chapter 52

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She bumped into Xie Zhou backstage. Liu Manman followed him anxiously. She didn't dare to talk.

Liu Manman glimpses Chu Zheng coming, and hatred burns in her eyes. It's all this woman's falt!

"Gu Chu Zheng, you did it on purpose!" Liu Manman burst into tears and questioned Chu Zheng.


Wasn't she okay just now? Why did you cry suddenly!!

Do you need such dramatics in real life?

Chu Zheng calmly replied, "the one with the highest bid gets it. You have money."

You have money is like a needle in Liu Manman's heart. Where does she have money, all her money is Xie Zhou's.

sixty million!

Not six thousand! Not six million! But Sixty million!

"You just deliberately raised the price with me. Why did you hurt me so much!" She can't carry it on her own. She managed to find a man like Xie Zhou. How can she be destroyed by this woman.

Chu Zheng asked deadpan: "Did I?"

Liu Manman's face flushed with anger: "if you didn't mean to raise the price with me. Why did you bid so high?"

Chu Zheng: "I can't spend my money?"

Liu Manman choked, and even the silent Xie Zhou over there looked at Chu Zheng more.

If you have the money why can't you spend it... This reason is really irrefutable.

Liu Manman clenched her fist. If Xie Zhou hadn't been here, the anger at the bottom of her heart would have been unbearable.

Liu Manman stared at Chu Zheng, as if she could get justice for herself.

Chu Zheng bypassed her, Liu Manman moved to stop her. Chu Zheng raised her hand, Liu Manman didn't know what to think, she withdrew her hand, took a few steps back, and looked at her with a pale face.

Chu Zheng's finger fell on the broken hair in front of her forehead and pulled it twice.

Liu Man Man's hands began to sweat, at that moment, she felt a bone-chilling coldness.

"Thanks..." Xie Zhou didn't wait for Liu Manman. Liu Manman didn't think about what just happened. She stumbled after Xie Zhou and left.

Chu Zheng went through the formalities, handed in the money and returned to the car with something.

"Give you."

Chu Zheng gave everything to Su Jiu.

Holding tens of millions, Su Jiu: "..."

"These things are too valuable." Su Jiu returned to Chu Zheng: "I can't have it."

These things are so valuable. What will she do to him after he takes them? Absolutely not!

"Throw it away." It's to much trouble for her to take it back.

Su Jiu: "..."

Chu Zheng didn't seem to be joking. Su Jiu didn't dare to throw it away. He held the pile of things motionless for fear that it would be damaged accidentally.

Until Chu Zheng sent him to the apartment, Su Jiu moved his stiff neck. He turned his head and said, "Ms. Gu."

Chu Zheng held the steering wheel: "huh?"

"What do you want from me?" Su Jiu looked at her directly.

Chu Zheng gave a sideways glance: "I want you to think I'm a good woman."

"..." why did she want him to think that? Su Jiu frowned: "why?"

Chu Zheng: "in order not to rewind and start again."

"What?" Su Jiu only saw Chu Zheng's lips move, but he didn't hear the sound.

【Warning: xiao jiejie can't say anything about you and the system. There will be punishment next time, xiao jiejie ~】

Wangzhe's tone seemed to expect her to make mistakes.

Chu Zheng held the steering wheel tightly, her eyes slightly narrowed, son of a bitch!

"Nothing." Chu Zheng's face remained unchanged: "go up."

Su Jiu looked out of the window. He suddenly leaned over, stroked Chu Zheng's cheek with his palm, and kissed her cool, soft lips.

Su Jiu's things crashed to the floor. He held Chu Zheng's wrist in one hand and half pressed her into the seat.

Chu Zheng's eyes looked at him calmly. At the moment when Su Jiu's tongue pointed out and swept her lips, Su Jiu's body fiercely moved back and was pinched by a pair of hands on his white neck.

Slightly disorderly and hot breathing hit the back of Chu Zheng's hand.

The two stood still.

After a while, Su Jiu raised his head and showed a clever smile on his face: "Ms. Gu, you hurt me."

Chu Zheng stared at him for a few seconds and slowly released him.

Su Jiu's neck was pressed with red marks. He touched his neck and pushed open the door: "good night, Ms. Gu."


Su Jiu froze, a wisp of dark aura flashed across his eyes, but smiled the moment he turned around. He was clever and gentle: "President Gu?"

"Take them away."

Su Jiu looked at the things scattered on the co pilot, turned back in silence and took them away.

He quickly returned to the apartment and opened the door with shaking hands, only after he entered and closed the door, did his hands stop with a slight sense of relief.

Su Jiu gasped with his back against the door, and the things in his hand fell to the ground, making a slight sound.

He slid slowly to the ground, his arms around his knees, his face buried in his arms, revealing only a pair of dark eyes.

In the living room, the window screens are flying, and the moonlight is cold and silent.

The clock hanging on the wall is ticking.

He could hear his irregular heartbeat, pounding... Every sound was so clear.

Su Jiu didn't know how long he had been sitting. It took him a long time to touch his mobile phone. The first sight in his address book was that man.

After pausing for a while, he slipped his fingers and found Pei Yu.

[Su Jiu: brother Yu, can I ask about President Gu's recent trip?]

[Pei Yu: what do you want this for?]

[Su Jiu: President Gu helped me a lot before. I want to thank her.]

[Pei Yu: President Gu's itinerary is not in the company's possession, and President Gu doesn't have an assistant... But I can ask for you.]

[Su Jiu: Thank you, brother Yu.]

Su Jiu turned off his cell phone, got up, picked up everything on the ground, took it all into the bedroom and put it away one by one.

"Gu Chu Zheng..." Su Jiu whispered. In the dark and cold environment, oozing some dark aura.


【Main task: please become an investor of shui yue jinghua within three days.】

Chu Zheng: "..."

This team was the one Liu Manman invested in, the same team that snatched away the position of the main lead.

Not long ago, the director of the play contacted her and wanted her to play the hostess. However, she didn't promise, and the other party called and declined.

Although there are some differences with the original owner's memory, it is roughly the same.

This play is a big production of the year. There is no lack of investment. In addition, Liu Manman brings funds into the group, there is no lack of money.

It's no use throwing away money!

Son of a bitch is messing with her again!

In three days, she has t0 become an investor?

How to force a crew that is not short of money to gain another investor? By fighting?

【xiao, xiao jiejie……】

Chu Zheng didn't want to communicate with Wangzhe and chose to ignore it.

Why is it so difficult to spend money!

Chu Zheng thought about it and found the investor of the play. As expected, it was the best choice to kill him!

Finally, it depends on force!

【Xiao jiejie, we are a serious system, we don't do this kind of thing, okay? We just need to peacefully squander the money away!!】

Why is she so violent!

Wangzhe is frantic!

It just wants to peacefully spend money!!