Chapter 37

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"You don't want to see me like this?" Gao Xueyun looked at the young boy who was like a white rabbit in front of her. His temperament was nothing like a white rabbit.

"Twisted melons are not sweet." The boy said: "Miss Gao doesn't understand this truth?"

"Hahaha." Gao Xueyun was happy on the contrary: "I like you like you, what fun is there in the kind that comes on call."

Su Jiu: "..." Perverted!

Gao Xueyun looked at the boy in front of her, and suddenly took a glass of wine and handed it to him: "In this way, if you finish this glass of wine today, you can leave at any time."

Su Jiu frowned.

"As long as I finish drinking, I can leave?"

"I speak the truth." Gao Xueyun passed the wine glass over.

Su Jiu swept around and took the glass: "you’ll let me go after I drink?"

Gao Xueyun shrugged and didn't seem to care.

Su Jiu drank the wine in the glass in a few sips, drinking a little urgently, resulting in his face turning red. The lips stained with wine, crystal clear and more attractive, Gao Xueyun's breathing slightly stagnated.

Su Jiu put down the glass, turned, and left.

Gao Xueyun chuckled, her red lips lifted in a smile, watching the boy leave until she could no longer see him, and then took out her mobile phone to dial a number.

"Go out, stop him, don't let people see."

The people over there should say.

Gao Xueyun was in a good mood to deal with others, thinking that she could spend the Spring Festival evening with that boy in a while, she couldn't help but wonder.

However, this mood did not last long.

"Gone? How could he be gone?"

"I watched him go out, didn't you see anyone?"


Gao Xueyun hung up the phone, her delicate make-up face was green, and the duck to her lips was flying!

"Miss Gao..."


Gao Xueyun scolded the man and left with high heels.

"What are you dragging? If it weren't for the Gao family, you wouldn’t count as something." The man dared to curse low when Gao Xueyun left.


Su Jiu's head was dizzy, and his body was burning with discomfort. He just walked out of the banquet venue when he was pulled down the safe passage by a person.

Then he was stuffed into a car.

But at this time, he was not in the car, but on the bed...

Realizing this, Su Jiu became vigilant in his heart, but his body was too uncomfortable, frequently washing his consciousness.


Su Jiu pulled the buttons of his shirt, exposing large areas of skin.

Chu Zheng stood in front of the bed, thinking about what to do now.

He should have been taken to the hospital just now.

I have to get it out's so troublesome.

Put some water and wash him.

Chu Zheng made a severe face, made a fist with her right hand, and knocked on her left hand’s palm, so it was decided.

Chu Zheng went into the bathroom to get cold water.

However, when she came out, she saw large patches of red on the snow-white sheets.

The boy pierced his arm with something. The pain kept him awake, and he saw the person clearly.

"It's you……"

He thought it was Gao Xueyun, but he didn't expect it to be the girl who had met twice.

Chu Zheng was cold. Will the hotel call the police tomorrow, saying that she murdered and hid the body?

She just went to release some water. How could it become the scene of the murder?

A bother.

Forget it.

【 xiao jiejie, if you don't stop the bleeding, you will be in the game! Not only that, you have to rewind and start again~~ 】Wangzhe reminded her cheerfully.

Rewind and start again!

I can’t do it...

The young man's face was flushed, biting his lip, curling up his body, the constant loss of blood and the medicine’s impact on his body made him more uncomfortable.

Chu Zheng stepped forward two steps.

The boy slammed back, staring at her warily.

No matter what his eyes are, Chu Zheng pulls the person down; half drags, half walks him into the bathroom, then directly pushes him into the water.

The blood dripped into the water; he fainted, and the water instantly became red.

【 ... 】It's hard for an excellent person to get stuck; it’s too cruel; I can't stand it anymore.

Only then did Chu Zheng hold his wrist, thought for a moment and took his hand to let him press it.

Su Jiu has been tormented so much, he has no strength, the whole person is soft in the bathtub, and the bathtub’s water is getting redder and redder.

He sat motionless, staring at the ceiling blankly; Am I dying?

"You can't die; you didn't get to the point."

Suddenly the indifferent voice sounded, Su Jiu's vision blurred, and he saw the woman leaving the bathroom.

Her voice sounded from outside, vaguely, Su Jiu didn't know what she was talking about.

He heard footsteps for a while, and some cold fingers moved away from his hand and took his injured hand out of the bathtub.

Su Jiu's slightly better body just now began to heat up again.

He made a slight noise unconsciously.

The boy was soft in the light red blood, his eyes closed slightly, and he bit his lips tightly to prevent himself from making a shameful sound.

He didn't know that his appearance was even more sultry.

However, Chu Zheng just glanced at him coldly and poured alcohol on his wound without mercy.

Alcohol stings and the boy feels a lot more awake. He takes a breath and looks at the girl outside the bathtub.

The girl cleans his wounds, applies for medicine, and bandages him skillfully. From the beginning to the end, her eyes are light and cold, and there is no trace of dirty desire.

He was used to seeing them, the eyes of those people who looked at him.

Suddenly seeing a different one, the young man was a little surprised.

Chu Zheng put his hand on the bathtub, got up suddenly, the shadow fell, the young man returned to his senses, and suddenly met a pair of cold and quiet eyes.

The young man looked at her blankly, still... the same?

He watched the girl stretch out her hand and closed his eyes somewhat resignedly.

The slight wind rustled his ears but did not touch him.

The young man opened his eyes slightly, the hand crossed his head and pressed it behind him, and the water in the bathtub began to decrease.

Chu Zheng's line of sight was drooping, and the boy's line of sight just hit.

Chu Zheng suddenly reached out her hand to hold his head and gently rubbed it twice.

Hmm...this one is very soft...


Touch twice!

With a serious face, Chu Zheng touched for a while under Su Jiu's dazed expression.


Chu Zheng calmly retracted her hands, stood up straight, and threw the things she used just now into the medical box without incident.

Su Jiu: "..."

When the water in the bathtub was finished, the boy was exposed to the air, and the scenery under his thin shirt was vaguely visible.

Su Jiu turned sideways in embarrassment, blocking Chu Zheng's sight.


Su Jiu let out a low cry, and she sprayed his face with water. At this time, his body was already sensitive. Suddenly being poured with cold water, the body reacted even more.

Chu Zheng took the showerhead, flushed him up and down like an object, and then continued to put in cold water.

Su Jiu: "..."

When the water was full, Chu Zheng saw the petals next to it and sprinkled them down as expected. The petals floated on the surface of the water, covering the young man's body.

This posture is a bit like...

Su Jiu resisted the cold, what on earth did she want to do?

But Su Jiu didn't have time to think about this problem. The effect of the medicine swept through again. He didn't dare to speak out for fear of stimulating this inexplicable person.