Chapter 43

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When Chu Zheng arrived at her destination, Liu Manman's group had already arrived.

However, when Liu Manman saw Chu Zheng's car, her whole body was not well.

The car was precious at first glance, and later Xie Zhou also proved her guess that this car is not impossible to take down.

The program group is definitely not so generous...

They all came in cars prepared by the show crew. How could she use other vehicles?

But Liu Manman is not stupid, knowing that she is not qualified to speak now, so she waits for those who arrive later.

Feng Jiao, who arrived in one step, was immediately dissatisfied.

"Why is her car different from ours?" Feng Jiao's voice was not small, and everyone at the scene heard it.

The director hurriedly asked all photographers to turn off their cameras.

Chu Zheng spit out three words coldly: "I have money."

Feng Jiao: "..."


"You still want to control the spending of my own money?"

Feng Jiao: "..."


Feng Jiaojiao's pretty face suddenly became aggrieved and looked directly at the director: "Director, how can this show do this?"

When the program is broadcasted, the way they come and her manner distinguishes the high and the low.

The director also had a headache. When he learned of what this man had done, he almost couldn't bear it. He just spent 10 million on a car casually. Is this really to show off her wealth?

But in terms of rules, there is indeed no prohibition.

"Well, we don't have this in the rules, so Ms. Gu's approach is fine." The director was ashamed.

Feng Jiao stared openly, "She, she is cheating!"

Chu Zheng crossed her arms: "What kind of cheating is spending my own money?"

"Who knows where your money came from!" Feng Jiao snorted coldly.

"You didn't give it anyway." Chu Zheng said blankly: "You can't support me."


Du Ming, who was watching the play next to him, couldn't help but laugh out loud.

It is indeed not something ordinary people can afford to spend 10 million just casually.

Feng Jiao almost vomited blood in anger. The director hurriedly stopped her for a while to reassure her, what is this all about!

So Feng Jiao's nausea has no results.

But Feng Jiao saw Chu Zheng even more unpleasantly.

"Everyone followed the rules, so she broke the rules for whatever reason." Feng Jiao spits out to Wei Jun.

"There is no such thing in the rules." They can't control others who are willing to spend their own money to buy a car.

"Which side are you on!?" Feng Jiao glared at Wei Jun: "Can you have so much money at a young age? It may be someone who is supporting her."

Standing next to him, Liu Yuxing reminded her warmly: "Don't say that."

"What good thing can a no-name artist, outside the 18th line, do here?" Feng Jiao didn't care

Wei Jun shrugged and declined to comment.

Liu Yuxing didn't speak anymore.

Feng Jiao walked to the side angrily when she saw this.


They were outside a village at this time, it was getting late, and the program team asked everyone to go to the town to find a place to live.

Yes, find it yourself. If the villagers agree to let you live, then you can live.

If you can't find it, then sorry, go to the wild.

Hmm... the program team will provide you with tents, of course, you have to set up the tents.

Chu Zheng didn't plan to find the villagers. She planned to stay outside for one night, but Su Jiu ran over and said, "I'm looking for a good place to live. That... is over there."

Chu Zheng: "..."

Relying on his deceptive face, Su Jiu found a villager who owned a small bungalow.

The villagers enthusiastically invited them in, watching Su Jiu just like watching their own son.

Chu Zheng: "..." This is a lie, a group of superficial people.

This Su Jiu...she couldn't say how she felt, anyway, she thought he was acting like this.

The villagers arranged a room for them. The photography team will call it a day after shooting here and will not come until early tomorrow morning.

Chu Zheng didn't ask for a place to sleep, so he just cleaned up and went to bed.

He has a heroic demeanor of ‘if you come, you will be safe.’


Someone knocked on Chu Zheng’s door; the sound was very subtle. Chu Zheng pretends she didn’t hear.

She covered her ears with the quilt and didn't intend to bother.

But the people outside kept knocking.

The knocking made her upset.


Go out to kill it!

Chu Zheng got out of bed and opened the door.

The boy stood outside holding a pillow, and the moonlight fell on him, dragging his shadow long and thin, a bit pitiful for no reason.

"What are you doing?" Chu Zheng's voice seemed to be frozen, chilling.

"I...I'm a little scared." Su Jiu whispered.

"Oh." You are afraid of my shit! Chu Zheng closed the door blankly and warned fiercely: "Don't knock on my door again."

Su Jiu was locked outside; he blinked and knocked again.


Something hit the door, making a dull noise.

Then the girl's icy voice passed through the door panel and fell in his ears with the night breeze: "Knock on the door again, and I’ll kill you."

Su Jiu: "..."

Su Jiu stood outside the door for a while, but there was no sound inside.

Su Jiu hugged the pillow and returned to his room. He turned off the light, curled up on the bed, and looked at the void with his pillow.

Is she really not doing this for herself?

So why did she flatter herself?

Su Jiu tightened his arms holding the pillow. He was a little impulsive today. If she let him in today, what would he face?


The next day.

When Su Jiu got up, the sky was still hazy outside. He stood on the balcony and looked down. Someone was sitting in the yard in the misty fog.

There was a program staff member next to her, talking to her.

Su Jiu was lying on the balcony thinking wildly, what kind of person is she?

When the staff member left, the girl underneath suddenly looked up on the balcony, and Su Jiu squatted down.

Only after squatting did he react. Why did he hide?

Su Jiu got up cautiously and looked down. There was no one in the yard.

After the sun came out, the photographers came and brought today's task on the way.

They need to find enough supplies in this village to survive on the mountain two days later.

These materials are all in the village, and by helping the villagers work or playing games, they can obtain them.

Xie Zhou and Liu Manman were the first groups to arrive. They got a clue and got a piece of equipment first.

The rest of the teams also won.

Only Chu Zheng sat in the yard and didn't even move at all.

"Aren't we acting?" Su Jiu stood by and asked her in a low voice.

"Trouble." What's all the fuss about being able to spend the night without her equipped.

"But without the equipment, what shall we do for the following recording? I heard that the mountain is icy, and I will get sick."

Chu Zheng glanced at him, Su Jiu immediately showed a perfect smile, and the words ‘I’m Good’ seemed to show through his beautiful pupils.

"Then you go find it." Chu Zheng spits out four words coldly.

Photographer: "..."

How could this group be so terrible? Look at the group of the other actor Xie, perfect CP feeling! There are things to watch everywhere, this group...

Su jiu didn't know how to describe it. His mood felt complicated.