Chapter 42

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Then there is the last car left.

Everyone is curious about who the last one is.

The car came in slowly, and when it stopped, the driver got out of the car and opened the door.

The teenager got out of the car, and the people present seemed to quiet down instantly.

The boy in white is like an angel falling into the world, surrounded by shining light, making people unable to move their eyes.

If Xie Zhou is a male god of abstinence, then this boy in white clothes will be liked by everyone and can easily arouse people's desire for protection.

A photographer was shooting at Su Jiu, and when he finished shooting, Su Jiu glanced at the crowd.

The girl was sitting outside the crowd that I saw at a glance.

He blinked, and she came too...

By the way, she is also an artist.

"Do you think he is a bit familiar?"

"I also feel familiar, but I can't remember where I have seen it."

"So pretty! I want to hug him."

The word "beautiful" is not a good word for a man, but they cannot find a better word to describe this teenager.

"He is the male protagonist of the previous youth drama." Someone has found his name and found it out.

"Su Jiu?" Everyone leaned together to watch.

"He is Su Jiu..."

"It looks better than before, eh? Didn’t I hear that the snow hid him?" Since the youth drama went viral, there has been no news again. This is obviously ‘hidden by the snow.’

"Xing Yao is also an idiot, such a good seedling, he is so cute and kicked by a pig. So cute..."

Su Jiu's ears fell in the faint discussion, and he swept across the crowd with a particularly meek and well-behaved expression.

The director called everyone over, said a few opening remarks, and then moved on to the topic.

"Everyone is here. In this issue, we will divide into two groups, and everyone is free to form teams."

There are a total of eight artists present, four men and four women.

In addition to Chu Zheng and Liu Manman, there is also Feng Jiao, who is sweet-looking and squeamish, and the other is Wei Jun, who walks in the style of Yujie.

In the boy’s group, Su Jiu and Xie Zhou, Liu Yuxing, a little angry with the book, ended up a little careless, Du Ming, the sunshine boy.

Feng Jiao looked at Su Jiu first and sent out an invitation: "Su Jiu, can you go with me?"

Su Jiu glanced at her blankly, and then Yu Guang swept towards Chu Zheng, who looked at him carelessly.

The two collided the eyes in this way, Su Jiu's heart shook, and he looked away in a panic.

"I haven't participated in this kind of show. Will I hold you back?" Su Jiu looked embarrassed.

"It's okay; I’ll take you." Feng Jiao said with a smile: "I have been watching this show."

Su Jiu: "..."

He didn't want to group with her.

Chu Zheng walked to the director's side, took the grouping sign, and handed it to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu: "..."

Feng Jiao: "..."

Feng Jiao frowned and looked at Chu Zheng, pursing her mouth in dissatisfaction: "Hey, what are you doing? Didn't you see that Su Jiu and I are going to team up?"

"He promised you?"

"... Am I still talking to him? What do you mean?"

Chu Zheng ignored her and handed the sign to Su Jiu again.

Su Jiu looked at Feng Jiao and smiled apologetically: "Um... I'll be with her."

The people involved have said so, and they can't refuse the teenager's smile at all. What can Feng Jiao do?

Feng Jiao glared at Chu Zheng and walked away angrily, forming a team with Liu Yuxing.

Liu Manman was naturally with Xie Zhou.

In the end, only Du Ming and Wei Jun remained.

Form a team, and each team gets in their own car and heads to the destination.

But it's not just going directly; there are tasks.

The director held four cards: "You have four routes to choose from. The team that arrives first will get a reminder of tomorrow's mission. The routes are all the same, but we are not sure about the road conditions. It depends on your luck. Which one."

The director motioned everyone to draw cards.

Su Jiu glanced at Chu Zheng, and Chu Zheng motioned him to draw.

Su Jiu went up to draw the card, Route 3.


The program team gave them the route map of Route 3, and they need to drive by themselves to reach their destination.

As for who drives...

Chu Zheng was already in the co-pilot, and Su Jiu could only drive himself.

There were filming all the way, and Su Jiu didn't dare talk to Chu Zheng too much, so the two didn't communicate almost the whole time.

The people in the program group are a bit anxious. Can they get ratings for their boring gourd team?

The photographer couldn't help reminding Chu Zheng and Su Jiu to interact.

Chu Zheng glanced at the photographer, turned over, looked out the window, and closed her eyes.

Photographer: "..."

Su Jiu smiled at the camera and drove according to the route seriously.

It may be that he was lucky, and the journey was unimpeded.

The car stopped suddenly after driving for nearly half an hour.

"What's wrong?" Chu Zheng opened his eyes.

"No oil." Su Jiu said.

The program group should have done this; it is impossible to let us arrive so easily.

Chu Zheng felt that the son of a bitch was making fun of her.

"What should I do now?" Su Jiu asked Chu Zheng. His eyes were exceptionally pure and harmless, like a soft white rabbit.

Chu Zheng put a four-character label on him-pretending to be.

When Chu Zheng got off the bus, Su Jiu and the photographer also hurried down. There were high-rise buildings nearby, and there was no place to refuel.

They will not use the car from the show crew.

【 Main task: Please spend 10 million within half an hour. 】

Chu Zheng: "..." The bastard with a lot of money came to give money.

There are no special rules for money in this program group.

Chu Zheng looked around, found a huge sign, and went over there.

The photography team immediately followed. Such a large group of people is naturally eye-catching, and passers-by often look back and see.

Chu Zheng walked into the 4S shop calmly, and the salesperson inside almost didn't dare to step forward seeing such a big battle.

"Ten million, one car, can drive away now." Chu Zheng expresses her needs concisely and comprehensively.

"Huh?" The salesman's gaze still stayed on the show team behind.

What is this for?

"Buy a car."

The salesman unconsciously said that sentence, and Chu Zheng took it indifferently.

Not only the salesperson was shocked, but the program group behind was also shocked.

The car ran out of gas. It was the script they set up. The original intention was to let the artist reach the destination through other means.

The other three groups will have the same situation, so there is something to watch, and it is difficult.

Who knows that this one went directly to the 4S shop to buy a car.

This operation... they have done so many periods, and they haven't seen it.

Su Jiu pulled Chu Zheng's sleeve: "We don't need to buy a car, we can use other transportation methods."

Chu Zheng was expressionless: "Trouble." This money needs to go! Am I willing!?

Su Jiu: "...".

Photography group: "..." Haha, which little princess came out to play with tickets!!