Chapter 35

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【 xiao jiejie, there will be a banquet in half a month, that is the banquet, you must save him! 】

Wangzhe reminded Chu Zheng.

Wangzhe is very worried about her indifferent appearance.


Chu Zheng returned to the crew, and as soon as she entered, she saw Liu Manman was busy, sending ice water to the rest of the staff.

Now the weather is hot; everyone is overheated, no matter how cheap the water is, people's favor with Liu Manman will increase.

Chu Zheng sat back in her chair. Due to the rumors, along with Chu Zheng's repelling attitude, no one talked to her.

The director came out from nowhere: "God.....Miss Gu."

The director almost called a mistake and quickly changed his words.

"There will be a scene with you in a while. This scene may take a bit of hard work."

"Yeah." Chu Zheng put the script on her face, waved her hand, and told the director to leave quickly.

It's so noisy.


Cannot offend the God of wealth!

Besides, she was just reluctant to talk to people and didn't cause any trouble, but she was much easier to wait on than some entertainers who came in through the back door but had to be complicated.

The director felt much better in an instant.

"Director! Director!"

Someone yelled outside.

"The clerk from the Haagen-Dazs store outside came to deliver things, saying that someone asked to deliver it to us! Several boxes!!"

"Huh?" The director's dialect burst out.

Several boxes...

The director drew an equal sign with Qian in his mind and hurriedly went outside. Someone suddenly caught the hem of his clothes. The voice of the God of Wealth who covered his face with the script sounded: "It's divided."


The God of Wealth bought it!

What's with this unconcerned attitude?

A God of Wealth who can add 10 million yuan at will, please eat ice cream!

The director hurried out and asked the clerk to move things in.

"Who bought this?"

"This is worth tens of thousands, right?"

"So much, I've always wanted to eat before, thinking about so much money, I haven't been willing to..."

The director clapped his hands and focused everyone's attention on himself: "The ice cream that Miss Gu asked you to eat, everyone will share it by yourself."

The scene was quiet for an instant, and then someone led it to lively. All kinds of praise flowed from everyone's mouth as if they were not the ones who discussed her being kept by an old man.

Standing on the periphery, Liu Manman still held a bottle of water in her hand, her expression gloomy and ugly, her eyes fixed in the direction where Chu Zheng was.

This ice cream may be nothing to a big star, but to Liu Manman, they are still unaffordable prices.

"Ms. Liu, come, I'll get it for you."

The person next to him gave Liu Manman a box of ice cream.

The cold box dissipated the temperature in the palm of his hand; Liu Manman smiled stiffly: "Thank you, you can have mine...I can't eat it."

She returned the ice cream to the person, turned, and left.

The man scratched his head and poked at the person next to him: "wasn’t Teacher Liu quite happy just now? Why was she suddenly upset."

"You are stupid. Teacher Gu threw her out before. Teacher Gu bought this. Can she be happy?"

"Oh, yes..."

"Don't look at it; look at it, and you won't have it.",

The assistant director took a box too. Dou Zheng, but Chu Zheng, who thought it was too troublesome- refused.


Eating is too troublesome. Do you cultivate immortals?

Since Chu Zheng invited everyone to eat ice cream, there have been fewer people talking about her.


Under high-intensity shooting, the female and male protagonists with the most experience can't stand it. They have assistants to wait on them, and sometimes they are late.

But Chu Zheng stepped on a spot every day, not early or late, just right.

Although she kept her face cold all year round, she never lost her temper on people, nor did she bully people as an investor as they had seen before.

Liu Manman followed her all day, probably because she wanted to find something to use against Chu Zheng.

However, Chu Zheng walked alone, not even a male creature.

Liu Manman felt weird. Others did not keep her, so where did she get so much money?

She complained to the assistant director. Since the assistant director knew that Chu Zheng was an investor, he didn’t dare cause trouble.

If he offends the God of Wealth, won’t the director beat him?

Liu Manman didn't believe in evil, so she slipped into the dressing room while Chu Zheng was filming. She carefully searched and found Chu Zheng's mobile phone.

The phone is not locked, but it is empty.

Except for the crew’s people, the rest of the contacts are typical notes, and there are no suspicious calls.


A message popped up on the screen interface, she subconsciously clicked on it, but she had to enter the password.

Liu Manman tried for a while but couldn't open it. She gave up on the phone, turned her eyes to the costume next to her, frowned, and thought about it.

Liu Manman left the dressing room before Chu Zheng returned.

She quickly returned to her place, preparing for the next scene, in an excellent mood.

The next scene is the palace banquet for the second female and male lead. Those who left the country in the early stage will be there.

"Teacher Gu, take a break first, and then change to the next stage costume, okay?"

Chu Zheng nodded and returned to the dressing room to rest.

The phone was placed on the table; Chu Zheng reached out to take the phone and then paused.

Which dog thing came in and touched her things?

She remembers that the phone screen was up when she left, but now the phone screen is down.

There is no assistant in her dressing room, and naturally, there is no possibility that someone will help her clean up and accidentally move.

Chu Zheng only hesitated for a moment, then picked up the phone and turned on the screen. There was a red message in the upper right corner. She clicked to enter the password.

The handsome-looking boy occupies the entire screen, and the corners of his mouth are slightly raised. The whole person is like an angel inlaid with light, which can easily arouse people's desire for protection.

Chu Zheng's expression remained unchanged.

The following is the necessary information about Su Jiu. The work "Youth Is Not Dead" hangs alone in the column of works.

She asked the director to get it for herself. In addition to some information on the Internet, some have not been made public.

Chu Zheng deleted it after reading it.

Chu Zheng looked around the room, and it seemed that when she left, the situation in the room appeared in her mind, quickly making a cross-contrast with the current environment.

In the end, her eyes fell on the costume that she was going to use for a while.

The pattern direction is wrong...

"Ms. Gu, can I put on makeup?" Someone knocked on the door outside.


Chu Zheng picked up the costume and checked it. She didn't see anything wrong, so she gave the dress to the makeup artist and asked her to reread it.

Sometimes people will accidentally overlook something.

The makeup artist also knows something about the battles between these artists and honestly checks the costumes.

"Teacher Gu, this belt..."

Chu Zheng followed the makeup artist and saw that the strap’s thread was pulled a little bit. If it were tightened hard, it would break.

Her current clothes are tube tops, which are fastened with straps, but now the weather is hot, and there is nothing else in them except the underwear.

This is for her to undress in public...

So vicious! Damn thing!