Chapter 40

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The acquisition of Xing Yao was not very smooth. After all, they were in a profitable state. After Chu Zheng's money went down several times, the other party agreed.

The team responsible for the acquisition was shocked all over.

This is the prodigal son of a big family!

How long will it take to earn so much money? Are you crazy!?

Of course, this is their employer. They dare not say it publicly and can only make complaints secretly.

And Pei Yu was also slightly shocked. Before he vowed to say that he was not Xing Yao's agent, he turned around and entered Xing Yao...


You never know what will happen in the next second.

In the later period, Huang Fei Qingcheng took location shots, and Chu Zheng left with the team for nearly two months.

The crew came back after finishing with Chu Zheng.


Chu Zheng shook her hand and looked sideways to the men's bathroom beside her.

Today, as an investor and the second female lead, she must attend the final banquet.

Chu Zheng wiped her hands, and the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, Su Jiu was calling.

Chu Zheng answered the phone, and there was a strange noise at the end of the phone, followed by a man's malicious voice.

Chu Zheng went to the men's bathroom and made sure that the sound coming from the phone was the same as that coming from inside.

 xiao jiejie, it will be all over if you don't go in! What are you thinking about!? Hurry up!!】Wangzhe said anxiously.

Chu Zheng: "..." You want me to save him? This is not my business!

Nonsense! Of course, it is you! You still need the good guy card!] For a good person card, you must work hard!

Chu Zheng: "..."

Why is it so annoying?

All weak chickens!

...] The little brother before the blackening must be weak! If you have the ability, do you still use blackening?! No experience!

Chu Zheng put the phone back in her pocket and went into the men's bathroom.

There was no one in the bathroom, and there was the sound of kicking in one of the compartments inside. She walked to that compartment and pulled it; she couldn’t open it.

Chu Zheng took a step back.

Take a deep breath and kick!


The door was kicked open, and it hit the person standing inside the room. A pretty good-looking guy came in and glared at them resentfully.

When he saw a little girl standing outside, he was taken aback.

At this time, Chu Zheng stepped forward again, kicked him away, and dragged Su Jiu out. Su Jiu held a sharp knife from somewhere in his hand and almost stabbed Chu Zheng.

He shuddered in fright, and the knife fell to the ground.

"Who are you!" The man got up: "Be less f***ing meddlesome of other people’s business."

Chu Zheng bent over to pick up the knife and went to the man's side. The man stepped back in fright.

"What do you want to do?"

The man fell on the toilet, and the expressionless girl raised the knife and pierced it between his legs. The man split his legs in fright.

The knife is stuck right on the toilet lid.

Chu Zheng raised her eyes to meet the man's horrified gaze: "If you can't manage your third leg, I will help you next time."

The man didn't dare to breathe; the aura exuding from this woman was too scary.

"Take it off."

the man:"???"

I don't know if he was scared, but the man didn't move.

Chu Zheng drew out the knife and pierced it again, with a colder tone than before: "Take it off."

"Ta-ta-, I'm taking it..."


Chu Zheng left the bathroom with Su Jiu, threw all the man's clothes and mobile phone into the trash can. She washed her hands and turned to look at Su Jiu.

Su Jiu's face was a little pale, and he stood beside her clutching his clothes.

"Where is Pei Yu?"

Su Jiu heard the sound, with eyes like a lost deer, looking at Chu Zheng.

Su Jiu didn't answer, Chu Zheng dialed Pei Yu's phone, and Pei Yu hurried over.

"Ms. Gu? What happened?" Pei Yu looked at Su Jiu: "Su Jiu?"

Weren’t you in the bathroom? Why did you meet the boss? Why is there something wrong with this situation?

"Why do you bring him here?" Chu Zheng asked.

"...Participate in a wine bureau." Pei Yu was completely confused.

"He doesn't need to participate in this." Chu Zheng said: "Send him back, and the person inside will take care of it."

Pei Yu looked to the bathroom and seemed to understand something.

"Ms. Gu, it's me who has a dereliction of duty." He didn't think there would be a big problem just in the bathroom.

In the past two months, he brought Su Jiu and had to admit that he was astute and very suitable for acting, but that face was too eye-catching.

Whether it's a woman or a man...

If he does not have a strong background, he will not be able to mix in this circle, and the worst outcome is to become kept by someone else.

"No next time." Every time she was asked to come to the rescue, it was annoying.

"No next time, no next time." The boss has spoken, and he would not dare to take him to this kind of activity in the future.

It wasn't until Chu Zheng left that Pei Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Don't know which big family this little big boss came from...

"Su Jiu, are you okay?" Pei Yu looked at Su Jiu.

Su Jiu shook his head in a daze and took Pei Yu's arm for a while: "The person behind you, is she?"

"Yes." Pei Yu said while flipping through the contact list: "Su Jiu, don't offend her, you know, in this circle, only she can support you now."

Pei Yu checked who was inside the bathroom and determined that it was not a major problem and quickly resolved it.

"Let's go; I’ll take you home first."

Su Jiu was sent back to the apartment by Pei Yu.

Su Jiu no longer remembered what Pei Yu said to him, and the apartment gradually became quiet.

——Now only she can support you.

Su Jiu kept repeating this sentence in his mind.

She was different from the people before; she looked at his eyes like looking at an object, without the slightest desire, cold.

But she has no desire for him, so why would she...

Su Jiu looked down at the phone; the screen was bright and dark, dark and bright.

After a long time, he opened the call log, and the last call was broadcast...

At that time, the man suddenly came in, and he couldn't take out the phone in his pocket. He just tried to press the phone, but he didn't expect to dial out.

So she came here to save him?

No, how could she be there so coincidentally?

It's not Su Jiu's conspiracy theory, but he has experienced so much that he dare not believe people casually.

Su Jiu called Pei Yu.

"Brother Yu, can I ask, why does Ms. Gu... appear there today?"

"Oh, Ms. Gu's drama is over, and she happens to be there for the finale banquet; what’s wrong?"

"No, nothing." Is it just a coincidence?

"That's OK. You have a good rest; tomorrow, I will arrange a bodyguard for you, it won't happen again."

Pei Yu told him a few words and hung up the phone.

Su Jiu poured on the bed, staring at the crystal lamp, holding the phone and putting it down, putting it down and raising it.

He tapped Chu Zheng's text message interface on the screen and typed a few words slowly.

Then it was quickly deleted.

Typing again...




After repeating it several times, Su Jiu only sent two words in the end.