Chapter 51

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Xie Zhou looked deeply at Chu Zheng's back.

The man is stunned, what's the origin of this woman?

Xie Zhou actually called her Ms. Gu?

Which President Gu?

Why doesn't he know?

Liu Manman’s thoughts were unclear, she lowered her head to block her expression with her bangs.

Only the clenched hands that hung on her side betrayed her inner restlessness.

Xie Zhou took her into the venue, and the man followed in an anxious manner, his head was full of Ms. Gu's voice from Xie Zhou.

After entering, the man saw the girl just in the forefront at a glance.

Sitting in the first row, this...

"did Xingyao Entertainment change its president?"

"I do not know……"

"I haven't heard any wind. Isn't that girl who is very popular in the entertainment industry recently... is called Gu Chu Zheng?"

"I know her, and I said that she was taken care of..."

"No, how did I hear that the Gao family framed her? I don't know why Gao Xueyun hates her."

"Can President Xingyao be taken care of by someone? What a joke, how big is this?"

The sound of the discussion in the surroundings fell in the ears of the man and Liu Manman, particularly harsh.

President...President of Star Entertainment...

The man wiped a cold sweat. Just now Xie Zhou called her Mr. Gu, that he knew...

"Mr Xie, is she really the president of Xingyao?" Liu Manman hugged Xie Zhou's arm, showing a curious look.


After getting the affirmative answer, Liu Manman's face was ugly.

How could she be the president of Xingyao? Could it be that she lied to herself for what she knew about her before?


The whispers did not affect Chu Zheng, as if everything that happened around her had nothing to do with her.

When the auction started, these voices only diminished.

I heard that there were a lot of good things in this auction. Chu Zheng flipped through the pamphlets she got when she entered the venue, and there were auction items on it.

But the last three items were all unknown.

So many people gathered here today, probably because of these three things.

Chu Zheng was not interested in these, and she wouldn't come if it weren't for the bastard's mission.

"If you see something you like, get it." Chuzheng threw the brand to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu: "..."

This scene is similar to the idol drama in the TV series.

But the problem is... he is a man!

Why doesn't she feel at all contrary to what she said?

Where did Su Jiu dare to hold a sign. Moreover, these things are external to him. He never entered the entertainment industry to make money.

Su Jiu lowered his head and turned the sign boredly.


Su Jiu heard Chu Zheng's voice suddenly, he was stunned and didn't move. The next second, someone held his wrist and the sign was raised.

Su Jiu looked on the stage, and it was a painting worth three million yuan... Does she like this?

Chu Zheng held up a placard, and Liu Manman followed suit.

At first there were people following, but gradually no one followed. Only Chu Zheng and Liu Manman were left, and the price soared.

Liu Manman came with Xie Zhou. She dared to do this, and Xie Zhou must have signaled.

There are actually quite a few women around Xie Zhou, and spending a lot of money on women is nothing new.

It's just that the newly appointed president of Xingyao Entertainment... is also so rich?

"Nine million!" Liu Manman's voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Zheng looked towards Liu Manman, Liu Manman curled the corner of her mouth provocatively.

"President Gu, nine million is not worthwhile..." Su Jiu reminded her.

The base price of this painting is only three million.

Chu Zheng held his hand and held up the card again: "Ten million."

There was an uproar in the field, this is the highest price so far.

Everyone looked at Liu Manman, but Liu Manman didn't mean to raise her placard anymore.

For a while, everyone sympathized with Chu Zheng. Is this a pitfall?

Su Jiu took Chu Zheng's hand and held it with both hands: "Ms Gu, Liu Manman deliberately arouses you..."

"I know." Should I send her something to thank her for being so helpful?

"You know how to pay..."



The people sitting around Chu Zheng were ashamed.

It's great to be rich!

Which person's daughter is this!!

Such a prodigal, do your grown-ups know that!

Su Jiu's eyes fell on his hand holding Chu Zheng, and he didn't pay attention just now. At this time, his fingers seemed to freeze.

The delicate and warm touch beneath his fingers made Su Jiu reluctant to let go.

He swallowed and took a look at Chu Zheng, who suddenly raised his other hand and rubbed his head twice.

Su Jiu's ears turned red suddenly, but fortunately the light was dim so it was hard to see.

After doing this, Su Jiu also forgot to let go of Chu Zheng's hand.

As long as Chu Zheng raises his placard, Liu Manman will definitely keep up, and finally give up after raising the price.

Chu Zheng received all the orders and thanked Liu Manman for being this prodigal.

Those who sit far away think that Chu Zheng is an easily agitated person, but those who sit close know the truth, she just has that much money.

【Congratulations to xiao jiejie for completing the task, the 50 million reward has been paid. 】The cheerful voice of Wangzhe sounded, 【 xiao jiejie is great!

Chu Zheng sneered back to Wangzhe.

【 … 】I praised you, why are you still upset! Why is she so hard to serve! Wangzhe holds himself tight, shivering.

Many people cheered up the last three mysterious auction items.

Xie Zhou obviously came for the last three auction items. Liu Manman had to look at him every time he raised a placard. She moved after Xie Zhou nodded.

The price of the last auction item has soared all the way, and has exceeded 20 million.

Several people didn't give up, and they all looked like they had to get it.

There are also many people who are concerned about Chu Zheng, wondering if the new president of Xingyao, who has a lot of money, will join in.

"Twenty-five million going once."

"Twenty-five million going twice."

"Thirty million." Su Jiu raised his placard, and his clear voice spread throughout the venue.

"32 million!" Liu Manman followed.

"Forty million." Su Jiu's voice was trembling, which was too ridiculous.


Others are increasing according to the lowest price, and she will directly increase the price by ten million...

Liu Manman gritted her teeth, intertwined with anger and resentment, and made her own claim: "Forty-two million."

Su Jiu looked at Chu Zheng hesitantly, and Chu Zheng motioned him to continue: "50 million!"

Xie Zhou pulled Liu Manman and wanted her to stop following, but Liu Manman quickly shouted out: "Sixty million."

After she screamed, she didn't plan to follow, because of the previous incident, she felt that Chu Zheng would definitely continue.

However, she waited for a long time, and there was no more movement on Chu Zheng's side.

Liu Manman panicked.

"Sixty million going once."

"Sixty million going twice."

"Sold for sixty million!"

Liu Manman's eyes widened slightly, her face paled, why didn't she continue? Didn't she continue it every time before?

"Mr. Xie...I..."

The showing of the last piece was finished, the host said a few words and began to leave. Xie Zhou got up and left with a blank face.

"Mr. Xie." Liu Manman anxiously caught up: "Listen to my explanation."

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