Chapter 50

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After Su Jiu was discharged from the hospital, he started a new shooting. Although he has no new works now, his popularity has not diminished.

"Su Jiu, want some water?" The young and beautiful actress handed him the drink with a smile.

Su Jiu answered with a good face: "Thank you."

The actress immediately smiled brighter: "It's okay, no thanks needed."

"Brother Yu called me, I'll go there first." Su Jiu found an excuse to leave.

"Eh, Su Jiu..."

Su Jiu quickly left the actress's sight and threw the water bottle in the trash when no one could see.

"Su Jiu, what are you doing here?" Pei Yu came over to find someone: “Miss Gu is waiting for you outside, let's go out."

"Miss Gu?" Su Jiu was stunned: "I have a show later..."

"It's okay, I told the crew, let’s go."


Su Jiu changed his clothes and left the crew. He stood at the door and looked around. There were many cars parked outside. The car in his memory was not...

Su Jiu was about to ask Pei Yu which car it was when a car pulled over in front of him.

The car window rolled down, revealing the girl's cold eyebrows.

"Get in."

Su Jiu got into the car and asked happily, "Miss Gu, is there anything you need from me?"

Chu Zheng's eyes strayed to his soft hair for a few seconds, she wanted to touch!

"President Gu?" Su Jiu tilted his head in confusion.

Chu Zheng calmly looked away and drew out an invitation card for him. Su Jiu opened it, looking at the contents. It was an invitation card from the auction... Does she want him to go?

Obviously Chu Zheng didn't come to ask for his opinion, as the auction is happening today, in less than two hours from now.

"You should have something to drink."

Su Jiu subconsciously took what Chu Zheng handed over, holding the cup of milk tea in both hands.

He felt the warmth of the milk tea spread through his palms. When the weather is cold, warm milk tea is just right.

The car started and shuttled on the road. He looked at the passing cars outside, leaned on the seat, and slowly relaxed his body.

Su Jiu observed Chu Zheng from his peripheral vision. She was actually very good-looking, just a bit cold, but the Internet has changed from calling her a goddess to President Gu...

Chu Zheng turned sideways, the two of them made eye contact, Su Jiu lowered his head in a panic, and subconsciously took a sip of milk tea.

The aroma of the milk tea diffused in his mouth, and it was too late for Su Jiu to spit it out. He paused for a few seconds before swallowing the milk tea.

"You don't need to drink it if you don't like it." Chu Zheng saw that Su Jiu was reluctant.

Su Jiu's body was slightly stiff, and he pulled out a smile: "I don’t... not like it."

Since that incident, he has not dared to drink anything other people give casually.

Chu Zheng remained silent, focusing on the road. Su Jiu bit his straw and slowly drank the milk tea.

Chu Zheng parked the car in front of a store, Su Jiu looked outside, but did not dare to say anything.

"Get off." Chu Zheng gave him a mask.

Su Jiu put on the mask and opened the car door. He headed around the car to Chu Zheng’s side, he slipped while walking up the steps.

Chu Zheng was standing right beside him so when Su Jiu began to fall, she supported him: "Be careful."

Su Jiu's face blushed and turned away: "I'm sorry."

Chu Zheng brought Su Jiu into the store, but just after they entered, a person came out from the corner.

By the time Chu Zheng and Su Jiu left the store, news on the Internet was already flying.



What was photographed happened to be when Chu Zheng supported Su Jiu. From the perspective of the photo, the posture of the two seemed more intimate.

[ Yue Zhong Xun Gui: Su is adorable, small and cute hahahaha! ]

[ Shi Nian Jian: Is President Gu really with Su Jiu? ]

 [ Shui Liu Wu Xian: I think they have a high sense of CP, the president Gao Leng and the cute and adorable, so cute! ]

[ Hua Kai Dan Mo Hen: No, don’t you think this gender is wrong? ]

 [ Su Ke Ai Zui Bangi : Bah! Don't talk nonsense, how can we Su lovely fall in love with someone! Absolutely impossible! This is hype! Definitely hype! ]

[ Liu Songhua: Support Gu Zheng and Su Jiu together! ]

 [ Zheng Jie Wei Wu: I don’t agree, Sister Zheng belongs to all of us! ]

Su Jiu received a message from someone in the crew and looked up the news, his face flushed slightly.

These comments are good and bad. The good ones can't wait for them to get married right away, and the bad ones can't wait to pour some dirty water on them.

"Miss Gu..." Su Jiu called out, "We were secretly photographed just now..."

"Hmm." Isn't it normal to be photographed? What's all the fuss about?

Su Jiu: "..."

By coincidence, Pei Yu's call came, and Su Jiu immediately answered.

When Pei Yu asked him what was going on over the phone, Su Jiu could only answer honestly. Pei Yu hung up the phone and turned to call Chu Zheng again.

"President Gu, how do you want to handle this? Do you need me to clarify it immediately?"

Those rumors before were rumors, but now two people have been photographed...

Su Jiu couldn't hear what Pei Yu said, and could only listen to Chu Zheng.

He didn't want to get involved with her, but it was impossible.

Everything he has now is given by her.

But if she clarified... Su Jiu raised his hand and touched his chest, feeling a little uncomfortable again.

Su Jiu was very contradictory at this time and didn't know what was wrong with him.

He seemed to be caught in a strange circle and couldn't get out of it.

"Su Jiu?"

"Su Jiu?"

Su Jiu recovered, facing Chu Zheng's indifferent gaze, he glanced around and found that the car had stopped.

What did she say to Pei Yu just now?

Su Jiu found out that he was distracted and didn't hear...

They finally arrived at the auction, and Chu Zheng entered with Su Jiu.

"Mr. Xie, long time no see, how are you doing?"

Chu Zheng looked over, Xie Zhou was with Liu Manman, and he was talking to a middle-aged man with a female companion.

Xie Zhou saw Chu Zheng before Liu Manman, and he raised his foot, walking towards Chu Zheng.

Following Xie Zhou's movements, Liu Manman saw Chu Zheng, her eyebrows wrinkled, and a bit of hatred appeared in her eyes.

Why is she here too?

"Mr. Xie, what do you think about what I said to you last time? Our company's prospects are still good, you see..."

The man looked like he was pleased. He saw Chu Zheng and Su Jiu standing at the door, not intending to move aside, so he took two steps forward, trying to push Su Jiu away with his hands to make room to walk by.

Before the man's hand touched Su Jiu, he was suddenly strangled, and the man gasped.

"What are you doing?" The man whispered, "Let go!"

"What are you doing?" Chu Zheng asked back.

The man glanced in Xie Zhou's direction, and quickly said, "Have you not seen Mr. Xie coming? What are you still standing here blocking the way?"

Xie Zhou has a status not only in the entertainment industry, but also in the entire business community. It is normal to make way for him.

"I didn't see him." Chu Zheng said seriously.


The man’s stomach ached with anger, then the man had other ideas. Was this woman doing this on purpose?

She want’s to get Mr. Xie's attention?

It must be so!

These days women can do anything for the sake of superiority.

But this woman seems a little familiar...

The exchange between Chu Zheng and the man happened in a flash, Xie Zhou said, "Miss Gu, let's go in together?"

The man was astonished, what is Miss Gu?

"Unfamiliar, don't want." Chu Zheng pulled Su Jiu away.