Chapter 47

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[Chang Xiangyi: Isn't this the real evidence you want? Look, the photos are all here; it’s still such an old man, tut tut...]

[Strike a thousand miles with a sword: What a bad old man, this is too heavy, if you are a handsome guy, I can still accept it. ]

[Suddenly hear the singing on the shore: hahaha, Gu Chu Zheng was born in that family, not climbing the bed, can there be a play? Don't laugh to death. ]

Various unsightly comments followed.

After all, Chu Zheng's fans still don't have much cohesion. After such an impact, the comment area is almost full of scolding people.

Everyone is following the trend. In fact, they may not even know the whole story. Anyway, everyone is scolding, and the law can not blame the public.

Chu Zheng flipped through the comments and drank her milk while looking at the photos very seriously.

This is too ugly!

Which dog did it!!

【 xiao jiejie, are you angry, want to spend money? Spending money makes people feel calm~ 】

Chu Zheng touched the knife on the table: "I'm going to kill this dog thing."

【 ... 】What can’t be solved with money? Why should you be so violent!? Isn't it okay for us to be peaceful and friendly and uphold positive values?

Wangzhe tried to persuade Chu Zheng with all his heart and sent her a task to calm her down-there was no time to kill others.


"Sister Xueyun, the color of this lipstick matches you very well."

Gao Xueyun has a ruddy complexion and smiles very brightly. Next to her are her little sisters—commonly known as attendants.

"Choose what you like, my treat." Gao Xueyun is happy today and generous in her spending.

"Sister Xueyun is so happy today?" Someone was curious.

Gao Xueyun played with the lipstick in her hand and laughed unpredictably: "Some people can't be lucky for a lifetime."

The little sisters looked at each other a few times and didn't quite understand what this meant.

Gao Xueyun suddenly swept her eyes outside, her eyebrows frowned, and she immediately got up and went out.

"Sister Xueyun, where are you going?"

The voices of the ladies behind her did not make Gao Xueyun look back.

Gao Xueyun saw that the people in front had entered a store. She stood outside and watched for a while before she sauntered in.

"Miss Gao."

"Miss Gao, please."

This is a high-end clothing store, and Gao Xueyun is a frequent visitor here. She encircled her chest and walked in aggressively with high heels.

"All these filthy people are invited inside, so be careful."

The shopping guide didn't quite understand it at first, but after looking at Gao Xueyun's line of sight, he immediately understood that she was talking about the girl.

Chu Zheng was carrying a piece of clothing and handing it to the shopping guide. Gao Xueyun went straight over and snatched the article of clothing: "Wrap it up, I want it."

Chu Zheng glanced at her calmly, then took another one.

Gao Xueyun grabbed it again and threw it to the shopping guide: "Pack it."

When Chu Zheng took one, she grabbed one.

Chu Zheng squeezed her wrist, turned around, took off the clothes on the shelf in one go, and smashed them all on Gao Xueyun.


Articles of clothing suddenly smacked Gao Xueyun, her vision turned dark, panicked, she stumbled and fell straight down.

Chu Zheng lifted another pile of clothes on her body, bent over, and pressed her, not letting her get up.

When that son of a bitch made her come here, she knew it was no good.

The shopping guides over to the side were frightened by Chu Zheng's behavior.

What kind of operation is this?

Gao Xueyun's eyes breathed fire, and she roared, "Gu Chu Zheng, how dare you treat me like this?! Let me go. You dared to make a move against me. I promise you won’t get out of here in one piece. "

"Do you want more?" Chu Zheng asked her.

"Gu Chu Zheng, let me go!"

"Want more?" Chu Zheng twisted her arm.

Gao Xueyun felt that her arm was about to break, and her face was terrible with pain.

"It hurts... it hurts, let me go... let me go... pull this madman away!!" The following sentence was shouted at the shopping guide.

Chu Zheng was full of harsh words; where did the shopping guide dare to step forward.

"I asked you if you want more?"

Gao Xueyun felt so painful that no one could help her. She dared to slap her lips. Amidst a pile of clothes, she shook her head embarrassedly: " more."

Chu Zheng released her and squatted down, her face grave. "You said you found someone to keep me, so why haven't you sent him over?" Don't you know that if you're going to act, you have to act until the end? 一Not dedicated at all!

Gao Xueyun clutched her unmovable arm and was frightened by Chu Zheng's words.

She... how did she know?

This incident can be so massive that it has nothing to do with Gao Xueyun.

Gu Chu Zheng dared to snatch someone she was fond of, offended her, and still be so ostentatious; this is what she deserves.

Gao Xueyun seemed to be frightened: "I don't understand what you are talking about."

Gao Xueyun found a water army and one of the top photoshop masters. It was the kind of photoshop that couldn't be seen through at all. The reason why this event grew so big was all because of her inciting everything from behind.

She also wanted to find actual materials, but she couldn’t find any at all.

Things on the Internet, no matter whether it is true or not, anyway, if more people are talking about it, then it’s true.

As long as she buys the water army and takes the matter down, she is kept, and if she uses some other tactics, can't she be killed?

Gao Xueyun planned well.

But she never expected that the protagonist in the plan did not follow the script.  Gao Xueyun was found out by Chu Zheng.

Who betrayed her?

Chu Zheng got up, threw all the clothes that hung on Gao Xueyun in one go, and waved: "Check out."

Gao Xueyun: "..."

Gao Xueyun watched Chu Zheng leave, then a few black bodyguards came in and threw them out of the shopping mall along with her and the clothes.

Gao Xueyun lay down in a pile of high-end clothes in embarrassment, accepting the shopping mall and looking at people coming and going.

She's probably never been so embarrassed when she grows up.

Gu Chuzheng...

Gu Chuzheng! The one who robbed her still humiliated her so much now!


Gao Xueyun was still thinking about dealing with Chuzheng, and suddenly there was news on the Internet.

#Gao Family’s Daughter suspected affair with married man#

#Gao Family’s Daughter became the other woman#

This news quickly suppressed the popularity of Chu Zheng and reached the top of the list.

What is the Gao family? How can a prominent and respectable family not lose face in such a scandal?

Gao Xueyun was also a little confused, especially when she saw the photo; she felt like she had seen a ghost.

She remembered this man...

One of her many boyfriends, but he doesn't have a wife, why did she become a mistress? He is lying!

Gao Xueyun tried to explain, but the person involved showed up and claimed that Gao Xueyun used her wealth to persecute and threaten him.

Gao Xueyun immediately became a target of abuse by many netizens.

If this is the man's willingness, it can be said that he clings to Gao Xueyun, but he is unwilling, but Gao Xueyun uses money to oppress.

Then people kept coming out to break the news, exposing Gao Xueyun's corrupt life to the fullest.

Including Chu Zheng's incident, it was also revealed that Gao Xueyun was behind the scenes, and Chu Zheng immediately received a wave of sympathy from fans and was successfully whitewashed.

"Dad, dad, you have to make these people go away!!!".

"I usually don't care what you do outside; you are shaking the sky!" Gao's father was so angry that he was about to have a heart attack: "Are you still forcing people? What kind of man are you looking for? You are going to force a man with a wife. The man, your husband, doesn't want you? Do you still have a brain!"