Chapter 49: The Adventurer Guild is a Business Enemy

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When sitting at the guild, guild staff came from the corner of my sight this time.


Today is a total novelty.

Something troublesome will come from one person to the next.


This staff, the guild has a fat and balding old man treating at the window,

Once, I heard that he seems to be the aristocratic president.


In my active age it was the “personal window countermeasures offensive staff ranking”

The man who was shining in the regal second place.


“Mr. Kenji, I have something to say, is it okay?”


Hey, hey baldy.

I speak to myself only in my mind and urge him to keep going ahead.


“Actually, the adventurer guild has a little support for subordinate adventurers,

And there was a complaint. “


Oh yeah, of course there is. Because you are not doing anything.


“So, Kenji says the support work is being charged for,

I am planning to do it even with the guild. “


“Yes, I think that’s a good thing.”


I answered with a full smile.


Well, I had it coming.

When you are near a worker, it would be noticeable that I’m goofing off.

Often, I was told that by someone else from the upper side.


“I am sorry to violate the territory’s work …”

And, with Non apologetic face, I said that.


“Please, I think it is a good thing to increase the support of adventurers. Please do your best. “


In short, the newcomers are in no way being vested right.

Every time, since I came to this world and tried to start business, there was a wall that I hit that was impossibly thick.


In the modern world style, it’s called private oppression.

The postman is a fellow who carries a transport company.


As an adventurer guild, it seems obvious to their eyes that I’m making money.


If there is a business that an adventurer who does not have academics is doing it,

They seem to think that they could do it.


Well, it was good to see you.


The adventurer guild launched a “free tour for being a fledgling adventurer” as a service. The tour requests to me decreased by half.