiba corps! I’m confident in my arm.”


Recommendation, As I said, I will redefine the kenkiba corps and I was also surprised again by the reputation of kenkiba corps,

I was thinking to confirm my standing position.


Indeed, I am in a position to connect a first-class clan with my ideas.


Although not intentionally intended, the rookie adventurer’s are in this city,

Most of the time they use my tour.

And I keep on tracking their adventuring results.


The record’s includes adventure content, success, failure, injury, death, etc…

I also make notes on records and factors.

And while attending everyone’s shopping, the face and body of most people,

We also store information such as how to answer during a negotiation.


In other words, I have a lot of data as to which newcomers are promising.

This is going to be a great business.


However, it is not trusted by the kenkiba corps as much as to recommend talent

We should wait for another opportunity.


So I decided to turn to mid-level adventurers. Certainly, I said to Paul.


“Paul, I just talked a bit with the people of the kenkiba corps.

There will be no recommendations.”


“Oh, I see … sorry to disturb you.”


Paul dropped his shoulders and went away from the table.

It seems that other adventurers who were watching the situation also lost interest.

The air with the zawa group in the guild returns to normal. (Paul’s group)


Reputation brand of the kenkiba corps is great.

I think that the shoe’s business is sure to get chewed out.