Chapter 39

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Gao Xueyun was hospitalized. Although her injuries were not serious, she could not leave the hospital for a while.

As the person involved, Chu Zheng was called to record a statement, but she did nothing. Even if she had acted on Gao Xueyun before, it was just a legitimate defense.

Gao Xueyun drove the car by herself, and she also hit the telephone herself; no one forced her to do any of it.

If the telephone pole falls, it can only be regarded as an accident.

Gao Xueyun had no reason at all to let people blame Chu Zheng, so she could only admit it herself.


Gao Xueyun vented in the ward, and the life assistant next to her did not dare to breathe.

"Go check it out for me; who is that bitch!!" Gao Xueyun yelled to the life assistant.

The life assistant replied only in agreement and took the opportunity to leave the ward.

Because the police had already recorded the confession and left the information, the life assistant quickly found Chu Zheng’s information.

Gao Xueyun flipped through the information and sneered again and again.

"A man running outside the 18th lane dare to fight against me." And Su Jiu, that person was touched by her.

She will never let her go!

Gu Chu Zheng!

Wait for me!

" hurts, brings me the doctor, call the doctor!!"

The life assistant ran out in cold sweat, calling the doctor to share Gao Xueyun's anger.


The other side.

"Hello, are you Mr. Su Jiu?"

Su Jiu looked at the man in suit and leather shoes, wearing gold glasses, somewhat inexplicable, but he nodded obediently, "Yes."

"Hello, this is Pei Yu, and I will be your agent from today."

Su Jiu was taken aback first: "Agent? Has the company changed my agent?"

Pei Yu's name is a bit familiar... Su Jiu thought about it but didn't remember it.

Pei Yu pushed his glasses: "I am not an agent of Xing Yao Entertainment."

Su Jiu was even more confused, frowned after a moment, and asked vigilantly: "Then you are?"

Pei Yu smiled politely: "Mr. Su doesn't plan to invite me in to talk?"

Su Jiu hesitated and had to step aside: "Please come in."

Pei Yu looked at the room and felt slightly confused. He had never brought such a downcast artist.

"I have seen Mr. Su's work. It is very agile and has good acting skills. If it weren't for Xing Yao to hide you in the snow, you would have been popular all over the country."

Pei Yu chose a place to sit down.

Su Jiu poured water for him, and when he heard the words, he smiled helplessly: "I am such a powerless person, what can I do."

Pei Yu did not deny it.

This is just how things are in the entertainment industry.

"I have a question; I want to ask Mr. Su."

Su Jiu nodded.

"Why do you want to enter the entertainment industry?"

Su Jiu's eyelashes trembled lightly, and he met Pei Yu's gaze and slowly said, "I like acting."

This is his dream.


Dreams can't match reality.

Pei Yu seemed quite satisfied with the answer and stretched out his hand: "Happy cooperation."

Su Jiu didn't move: "Mr. Pei, I'm Xing Yao's artist." His contract is still several years away, and when the contract is over, there will be no chance to stand up.

"I have asked the lawyer to go to Xing Yao to talk about the termination of the contract." Pei Yu retracted his hand indifferently: "You don't need to worry about these things. There will be a professional team to serve you."


How could such a good thing suddenly fall on him?

"You are worth the price." Pei Yu said: "You only need to make a choice now. Follow me. I will make you popular all over the country. Reject me; then I will assume that I haven't been here today."

Su Jiu's hand in front of him was slightly clenched.

"You have sent a lawyer to Xing Yao. Are you sure I won't refuse?"

Pei Yu smiled quietly, like an old fox holding a winning ticket.

Su Jiu took a deep breath; he couldn't refuse such an opportunity.

Pei Yu pushed a contract over in due course: "This is a contract, and the above treaty can be changed if you are not satisfied."

Su Jiu quickly glanced at the contract, and every part favored him. Such a deal would never appear in this circle.

"Mr. Pei, can I ask, who...sent you?"

"Mr. Su, you will know this question naturally when you see my boss."

Su Jiu's heart sank: "If I sign this contract. Will your boss make me do something I don't want?"

Pei Yu promised: "No, Mr. Su can rest assured."

Su Jiu squeezed the contract; his heart tangled, this opportunity before him...

He decided to take a gamble. If he loses, he just jumps from Xing Yao to another pit. If he wins...

Su Jiu signed his name.

Pei Yu stretched out his hand again: "Happy cooperation."

"I’ll have to trouble Mr. Pei from now on."

"Just call me Brother Yu. Here is your next itinerary. You can check it out first. You can move into the new apartment in two days. You can pack up the things you need, and then I will have someone help you move over."

Su Jiu: "..."

This is definitely planned for a long time.


Chu Zheng is not in a hurry to film, because of her investment, the crew has added many things, and the requirements have been much higher.

Liu Manman was too quiet for these two days, and no one saw her after filming.

Don't bother Chu Zheng, and Chu Zheng won’t bother to trouble you.

【 Main task: Please acquire a company within ten days. 】

Chu Zheng: "..."

Spend money to buy it?

【 Yes, spend money, the more, the better, we are not wrong! Come on, xiao jiejie! 】

Chu Zheng: "..."

It is easy to acquire a company, and Chu Zheng decided to find a team to serve her first; it would save her trouble.

It was already three days after Chu Zheng found a capable team.

At this time, Pei Yu called Chu Zheng.

"Miss Gu, Xing Yao has offered a sky-high price in liquidated damages, and there is still a contract in their hands. I suspect that they forged the contract, but I have no evidence."

"How much is it?"

"80 million yuan."

Eighty million yuan liquidated damages...There are even higher prices in the entertainment industry, but for an artist hidden by the snow, outside the 18th line, and has no enthusiasm, it is a sky-high price.

Chu Zheng asked coldly: "It’s Xing Yao?"

"Yes..." Why is there something wrong with this tone?

Chu Zheng hung up the phone, turned around, and said to the team she had just found: "Acquire Xing Yao Entertainment."

Team leader:"……"

No, boss, didn’t we just talk about Xing Yao?

A Star Entertainment, which is developing well, how to acquire it?

【 xiao jiejie, we can spend money, we have money. 】Wangzhe said weakly.

"Troublesome." One step is better.

【 ... 】Wangzhe dare not say anything. It’s afraid that xiao jiejie will repeat something like ‘it would be easier just to kill them.’

"It would be better just to kill them."

【 … 】It knows! It knows! It knows!

What's so bad about spending money!?

You can do whatever you want with money, xiao jiejie!

I want to exchange to that system next door’s young lady. I heard that the young lady is gentle and kind, and she is very good at spending money.

It also wants to have such a young lady.