Chapter 46

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Su Jiu could still sleep, so he lay down until dawn, heard a sound outside, and immediately got up and went out.

In the next filming, Su Jiu didn't dare look at Chu Zheng, but Chu Zheng seemed like nothing happened. What should he do?

Chu Zheng supposedly broke Liu Manman’s ankle. Xie Zhou wanted to send Liu Manman to the hospital first, but Liu Manman refused and insisted on finishing the filming.

With such dedication, everyone's favorability for Liu Manman has risen a lot.

Chu Zheng's bullying was also spread in the program group. The look in her eyes was not very good anyway, but given her previous performance, no one dared to go up and trouble her.

Shooting on the mountain means completing some tasks, such as finding food to cook a meal and some games.

The following two days, filming ended, and their respective agents were waiting to pick them up at the foot of the mountain.

Pei Yu personally came to pick up Su Jiu.

"Is that Pei Yu?" Du Ming was surprised: "He is Su Jiu's agent?"

"What's the origin of Su Jiu?"

"Pei Yu hasn't taken anyone new under his belt for a long time, right?"

"Isn't the movie emperor Xie..." Du Ming was silent, and Pei Yu brought out Xie Zhou.

However, Xie Zhou's identity was not exposed at that time, and Xie Zhou did not rely on his family in the early stage. He relied all on his ability. Among them, Pei Yu's contribution was not small.

Pei Yu made him popular. No one can surpass Xie Zhou in the artists who come out of Pei Yu's hands.

"Long time no see." Xie Zhou took the initiative to greet Pei Yu.

"Mr. Xie, long time no see." Pei Yu nodded politely.

"Didn't you say that you don't bring newcomers?" Xie Zhou glanced at Su Jiu.

"Mr. Xie remembered it wrong. I was talking about newcomers without Huang Fei Entertainment."

"..." Xie Zhou's eyes fell slightly: "Pei Yu, you come to Huang Fei, I can give you better resources."

"Mr. Xie, I don't need it." Pei Yu's gaze shifted, "Ms. Gu."

When Chu Zheng walked over by herself, Xie Zhou frowned even more; Ms. Gu?

Why didn't he know that there was such a person in the circle?

Chu Zheng, who was not inclined to look at him, passed by Xie Zhou and went directly to the car. Peiyu nodded: "Mr. Xie, excuse me."

Pei Yu pulled Su Jiu into the car and left quickly.

Xie Zhou frowned and ordered the assistant beside him: "Go and check that Gu Chu Zheng."

The assistant answered and turned to leave.

Xie Zhou stopped him again: "Wait a minute, check that Su Jiu too."


"Xingyao Entertainment's new president-Gu Chu Zheng?" Xie Zhou frowned as he looked at the photos on the profile.

Xie Zhou flipped through all the information: "She has an average family background; how could she become the new president of Starlight Entertainment?"

"I found out that she seemed to have inherited the inheritance of a large family some time ago, but I can't find out which one it is for the time being. This kind of family information is tight, and it is difficult to find specific information."

big family……

Gu Chu Zheng?

When Xie Zhou got Chu Zheng’s materials, Huang Fei Qing Cheng officially started broadcasting. In the beginning, everyone was not very optimistic about the show, but it was unexpected that the ratings suddenly increased after it began to broadcast.

The shadow of this drama can be seen almost everywhere.

Chu Zheng's Weibo, which had no fans, suddenly flooded with fans.

[Wanzhang Hongquanluo: Find the goddess on Weibo, hahaha, the first one!]

[Liu Jin Wutong: The general played by this young lady is so handsome! Jiejie does not lack a girlfriend, the kind who can sing and warm the bed.]

[Butterfly Shangjiefei: I completely act out the image of a female general in my mind. It's so handsome! Call the young lady.]

[Zhu Ying Saw Qiuyue: Looking forward to the update later, chasing drama is so hard!]

Although it is a web drama, Huang Fei Qing Cheng Fire has become the hottest drama in the same period.

The other characters in the play, besides Chu Zheng, are also on fire, including Liu Manman.

It is rare for a drama to be popular with so many people.

Chu Zheng's fans went from very few to several million and finally broke through ten million quickly.

Her role is not controversial, and she has no emotional connection with the hero. Even if the plot requires them to be bound, there is no spark in the end. She defends her home and saves the heroine at the end. It is a very pleasing role.

Coupled with Chu Zheng's true character, it is even more confident that the general will be played alive, and it is normal to be able to catch fire.

Even the photo where she was caught in her costume when she was at the film and television city went on the hot search again.

It's easy to recognize the same person in that costume.

Just when the show was on fire, such news suddenly appeared on the Internet.


Some viewers have long found this in investors' labels.

Previous investments were all about companies, but this play has a name.

And the name is the actress of the second female lead.

The article wrote about Chu Zheng’s background, indicating that she was simply incapable of investing so much money and had been running the best if she hadn’t been taken care of.

[Lianxing out: fake, right? jiejie doesn't look like that kind of person. ]

[He Shi Dongjun: Now this world still prevents people from chasing a drama? It's really annoying to pick whatever you want. ]

[Winter Night: Obviously, the current female lead is unclean and self-conscious. As a public figure, shouldn't she be a good example? She is in such a position that is bad manners. ]

[After a hundred years: I don’t believe it if there is no real evidence. Who knows if the article is fabricated or not? Nowadays, reporters know how to fake it. ]

There was a lot of noise on the Internet, and Chu Zheng got on her account and sent a message.

 [Gu Chu Zheng V: I also want to see who can support me with such money. If you can't find one, I can pay you to hire one.]

The person involved came forward and said this sentence, which made most netizens a little confused.

[Cang Yun Qiu Shui Ning: Domineering!]

[Miss Chu Zheng's Little Sweet: jiejie, I believe you, you are definitely not that kind of person!]

[Ye Shanzhai: To be honest, jiejie looks too cold. If I have money, I might like jiejie, but I won't take care of her...]

The rich nowadays raise a little sweetheart, not just to please themselves.

However, judging from this drama and some theater tidbits, this young lady is a cold beauty. Who wants to spend a purse on raising an iceberg and put it back? Is it used to cool down?

[Yan Ye Yuling: There is no evidence at all, these people have noses and eyes, which is really disgusting.]

[Feng Wanzhi: If she hadn't done it, how could anyone say that flies won't bite seamless eggs.]

Chu Zheng's response gave fans who liked her a lot of confidence.

You said our jiejie was taken care of, right?


Find out the person who is raising our jiejie!

"Ms. Gu, this matter must be disturbed by the water army. Do you want me to get someone from public relations?" Although Pei Yu is not his boss's agent, but his boss does not have an agent, he still has to care about it.

"No." She was not taken care of by anyone; what the hell could this group of idle people pick up.

Do you really want to spend money to hire someone to support her??

However, Chu Zheng didn't expect that someone really ‘spent money’ and ‘hired’ a supporter for her.