chapter 53

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"I'll be there in a minute and you'll have the documents ready." Chu Zheng came out of the elevator, someone blocking her path. She walked to the side, and the man moved to the same side.

Chu Zheng raised her eyes.

"Ms. Gu." Su Jiu gave a soft cry.

Chu Zheng looked behind him. He was alone.

"What are you doing here?"

Su Jiu put his hands behind his back, his body tilted slightly to Chu Zheng, and the corners of his mouth Rose: "wait for president Gu."

Chu Zheng's face was cold: "why are you waiting for me?"

Su Jiu tilted his head, and his soft hair fell to one side with his action: "Ms. Gu saved me before. I want to thank Ms. Gu. Can I invite Ms. Gu to dinner?"

"No time." Chu Zheng refused immediately.

"But doesn't Ms. Gu want me to think you are a good person? You won't eat with me. How can I think Ms. Gu is always a good person?"

When Chu Zheng looked at Su Jiu, Su Jie had a brighter smile, clear eyes and a very harmless appearance.

This weak chicken... Seems a little different. Is it refined again?

【 Xiao Jiejie, you can't miss this opportunity! The good person card beckons you!】 Wangzhe was very quick to encourage.

"Ms. Gu, is that ok?" Su Jiu asked again.

Chu Zheng nodded, "I have something to do now."

"I'm free today, so if it doesn't bother you, can I join Ms. Gu." Su Jiu immediately answered, "I can wait until you are done."

Chu Zheng thought about it and agreed with his suggestion.

Sitting in the car, Su Jiu glanced at Chu Zheng from time to time. She didn't seem to care about what happened that day.

It's like she doesn't care what's going on around here ......

When Chu Zheng went to work, Su Jiu waited in the car. Chu Zheng didn't come back for a while. Su Jiu wanted to get out of the car and found that the car was locked.

Su jiu: "..."

Su Jiu waited a little longer and took out his mobile phone to send a text message to Chu Zheng.

[Su Jiu: when will you be back?]

[Chu Zheng:?]

[Su Jiu: you locked the door. I... want to go to the bathroom.]

Su Jiu pursed his lips slightly and his cheeks were a little hot.

Chu Zheng didn't reply to him again. Su Jiu stared at his mobile phone. Just when he thought he would suffocate, the door clicked to unlock.

Chu Zheng opened the door and stood outside the car looking at him.

"Ms. Gu, I can't hold it anymore." Su Jiu's face was slightly red and his expression was particularly innocent.

So troublesome.

Want to kill him!

Chu Zheng takes a deep breath and gets out of the way. Su Jiu puts on his mask and gets off to find the public bathroom. When he comes back, he sees Chu Zheng leaning against the car and standing in place.

Many people gathered around her and seemed to recognize her. He could vaguely hear the screams of excitement.

But no one came forward, as if afraid of her aura.

Su Jiu came back and someone saw him immediately.

"Is that Su Jiu?"

"It should be... The same body shape and hair."

"So they're really dating?"

Su Jiu trots to Chu Zheng. Chu Zheng opens the door. He immediately gets into the car. Chu Zheng stops the car in a different place.

Chu Zheng was ready to leave. Su Jiu grabbed her: "can you not lock the door?"


When Chu Zheng got out of the car, Su Jiu heard the sound of the door locked. The corner of his mouth twitched and he looked at Chu Zheng's back through the window.


This time Chu Zheng came back quickly. Su Jiu showed her his mobile phone: "Ms. Gu, we're hot again."

Just now they were photographed. After a while, they hit the hot search.

Chu Zheng glanced coldly and then started the car without saying a word.

Su Jiu observed carefully for a while: "Ms. Gu, if you don't want them to talk nonsense, you can clarify."

"You're noisy."


Su Jiu pursed his lips and shut up, so she didn't intend to clarify?

"Where to eat?" After driving a long distance, Chu Zheng asked Su Jiu.

Su Jiu reported an address.

It is a very private store, Su Jiu has booked the location, from the underground garage, you can go directly to the floor booked.

When Su Jiu entered the room, he took off his mask and wanted to pull out the chair for Chu Zheng. On the contrary, Chu Zheng beat him to it. She pulled out the chair and sat down.

Su Jiu withdrew his hand and sat next to her. He deliberately moved his chair closer: "Ms. Gu, have you always been like this?"


"...." She's so unromantic. Su Jiu didn't dare to say this. He smiled and shook his head: "Nothing, it's good that Ms. Gu is like this."

If she becomes like those women outside...

Su Jiu thought he might not sit with her for dinner at this time.

When Su Jiu ordered, the waiter next to him kept staring at Chu Zheng, as if his eyes were shining.

Su Jiu's smile at the corner of his mouth was a little strained, and approached Chu Zheng in front of the waiter: "what do you want to eat?"


"You order one." Su Jiu pushed the menu over and looked at her expectantly.

Chu Zheng ordered one. Su Jiu seemed very happy and handed the menu to the waiter. The waiter reluctantly withdrew from the room.

Once out of the door, the waiter jumped up with the menu.

She saw the goddess! so happy!!

"Do you know who I saw just now?" The waiter ran all the way back, holding her colleagues to share.

The colleague was calm: "which star?"

Because of their high privacy and good dishes, there are not few stars, senior officials and rich people here. It's not surprising to see anyone.

"It's the goddess Chu Zheng!"

"Who?" Colleagues were surprised.

"goddess Chu Zheng! So enlightening!"

"Is she alone?"

"No..." the waiter shook her head: "with Su Jiu, Su Jiu is so cute. They are really dating!"

"How do you know?"

"I saw it." Then there is a picture of love, must be in communication!


After the dishes were served, Su Jiu opened red wine. He poured it and handed it to Chu Zheng: "Ms. Gu, I'll give you a toast. Thank you for saving me last time."

Chu Zheng's expression was serious: "you're welcome."

"..." Su Jiu opened his lips slightly and watched Chu Zheng finish drinking. He smiled and looked up to finish the glass of wine.

He continued to pour the wine: "thank you for taking care of me recently."


Su Jiu even drank three glasses of wine. Chu Zheng's face remained unchanged, like drinking water. Su Jiu's heart was complex and silently put down his glass.

He bit his chopsticks and watched Chu Zheng eat.

"Can I be full just from looking?"

Su Jiu exclaimed then answered obediently, "president Gu is a feast for the eyes."

Chu Zheng raised her brows. What does this weak chicken want to do? Don't tell me he wants to lay his hands on this little cutie?

Although he was docile and clever before, he was very vigilant in his bones, but today is very different.

Chu Zheng: "what do you want to do?"

Su Jiu tilted his head and had a clear voice: "Ms. Gu, I just want to thank you. I don't want to do anything."

Chu Zheng's eyes fell on the top of his hair and said faintly, "good."

Su Jiu: "what do you think I want to do?"

Chu Zheng: "I didn't think of anything." Even if I think about it, you think I'll tell this weak chicken?

Su Jiu: "..."

Su Jiu understood that it was difficult not only to communicate with her, but also to coax her words.