Chapter 34

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The role of the second female lead in "Huang Fei Qingcheng" is very suitable for Chu Zheng, that role is a cold beauty; she only needs to put on a costume, put on makeup, and stand there.

The second female lead is a brave female general, but she was married to the male lead after returning from a victory.

Of course, the male protagonist is not happy, but the female protagonist is what people like.

It just so happens that the second female lead doesn't like the male lead, so she wants to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy. In various conspiracies, the second female lead’s straightforward temperament suffers.

After that, the second female lead was framed by others, and the hostess rescued her, changed her face, and went to the border. Many years later, the hostess was in trouble, and the second female lead led soldiers to help.

This role has many early and late stages, but she doesn't like the male lead, and she doesn't know what the screenwriter thinks.

Chu Zheng was not very comfortable with this kind of filming environment. She started NG several times, and the director patiently guided her.

Once Chu Zheng got used to it, it went smoother.

Mainly because of her aura, almost no need to do anything to make people think that she is the brave and proficient female general on the battlefield, chic, handsome, and reckless.

Liu Manman stood outside and watched, with a gloomy light flowing under her eyes.

Chu Zheng finished one shot, and the next one was not hers. She sat aside to rest and happened to hear the staff talking about her.

Who was kept by the old man?

Chu Zheng drank a sip of water and heard she was being taken care of by an old man...First of all, she had to have an old man, which was a bit difficult to find.

Spend money to hire one?

【 Main task: Please spend 20,000 yuan within 30 minutes. 】

Chu Zheng: "......"

Really let me hire an old man, ah?

Why are you so stingy! ?

xiao jiejie, come on, time waits for no one~ 】

30 minutes?!

If she can't spend it in time, the amount will double, and the system will cut her time in half. In other words, if she can't spend 20,000 yuan now, she will have to pay 40,000 yuan in 15 minutes.


Chu Zheng got up quickly.

The staff that discussed next to her were taken aback; they shut up and began to look at her carefully.

Then they saw the person being discussed leave the crew with a cold face.

They were at the film and television base at this time, and they could hardly buy anything inside. Chu Zheng quickly recalled the way, and hurriedly walked outside, and finally ran away with costumes.

Fortunately, it mostly filmed here, and there was nothing wrong with her wearing a costume.


Chu Zheng held the counter: "The most expensive one is for 20,000 yuan."

The clerk looked dumbfounded.

 【 xiao jiejie 】oh, two minutes left

Chu Zheng took out the card, urging the clerk: "credit card twenty thousand."

The clerk swallowed and weakly spoke aloud: "Miss ......"

Chu Zheng quickly aimed her phone at the QR code scanner to pay for the items with Alipay.

The clerk heard the prompt sound next to him, and the whole person was still in a daze. Who am I, and where am I? what's happening?

【Congratulations, xiao jiejie, for completing the task, the 20,000 yuan reward has been credited. xiao jiejie is incredible! If you keep working hard, you will become the most expensive lady! ! 】 Wangzhe encouraged her.

However, Chu Zheng did not want this encouragement at all.

Chu Zheng held on to the counter and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She had to race against time to spend money. What was this!

Chu Zheng noticed the clerk's sight, immediately calmed down, and looked at the clerk indifferently: "Things delivered to the crew of Huang Fei Qingcheng."

Chu Zheng opened the door and went out; until the door closed, the clerk returned into a trance.

I have been a clerk for so long, and I have never seen such a purchase.


The sun is blazing outside. Chu Zheng is still wearing a heavy costume. She ran so fast just now and was too hot. She took off her robe and hung her arms.

The outside of the film and television city is full of tourists. Someone saw her and wanted to take her to take pictures.

Chu Zheng refused indifferently and walked back down the shade.

"So handsome!"

"Is she filming? What kind of scene, I want to chase after!"

" I haven't seen her; she should be a newcomer?"

"The back is so beautiful, my mother, just look at the back; I thought it was a little brother!"

Chu Zheng didn't know; her back photo was posted on the Internet, under the blazing sun, a heroic woman with a robe hung on her arms, and her hair fluttered behind her as she walked away.

This picture was photographed, and the surrounding environment was illusory and prominent characters. After being forwarded by a big V, it immediately became popular.

Of course, Chu Zheng didn't know at this time. She was standing at the entrance of a shady alley with a car parked in a remote place.

【Hidden task: Please get a good person card from Su Jiu, xiao jiejie, to prevent Su Jiu from blackening.】

Chu Zheng heard it as they stopped along with wangzhe’s guide and saw the boy standing next to the car.

Hidden mission...

Chu Zheng remembers that she did it on the last plane, but she can't remember the details anymore; she must have succeeded in the end. Otherwise, she wouldn't be here at this time.

The young man in white clothes next to the car hung his head, and there was a man in a suit and leather shoes next to him, who was talking to the people in the vehicle with a flattering expression on his face.

From the hand out of the car, it should be a woman.

She was a little far away and didn't know what was said over there, but the car left soon.

The man in the suit and leather shoes talked to the boy. The boy just kept shaking his head, his soft hair swaying in the wind, and a few strands were blown up.

Chu Zheng leaned against the wall, twisted her fingers while pinching her robe, and stared at that side coldly.


The boy staggered from the slap, leaning against the wall behind, his head lowered.

The man walked away furiously.

When the man disappeared, the boy put down his hands, arranged his clothes, and raised his head to meet Chu Zheng's gaze.

The young man was stunned, the porcelain white face was already swollen, and a slap print appeared, but it did not destroy the young man's delicate appearance.

He tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled at Chu Zheng, with a well-behaved and docile smile, then turned away, and the white corner of his clothes disappeared in the corner.

【 Why didn’t xiao jiejie go up?] Monarch asked, 【Such a good opportunity, you can let it go, are you a beast? 】

What did you say?

【 ...I, did I say something? No, xiao jiejie, I didn't say anything! I will give you the information about Su Jiu first!  】

Su Jiu.

Because of a pretty face, a youth drama became popular.

But he also only hit one drama. A certain powerful daughter fell in love with him and suggested that he choose the resources if he followed her, and he would be the actor what he wanted.

For an upright and youthful teenager, this woman’s appearance extinguished all his hopes for the future.

He rejected Xue Zang when she tried to take advantage of him.

There is no exposure for some time, and the teenager becomes a thing of the past instantly.

Later, the boy was drugged by his agent and put on the woman's bed. The boy endured silently and began planning to retaliate against the woman.

First, an accident involving the woman, then the dead, and finally, the woman was implicated, and the young man retreated.

He couldn't go back anymore, so he gave up on himself and started to target the women in the circle who poorly thought of him.

Finally, the police found him, and he committed suicide without waiting for the police to come.