Chapter 48

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"No, the man lied; he doesn't have a wife at all."

Father Gao smashed a pile of materials and yelled at her: "he has been married for five years! The child is two years old!"

Gao Xueyun looked at the child in the photo and was so shocked that she couldn't speak.

After a long while, she murmured: "How could it be..."

"Dad, listen to me, I don't know, I really don't know, he lied to me, find him out, let him clarify!"

Father Gao: "No one can be found."

"Why can't I find people? Didn't he still accept interviews before? How can’t I find people?" Gao Xueyun asked.

Father Gao: "he was picked up by a car after the interview, and there was no trace afterward. Even if it is of any use to find him, there are too few traces to follow!!"

Father Gao was thoroughly pissed off by this daughter.

Now it's not just one thing.

"What else have you done?" Father Gao asked.

Gao Xueyun shook her head: "No, Dad, I don't. Dad, you can suppress these! You must have a way."

When it comes to this, Father Gao is even angrier. He suppressed the heat for the first time, but the heat continued to rise.

He spends money to suppress heat, and some people spend money to buy heat.

The other party didn't care about the money at all, and Father Gao couldn’t suppress the heat.

Hearing Gao Xueyun's ear-piercing roar, Father Gao had a headache and asked someone to lock her into the room, and she was not allowed to come out without his permission.


Huang Fei Entertainment.

Xie Zhou looked at the latest hot search with an unreadable expression.

"Who has the Gao family offended?" he asked.

The assistant said: "It should be Gu Chu Zheng. Someone had previously photographed Gao Xueyun being thrown outside the shopping mall. I found out something. There are photos here..."

The assistant showed Xie Zhou the photo.

"This is the photo from that day." The assistant swiped the screen, and the photo went from outside the shopping mall to the shop.

Gao Xueyun was crushed and beaten by Chu Zheng with no way to resist.

"I also found out that Gao Xueyun should have instructed the previous negative news about Gu Chu Zheng on the Internet. Gu Chu Zheng took a tooth for a tooth..." The woman was quite vengeful and quick.

"Mr. Xie, Gu Chu Zheng's background is not small." The Gao family dared to offend so much, yet they still couldn't find the specific news.

And her source is too fast.

Even if she finds out that Gao Xueyun is fucking her behind her back, she still needs to investigate Gao Xueyun's affairs, right?

However, it was only a few days before she made such a show, which was shocking.

Xie Zhou closed the page: "This matter is waiting to change."

"Then Gu Chu Zheng's side?"

"Continue to investigate."

"Yes." The assistant was about to go out, but halfway through, they turned back: "Mr. Xie, Miss Manman said that she is going to audition for the second female of "Water Moon Mirror Flower.” Let me tell you that she may not come over soon. "

Xie Zhou frowned: "Give her the script."

The assistant knows what this means and has decided her role by default.


On the other side, Chu Zheng is lying on the princess's chair, and Monarch was chattering in her mind.

【 xiao jiejie, look, I’m not wrong. Money can make the devil push the mill. In the future, you'll be a good loser. Don't think about who to kill. Such violence is not what a girl should have. 】

"If I can get rid of them, why would I do something so troublesome?" Chu Zheng said she would not listen.

【 … 】I'm so tired, I'm offline.

Chu Zheng shook her chair, Gao Xueyun being taken care of solves the problem of Su Jiu. Without Gao Xueyun, he can't blacken, can he?

Then there is a good person card...


[ Pei Yu: Ms. Gu, Su Jiu is hospitalized. ]

After receiving this text message, Chu Zheng stared at it for nearly 30 seconds, typing a reply slowly.

[ Gu Chu Zheng: I will pay for the medical expenses. ]

It is estimated that Pei Yu was shocked by these words. Su Jiu received such good treatment. Isn't it because this fascinated President Gu has taken a fancy to him?

Why are you in the hospital, but you are not worried at all?

【 xiao jiejie. 】 Wangzhe sighed,【 At this moment, you should go to the hospital immediately for considerate care. How can you refuse this kind of animal!! 】

Don’t you want a good person card?

Don’t you want to go back!

Chu Zheng: "..."


When Su Jiu was filming, his foot was smashed by the shelf. At this time, it was red and swollen, and he could no longer go.

Su Jiu sat on the bed and read the script, but he couldn’t read a word.

The beautiful face looked pale at this time because of the pain.

That weak appearance is even more pitiful.

"President Gu, are you here?"

Su Jiu looked at the door; there seemed to be people standing outside; he immediately lay down and closed his eyes.

The sound of two people's footsteps came from outside, and Pei Yu said: "The doctor said that he could recuperate for a while, and I have taken care of it on the crew side."

"He seems to be asleep. Do you want me to wake him up?"

Chu Zheng took off the mask and stuffed it into her pocket: "No need, you can go to work."

Pei Yu understood: "Then I will go first."

Chu Zheng pulled out a chair and sat down. She reached out to take away the script from Su Jiu.

As soon as he raised his head, she faced Su Jiu's wet eyes.

Su Jiu smiled obediently: "I thought you were not coming."

He personally looked at the text messages sent by Pei Yu to her and saw her reply; Su Jiu didn't want to admit that he was disappointed.

Su Jiu wanted her to visit.

Su Jiu was startled by this idea at first; how could he have such an idea.

However, he kept telling himself that she wanted what all the other people wanted, she had plenty of opportunities to do so, but Chu Zheng didn’t do anything to him.

Maybe she is different from those people?

This is the first time they met after filming in the reality show.

Chu Zheng put down the script: "Be careful when filming."

"Do you care about me?" Su Jiu tilted his head; his long eyelashes quivered and brushed small fan-shaped shadows under his eyelids.

Chu Zheng folded her hands and put them on her legs: "If something happens to you, I will be in trouble."

Good guy card won’t happen.

Su Jiu didn't quite understand that sentence.

He can distinguish people’s various thoughts from the look in their eyes, but this person is impossible to read.

Her eyes were too calm.

It was as calm as a frozen dead lake, no waves, no one could be the focus of her one.

Su Jiu pressed some dry lips: "I want to drink water."

Chu Zheng reached out and took the cup next to her. There was no water in it. She got up and went out to get him more.

Su Jiu took a sip; the temperature was just right.

He suddenly remembered that she was actually very good at taking care of people when filming reality shows. Although her face was cold, she was always able to do every detail well.

Su Jiu took a few sips and handed her the water.


Su Jiu: "..." Let it go! Isn't this common sense?

Su Jiu retracted his hand and put the cup aside with some difficulty.

Su Jiu made a few more requests tentatively. He saw that her eyes were a bit cold, but she turned around to do it.

He couldn't even understand what she meant.

I seem to treat her a little bit...