chapter 45

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Chu Zheng sat for a while, got up, and walked to the side to breathe.

"Gu Chu Zheng!"

Standing not far from Chu Zheng, Liu Manman called her with a gentle voice.


"I want to chat with you." Liu Manman said: "Let's go over there."

"Don't go." Chu Zheng refused, so far away, she didn't want to move.

As Chu Zheng walked back, Liu Manman's face suddenly became hard to look at. She was silent for a few seconds before suddenly stepping forward and pulling Chu Zheng's arm.

Before Chu Zheng had time to do anything, Liu Manman called out suddenly and then fell back.

People in the distance heard the call and ran over immediately.

"what's happening?"

"What happened?"

"Liu Manman? What's the matter? Get up quickly."

Feng Jiao and Wei Jun helped Liu Manman up. Liu Manman looked uncomfortable and accused Chu Zheng: "Even if you don't borrow something, you don't have to have such a big temper, right?"

Chu Zheng: "......" Is the dog going to be on the show? No chance to respond! How can't you see yourself in a play like this?

"What's the matter?" Xie Zhou also came over. Seeing Liu Manman being supported by someone, his voice fell a little, and his eyes swept across the crowd with cold eyes.

"Film Emperor Xie, it seems that she pushed Manman." Feng Jiao immediately complained.

"I wanted to borrow mosquito repellent from her. She didn’t want to, but..." Liu Man stopped talking.

The rest of the teams did not have mosquito repellent; only Chu Zheng, who was the first to get all the equipment, had it. This was given to her as a reward, as everyone knew.

Liu Manman said that borrowing mosquito repellent is completely fine.

But Liu Manman's original plan was obviously not to borrow mosquito repellent, but because Chu Zheng refused to talk to her, she temporarily thought about it.

And Liu Manman could think of this in such a short time...

It's incredible.

If this little beauty doesn't play a palace fight, I'm sorry for her wisdom; she must be the palace fight champion! Awards must be given! Arrange it right away!

【……】Stop daydreaming, xiao jiejie! They’re still bullying you!

"Gu Chu Zheng, how can you push people?" Feng Jiao came out.

"I have not."

"You were the only other person here. If not you, then who?"


"Huh?" Feng Jiao smiled, "You said Manman pushed herself? Why did she do this?"

Chu Zheng said earnestly: "she’s probably stupid."


"Forget it..." Liu Manman said weakly, "Maybe Miss Gu is in a bad mood. I don't blame her."

"Manman, she not only pushes you but also scolds you, so you forgive her like that? No, she must apologize." Feng Jiao not only disagreed but also pulled Xie Zhou into the water: “ Film Emperor Xie, you can't just watch her bullying people like this? "

Xie Zhou: "Miss Gu, apologize."

Xie Zhou looked at Chu Zheng. He didn't pay much attention to her these days but felt that this girl was a little aloof and withdrawn.

Chu Zheng was silent for a while, not knowing what he was thinking.

"Apologize for doing something wrong!" With Xie Zhou's support, Feng Jiao straightened her back.

"Miss Gu, even if you don't want to lend mosquito repellent, you didn't have to push her. We are all girls, so we should take care of each other." Wei Jun also said.

"It's not a big deal; just apologize."

The movie emperor Xie has spoken out, and everyone must agree. The most important thing is that after Liu Manman's intentional or unintentional spread of dirty water in the past few days, people may feel that someone brought in Chu Zheng.

Chu Zheng touched her wrist, and under everyone’s gaze, she pulled Liu Manman with lightning speed.


Liu Manman fell to the ground again.

You said I pushed it, then pushed it. What's wrong with pushing you? You can’t beat me!

Chu Zheng took back her hand and said solemnly, "I can't walk long. I'm sorry I didn't spread the red carpet for you."

Chu Zheng turned around and left, not giving them a chance to make trouble.

"Gu Chu Zheng, you are simply unreasonable!"

Feng Jiao's voice came from a distance.

Where did she apologize just now? She was being sarcastic and pushed Liu Manman in front of Xie Zhou...

Is she crazy?

"Manman, are you okay?"

"It's okay..." Liu Manman acted like she was holding back tears when she stood up; she pretended to be in a lot of pain.

Xie Zhou frowned, picked up Liu Manman, and returned to the tent.


The tents are divided into groups. This allocation is actually a bit unreasonable. After all, there are differences between men and women.

But Xie Zhou didn't have any comments, and it was not easy for everyone to mention it, so he could only give a brief statement.

Chu Zheng entered the tent, Su Jiu hugged the quilt and shrank in the corner. Hearing her coming in, he shrank inside.

Chu Zheng went straight to lie down.

Su Jiu glanced at her carefully.

The tent is a bit quiet.

Su Jiu trembled and asked in a low voice, "What happened outside just now?"



He didn't go out to see it. After all, this matter had nothing to do with him, but later, he heard someone calling Chu Zheng’s name very angrily.

It should be related to her, right?

The distance between them was less than half a meter; Su Jiu lay down for a while and then lay on his side again, sweeping to the opposite side, feeling a little nervous.

Su Jiu attributed this nervousness to his fear of what she would do to him.

He fell asleep in panic.

In the middle of the night, there was dead silence in the camp. Su Jiu felt the heat source beside him, his mind was confused, and he reacted suddenly in the next second, his eyes rounded.


Seems to be holding a person??

There are only two people in this tent.

Su Jiu exploded in his mind, pushed Chu Zheng away suddenly, and shrank to the side.

Chu Zheng opened her eyes: "What are you doing?"

It was noisy in the middle of the night.

So annoying.

"What are you doing!" Su Jiu gritted his teeth.


" am" Su Jiu's fingers pointed back and forth between them: "What did you do to me?"

Chu Zheng sat up and calmly stated the facts: "You rolled over by yourself, holding me without letting go."

"Impossible!" Su Jiu retorted.

How could he roll over by himself and hold her without letting go?

Chu Zheng fumbled aside, touched the phone, brought up a video, and handed it to him.

"See it for yourself." Chu Zheng was a little impatient, sleepy, and wanted to sleep.

Su Jiu took the phone hesitantly, the video above was waiting to be played, and he clicked to play it.

Su Jiu's face gradually turned red. In the end, he only felt that the phone was hot, so he didn't dare to look at it again. He quickly pressed the phone off, and the tips of his ears were burning.

He had always slept alone, never knowing that when he was asleep, he would have this habit...

"Yes... I'm sorry." Su Jiu said in a panic, covering his head with a quilt.

There was no voice to respond to him. Su Jiu waited for a while, opened the quilt, and looked over. Chu Zheng has fallen asleep, is breathing smoothly, and seems to be asleep again.

Su Jiu: "..."

Su Jiu reached out and touched his hot cheeks; the doubts and strange emotions intertwined in his heart, making his mind a mess.

He raised his hand to touch the position of his heart.

It seems to be beating very fast.

When I woke up just now, my cheek was against her skin, the delicate and hot temperature...

Su Jiu, what are you thinking about!

Su Jiu shook his head and forced himself to calm down.

Go to bed.

Forget it.