chapter 54

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After dinner Chu Zheng sent Su Jiu back, and when she arrived at the base of Su wine's apartment, she found that the outside of the apartment was full of reporters.

Circling around to the other side, the result was also reporters.

There are a lot of stars living inside this apartment, and these people don't know who they've come to block with such a big show.

But if Su Jiu went out, there is no way to muscle through.

Recently, he and Chu Zheng have been making a lot of noise. When reporters see him, it's just like a dog seeing meat.

Chu Zheng wanted to get off the bus and was grabbed by Su Jiu: "Ms. Gu, are you really going out like this?"

"or else? change my cloths?" Chu Zheng looked at her clothes. There was no problem.

Su Jiu: "......" That's even worse.

"Mr. Gu, there are reporters outside. These reporters are hard to get past." Su Jiu's eyelashes trembled: "we'd better wait."

Chu Zheng looked outside, this amount of people can be dealt with in a minute, what are you waiting for!

Su Jiu pulled the Chu Zheng and did not let go, an expression of pleading clear on his face.

Chu Zheng withdrew her hand on the car door, drew her arm back, crossed her arms in front of her body, and looked at the reporter's side with a faint expression.

Su Jiu propped up his chin, with a well-behaved and docile smile on his face, staring at Chu Zheng with unblinking eyes.

An hour later, the reporters were still squatting outside the apartment.

Two hours..

Three hours...

Su Jiu whispered, "Ms. Gu, I'm sure I can't get in today. Why don't you take me in?"

"Why?" Chu Zheng glanced at him.

Su Jiu was a little stunned. After a few seconds, he slowly replied, "isn't Ms. Gu my boss?"

"..." I'm your boss, not your mother! Why take you in!

Su Jiu blinked, his dark eyes as black as ink, as if there were stars sprinkled in them, shone clear: "if President Gu takes me in, maybe I will think 'Ms. Gu is a good person'."

Chu Zheng: "...."

Chu Zheng was silent for a minute and started the car to leave the apartment.

The corners of Su Jiu's mouth rose, lowering his head to delete a text message in the phone, the falling hair blocked the bottom of his eyes contained the trace of cunning.

Chu Zheng changed her residence. At this time, she lived in a villa area. The house was a little too big, but it was empty. It was like a newly decorated villa, which was cold and silent.

Like her.

"President Gu lives alone?"


"Doesn't president Gu feel lonely when it is so big?" Su Jiu is curious.



Chu Zheng asked Su Jiu to choose his own room and sleep wherever he wanted. Su Jiu pointed to a room that was different from other doors.

It was the master bedroom. Chu Zheng just nodded and entered the next room.

Su wine: "...."

Just leave him?

Su Jiu opened the door of the master bedroom and went in. There were a little more things in it. It seemed that someone had lived there.

Su Jiu looked at the room again. There was a script on the table. His fingers slid over the script, slowly raised his hands, put them on his chest, and gently pressed his fingertips down.


Chu Zheng went back to her room to discuss today's affairs with her acquisition team, and then washed and went to bed.


Hua Hua La——

Thunder and lightning cut through the night and lit up the room.

Chu Zheng rolled over and saw a figure standing in the room, she sat up with a start. Fuck your mother!

Just as she sat up, the figure that was there suddenly lunged over.

Chu Zheng subconsciously grabbed the other party's neck and pressed them against the bed.

"President....Gu?" A familiar voice came.


By the light of the lightning, Chu Zheng saw the person she was choking, pale face, eyes seemingly filled with fog.

This weak chicken again!

"What are you doing?" Why did you come to my room in the middle of the night? Do you want to scare me to death? How dare you return my kindness by taking you in like this!

Su Jiu pointed to his neck. Chu Zheng loosened her strength. Finally, she withdrew her hand and turned on the light.

Su Jiu hugged Chu Zheng, and his body seemed to tremble: "Ms. Gu, I'm afraid."

"Oh, I'm not afraid." It's just thunder. There's nothing to be afraid of.


Chu Zheng pulled her arm, but Su Jiu held it very tightly and wouldn't let go.

The thunder outside became louder and louder, and Su Jiu trembled more. Chu Zheng looked at the side of his face, pale and frightened, doesn't seem to be pretending.

Chu Zheng: "...."

Su Jiu's muffled voice sounded, "Ms. Gu, can I sleep with you?"


"... but I'm afraid."

Chu Zheng endured: "sleep on the ground."

Su Jiu didn't dare to advance any further. He nodded. Chu Zheng asked him to let go of her, spread a quilt on the ground and stuffed him in.

Su Jiu shrunk into a ball. Seeing that Chu Zheng was going to turn off the light, he immediately said, "President Gu, can you not turn off the light?"

Chu Zheng: "..." there are so many things.


The light in the room suddenly dimmed.

Chu Zheng looked out of the window. It was dark in the distance. She couldn't see any light. Is there a power outage?

With such a bad storm, the power outage is normal.

She didn't turn it off.

Chu Zheng was about to go to sleep when the person on the ground got up, went directly into her quilt and hugged her.

Chu Zheng: "..."

Can I kill him?

【 If xiao jiejie wants to rewind and start over, I have no problem with that ~】

Chu Zheng: "..." who wants to rewind it.

Chu Zheng closed her eyes and silently counted three times at the bottom of her heart. Then she lay down and let Su Jiu hold herself like an octopus.

Chu Zheng's fingers touched the soft tips of Su Jiu's hair and felt slightly better.

En... don't touch white when you deliver it to the door. |1|

She carefully touches, Su Jiu has little reaction, Chu Zheng boldly pulls several times.

Su Jiu:"......" What does she take himself for?

He has thrown his arms around her, she did not react at all, but instead touches his hair, what is the meaning of this?

Su Jiu felt that the hand on his head gradually lost its strength, and he looked up carefully.

In the faint light, only the outline of the girl can be seen.

Su Jiu held his breath for a moment, reached out and carefully touched her cheek, softer and smoother than he thought, like silk.

Su Jiu's fingers moved carefully, but the next second he was caught, and a whisper sounded in his ear: "don't make trouble."

Su Jiu's heart beat quickly. The girl just rubbed his head, and then there was no movement.

Su wine: "..."

Did she treat him like a cat!

Su Jiu puffed his cheeks and didn't dare to move again for fear of waking her up.

In his ear was her steady and gentle heartbeat. Su Jiu felt his limbs warm for the first time.

He has always lived alone, since he was a child ...... and later entered the entertainment industry, no matter what he does, he is also alone.

Because he doesn't want to make friends.

So he was excluded and made trouble. It's nothing, as long as he can act and do what he likes.

But then one day, even the last thing he liked was taken away from him.

But he has no ability to resist. He is just an ordinary person with no power. He has struggled and resisted, but it is useless.

When he felt that all people in the world were like this.

She showed up.

He once suspected that she had another purpose for him, but no matter how he tried, she didn't seem to have any ideas about him.

Su Jiu's fingers carefully squeezed in between Chu zheng's fingers and interlocked them.

Gu Chu Zheng, you were the one who appeared before me first.

1| Idk what this means, lemme know in the comments if you can figure it out