Chapter 41

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[Su Jiu: Thank you.]

Chu Zheng saw those two words and went back without expression.

【 …… 】I don't know what it's like for Su Jiu to receive these three words. Anyway, it doesn't feel very good.

We should comfort others and talk for a while; then we will be familiar with each other? Isn't the good person card coming soon?

You're welcome? Even if people want to talk to you, they don't know what to say, OK?

Are you serious?

Are you serious?!

How can xiao jiejie do such a crazy thing!!

This xiao jiejie is not human. It's terrible!

The system is so tired. He wants to change his xiao jiejie. He wants to talk to the system next door. Why is there such a xiao jiejie?

It needs the xiao jiejie of the healing department next door!


Chu Zheng stayed at home for a while, and the crew entered the special effects editing stage. When it came to publicity, Chu Zheng was invited to attend, but Chu Zheng refused mercilessly.

She's not going to publicize such a troublesome thing.

There's nothing the crew can do about her. Fortunately, it's just the second lead, not the first.

For the sake of effect, the crew can only keep the two girls in suspense.

【 Main Task: Please enter the star challenge reality show in three days. 】

Chu Zheng “……” oh wonderful, it's going to cost money again.

Star challenge is a top-rated reality show that mainly tests stars’ adaptability, such as wild mountains and a harsh environment.

It is called a star torture show by netizens.

This program basically won't cheat, and because of it being honest, the audience rating is very high. Even if some stars don't want to participate, they have to bite their teeth in the face of ratings.

So this program, you don't want to be able to get on.

Chu Zheng contacted the program team, who said they were not short of money.

Chu Zheng “……”

【 xiao jiejie, you didn't spend enough money. You said you sponsored the next two seasons】Wangzhe gives advice to Chu Zheng.

Chu Zheng: "..."

Chu Zheng told the program team so, the program team only hesitated for a while and quickly agreed.

Chu Zheng: “……” Not at all reserved! Such little money, and they were bought off! There is no promise!

【xiao jiejie, I told you that you could do whatever you want with money. 】Wangzhe spoke smugly.

Wangzhe teaches you to be a man!


Chu Zheng blocked Wangzhe.

It's so noisy.

If you have money, you can't do it!

She's right!


The "Star Challenge" program group is still in the stage of star selection, and the schedule for "Huang Fei Qingcheng" has been set when Chu Zheng is notified of the shooting time.

Chu Zheng drove to the place where the program group assembled.

Each issue of this reality show invites eight artists, and the grouping depends on the environment of that issue.

When Chu Zheng arrived, two or three artists had already come.

"Another one."

"Who? Who is it?" Someone craned their necks curiously. They didn't know who would participate before the filming started.

The star appearance is also to be recorded on the show. Chu Zheng's car stopped, and the videographer carried the machine around.

The door was pushed open, and the girl in light-colored casual clothes got out of the car and slammed the door neatly. The action seemed to have its own special effects and was handsome.

"I do not know……"

"do you know?"

"I don't know..." The three artists present said they didn't know each other: "Are you a newcomer? They look pretty good."

The program group sometimes invites newcomers. After all, they are familiar faces. Everyone will suffer from aesthetic fatigue, and occasionally a newcomer appears, whether it is controversial or other, it will stimulate the audience.

Following the guide, Chu Zheng walked to the table and took her own file bag.

After the photographer left, someone came forward to introduce her.

However, even if they greeted each other, they still didn't know each other.

The three artists present are all somewhat famous. Chu zheng has never seen them before, but since she has heard of their names. She said hello simply.

The three found that Chu Zheng didn't mean to have a friendship, so they stopped talking to her and went to the other side to chat.

"Who is that? How big is the shelf? " One of the artists was a little dissatisfied.

At least they are the predecessors. When new people see the predecessors, they don't have to be close. But, shouldn’t they have some respect?

"I asked the director just now. I heard that means the sponsorship crammed in."

"real or fake?"

"The director didn't say it clearly; it probably means that." The artist said: "Although the content of this show is fair, this person chosen….."

The three exchanged glances to show that they understood.

The money of the program group did not fall from the sky.

A few more artists came after them, and they soon became a group after they met.

However, it can be seen that there is apparent grouping behavior.

Chu Zheng sat under a separate awning, propped her chin, and watched the group of people making noise with indifference.

There was a car coming in in the distance, Chu Zheng raised her eyes to look, but she didn't expect to see the familiar Liu Manman.

Liu Manman probably didn't expect Chu Zheng to be here, her expression was slightly embarrassed, but she adjusted quickly.

Isn't it just Gu Chu Zheng?

What’s to be afraid of!?

"Why is it another unknown?"

"Are there many newcomers in this issue?"

Some artists complained that they had a hard time coming in, but the new people in this issue just came one by one.

Liu Manman ignored Chu Zheng and sweet-talked the other artists to make them happy, so Liu Manman reduced the number of people talking about her.

The last two artists arrived at the same time.

The front door opened, and a man wearing a suit and leather shoes got out of the car. The sun shone on him like a prince walking out of an ancient castle with an elegantly noble temperament.

"Wow! It's the actor Xie Zhou!!"

The female artist exclaimed directly.

Chu Zheng understood why Liu Manman appeared here, Xie Zhou- Liu Manman's gold master.

Xie Zhou is handsome and has excellent acting skills. Every work he participates in is a classic.

But there are many girlfriends; he changes girlfriends like changing clothes, but they are still the dream lovers in countless people’s eyes.

And Xie Zhou is not only an artist, but there's also a massive family behind him. Liu Manman's current entertainment company should be Xie Zhou's Huangfei Entertainment.

Liu Manman looked at Xie Zhou's eyes, tenderly as if there was a little secret pride in the water.

However, Xie Zhou did not care about her in public.

"I didn't expect to be able to participate in the show with Actor Xie this time, so happy."

"Hey, I said to you, at any rate, we are also handsome; how can you only have Xie Yingdi in your eyes?" The male artists complained jokingly.

Xie Zhou stood too high, and naturally, it was impossible to get along with this group of people, just greeted slightly.

However, his attitude has won a circle of people's favor.

Chu Zheng was a little unconvinced.

Why is she indifferent and impolite?

But he’s handsome?



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