Chapter 44

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Su Jiu really went to find it by himself. Of course, the village is so big that the program group will not let you look for it aimlessly. Otherwise, the show will be unobservable.

Generally, where there is equipment, it will be marked.

If you find a mark, you can go in and ask.

Su Jiu found a villager, but the villagers wanted him to help dry the grain.

Although Su Jiu usually doesn’t do all that well, he hasn’t done any heavy work; he still has to dry the grain in the hot weather, and his skin has gotten so hot and painful.

"Huhuhu..." Su Jiu paused to take a breath, he let go of the rake in his hand, and the palm of his hand was rubbed especially raw. The photographer gave a close-up here.

The boy's white face was red, and the sweat slipped down his cheeks. It was pitiful and distressed no matter what.

Even the photographer felt a little unbearable and reminded: "Do you want to take a break? I won't record it."

Anyway, I will edit it at that time and just make the beginning and the end.

The boy smiled slightly: "It's okay, I can hold on."

The rake in the boy's hand was snatched away suddenly. The photographer was stunned and quickly moved the lens over.

The girl wore a straw hat that she didn't know from which villager and looked at the boy coldly.

Before the boy made a sound, she threw the water in her hand to him, took off the hat and buttoned it on his head, pulled him away, and continued the boy's work from just now.

This series of actions went smoothly as if they had been rehearsed.

The photographers were all dumbfounded.

This girl was too lazy to move just now. Why is she here again now?

Chu Zheng's speed was much faster than that of the young boy. She quickly completed the task and got the equipment. Without the other teams’ joy, she glanced at it plainly and threw it to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu held the equipment, touched the hat on his head, and asked concerned: "Are you hot?"


Su Jiu: "???"

Photographer: "???"

Next, Chu Zheng got the complete set of equipment at the fastest speed, and the photographer was shocked.

Whether it's helping with work or playing games, it consumes a lot of energy, not to mention having to cooperate with the shooting, but this girl is completely fine.

This girl is already a blockbuster if she doesn't speak!

So when everyone was still trying to find equipment the next day, Chu Zheng stayed at the villagers' house for a day.

On the third day, everyone gathered.

"Manman, movie emperor Xie is amazing! He's found almost all of them." Feng Jiao leaned close to Liu Manman, facing actor Xie with a starry-eyed expression.

"Of course, Actor Xie is amazing." Du Ming whistled: "We can't compare with Actor Xie."

Liu Manman smiled embarrassedly.

"Eh, have you seen Su Jiu?" Feng Jiao remembered the boy, turning his head to ask everyone.


This village is said to be too big. Everyone has met each other in the past two days, but they have never met Su Jiu and Chu Zheng.

"Didn't they participate?"

"Impossible, but on the next mountain, if you don't have the equipment, how can you get there?"

"That's right. Hey, I have been exhausted in the past two days. I have never been so exhausted during military training."

"That Gu Chu Zheng…... She must have been taken care of. I heard that she used to live in a rented house” Feng Jiao pulls Wei Jun and Du ming to gossip: "if she can still have enough equipment this time, it is that the program team is partial to her!"

Feng Jiao is giving some people the identity of Chu Zheng through the back door when she suddenly sees a group of people coming here in the distance. Feng Jiao stops to look there.

Chu Zheng is carrying a backpack that is half a person's height. In her hand, it's like carrying cotton. She's very relaxed.

Su Jiu held a small bag and followed her obediently.

This scene was full of love.

Liu Manman's eyes narrowed slightly; they were indeed equipped... Liu Manman looked at Feng Jiao, and seeing Feng Jiao's face was not good, the corners of Liu Manmans mouth showed a slight smile.

She and Feng Jiao met twice in the past two days, and she had a good chat with her when they were resting.

"Okay, everyone is here!" The director clapped his hands: "Next, everyone had to pitch a tent we are going to the mountains."

"Director!" Feng Jiao stood up and pointed at Chu Zheng and questioned: "Where did her equipment come from?"

"Equipment is obtained through the completion of tasks or games by villagers." The director said.

"Then why haven't we met her in the village?" Feng Jiao didn't believe it.

"Ms. Gu already gathered all the equipment on the first day." The director said, "Are there any questions?"

Everyone: "..."

"How is it possible?!" They had been exhausted for two days to find such equipment, and some things had not been found yet.

How can she find all the equipment in one day?

Even Xie Zhou gathered his equipment in two days.

"The crew is fair and impartial and will not take sides with anyone." The director is obviously a little unhappy. Isn't Feng Jiao questioning the secret operation of their program group?


"Feng Jiao, don’t say it," Wei Jun held her and lowered her voice: "it's not good to offend the director now. At that time, the program will be broadcasted. If the program group truly biases her, people will scold her."


"All right."

Feng Jiao looked at Chu Zheng reluctantly.


The way up the mountain also requires everyone to bring the equipment up by themselves. Chu Zheng and Su Jiu are behind, but the rest seem a little tired from the team's situation.

When we got up the mountain, everyone basically collapsed into a ball.

"Everyone had better set up a tent before dark." The director reminded over there: "The team who set up the tent first will get a sumptuous dinner."

The team wailed for a while, but everyone had to pitch a tent in order not to sleep in the wild and dinner at night.

Su Jiu found an open space, took out the things, and started to pitch the tent.

These entertainers are usually spoiled and spoiled, and few will pitch tents, and the scene is once chaotic.

Chu Zheng sat and watched Su Jiu tossing. Su Jiu Nong didn't make it for a long time, so he looked at Chu Zheng for help.

【 xiao jiejie, good person, good person, be a good person. 】Wangzhe immediately reminded her.

Chu Zheng took a deep breath, got up and pulled him away, and set up the tent three times, causing the other groups to cry in exclamation.

"Huh, what's so great!" Feng Jiao snorted and continued to toss her tent.

The rest of the people also looked away after a few glances.

The second group was built by Xie Zhou, and Liu Manman had experience and immediately helped others.

In the end, everyone’s tents were set up, and Chu Zheng’s group got a sumptuous dinner, and the others had to find a way to fill their stomachs.

After the program team finished filming today's end of work, Chu Zheng sat in front of the tent, holding a branch in her hand, knocking on the ground every once in a while.

Su Jiu sat cross-legged beside her: "Why do you seem to know everything?"

The branch paused on the ground for a second, and she faintly responded: "Yeah."

Starry, night wind blowing across the grass, rustling lightly.

Su Jiu repeatedly pinched his fingers: "Ms. Gu, I have a question."


"Why are you holding me?"

"It makes you think I am a good person." Chu Zheng turned her wrist, and the branch pointed at him: "Am I a good person?"

Su Jiu: "..."

How can you directly ask others if they are good people?

Unable to chat, Su Jiu touched his neck: "I'm going to rest in advance."

Chu Zheng watched him enter the tent, retracted her gaze, propped her chin, and looked at the bonfire in the distance.