Chapter 36

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Chu Zheng changed her clothes and went out. Liu Manman was already prepared on the court. Seeing her coming, a glimmer of gloating appeared in the corner of her eyes, but she was quickly restrained.

"All departments prepare."

The staff on the field immediately went down. Since it was a palace banquet, naturally, they were all sitting. Chu Zheng sat in the front, and Liu Manman, the third female lead, was sitting next to her.

The sound of silk and bamboo gradually rose on the field, and the dancers danced gracefully.

As a general, Chu Zheng was dressed in women's clothing, but her posture was bold. The emperor teased her, and Chu Zheng only responded lightly.

"I heard that Jiang's daughter dances well. I wonder if there is a chance to feast my eyes today?"

Some of the courtiers spoke.

This Jiang family daughter is the third female lead role played by Liu Manman.

She wanted to marry the male protagonist, so naturally, she wouldn't refuse at this time; she got up with a bit of shame and expressed her willingness.

As she went out, the long backswing suddenly tightened, and then she fell uncontrollably.

Liu Manman's head hit the ground; she broke the skin, her palms and knees were aching fiercely.

Before she could scream, she heard Chu Zheng’s voice sound: "you can’t even walk, let alone able to dance, you should hurry and withdraw to get treated less you become disfigured.”

The director was dumbfounded; this... isn't the script written like this?

Not only was the director confused, but even the others were a little confused, but there was no chaos on the court.

The lines that Chu Zheng said are also in line with her personality. Her family and Jiang's family are not compatible in the play, and there was a little unpleasantness before the palace banquet.

The emperor couldn't punish her for this. After all, the daughter of the Jiang family was indeed injured. She was still concerned after seeing the blood.

It is reasonable, except that the offline is a bit fast, and there is nothing wrong with it.

The director hurriedly let the guard next to him go in and bring the people out.

Liu Manman was stunned. She didn't react until she left the camera: "Director! The script is not like this. Just now, someone stepped on the hem of my skirt, and I fell!"

Yes, someone stepped on her skirt.

The one closest to her is that woman; it must be

"Well, let's get some medicine first." The director didn't intend to avenge her and asked the staff to take her down.

"Director, someone stepped on my skirt deliberately."

The director waved his hand to signal her not to make a fuss.

Liu Manman wasn't convinced and wanted to defend herself. The assistant director looked at his previous feelings and pulled her away.

She is a third female lead, but she is the only one who makes trouble. Maybe she has to hurt herself.

"What are you holding me for?" Liu Manman blushed.

"The director doesn't want to worry about it. You are the only one who suffers." The assistant director said.

"...What about my play?" The director couldn't afford to offend her, and Liu Manman looked at the assistant director aggrievedly.

This scene can be said to be her more critical scene in this play.

As a result, that woman was kicked out by a word?

The assistant director patted Liu Manman's plump buttocks while no one was paying attention, "Don't worry, I will try to get you another chance."


"Of course, as long as..."

The assistant director gave her a look; you understand.

Liu Manman was disgusted in her heart, but she was still scornful on her face: "I see."

Liu Manman looked at the camera, with a spiteful light flashing under her eyes.


She will look good in a while!

Thinking of this, Liu Manman felt a little better, but until the filming was over, there was no surprise there.

Why is it all right?


At that time, she didn't dare to do too much for fear of being discovered, but was she so lucky? There are so many big moves on the field that are not interrupted?

After Chu Zheng finished filming, Liu Manman went over and asked, "Did you deliberately do that just now!"

Chu Zheng took off her heavy robe, threw it on the chair, rolled up her sleeves, and revealed her white arms.

"What's the matter just now?" Her voice seemed like a spring in the forest in the hot environment, hinting cool.

"You deliberately made me unable to make this scene." Liu Man said: "You caused me to fall!!"

Chu Zheng glanced at her, and indifferently denied: "No."

It's you!

When am I so bullied!

"Isn't it you?" Liu Manman didn't believe it: "Don't dare to admit it now?"

"It's not me." Don't admit it, what can you do to me! Bite me!

Chu Zheng walked to the director's side, and Liu Manman followed.

"Follow me again, and I’ll hit you." Chu Zheng turned and threatened.

Liu Manman: "..."

Liu Manman's expression stiffened slightly before thinking that she was knocked out by her in the dressing room before, and she was stunned.

Hateful! Ahhhhh! Gu Chu Zheng! Bitch! Bitch! !

In the next few days, Liu Manman continued to scheme, but every time she was retaliated by Chu Zheng on the spot.

Forget it, she still has no evidence at all, as if Chu Zheng hadn't done it before.

What's even more exaggerated is that she still chopped off her scenes so easily!

Every time I looked for the director, the director always gave me an I-think-it's-reasonable-to-send-you-away look.

Liu Manman had a hard time speaking and was schemed so severely that she had no way to respond.


"Su Jiu, you have to go to this banquet even if you don't want to!"

The agent threw the invitation post on the boy, who hung his head, motionless.

The agent arms akimbo: "I took you along with eight years of bad luck. What do you think you have, which is not so in this circle? So what if you are talented! So what if you want to be popular! A background and a backstage, without these, you are not anything!"

"Many people in this banquet circle will go, I tell you, you must go!"

The agent threw down this sentence and slammed the door regardless of the boy's reaction.

When the house calmed down, the boy picked up the invitation.

No background...

No backstage...

Can it only be stepped on?


On the day of the banquet, even though Su Jiu was reluctant, he was brought to the scene by his agent.

The people here are glamorous, but they are rotten to the bones. Their souls stink, which makes people sick.

"Su Jiu, come with me."

The agent took him to a woman.

When Su Jiu glanced across the crowd, he saw a familiar girl, standing on one side, keeping a distance from others, looking coldly at... him?

She is looking at him.

Su Jiu knew that his face was beautiful; otherwise, he wouldn't have fallen into the present situation.

Is it another person attracted by his face?

Su Jiu lowered his eyes, like a doll, facing these people, he made no response.

The agent was a little angry and pinched Su Jiu several times: "Su Jiu, don't you know good or bad! Miss Gao is talking to you!"

"Hey, it's okay." The woman in the red dress opposite smiled and said: "I like him like this."

The agent smiled: "Then... You talk, I'll leave first."

Gao Xueyun nodded, and when the agent left, he said cruelly in Su Jiu's ear: "Su Jiu, don't offend Miss Gao anymore. Otherwise, you really won't have another choice!!"

Su Jiu's hand hanging by his side clenched slightly.