chapter 55

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The sun slanted in through the window and there seemed to be a rainbow in the sky.

Chu Zheng looked sideways for a while and sat up on the bed.

She looked aside. There were signs of sleeping, but no one was there.

"Ms. Gu, you're awake." Su Jiu leaned in half outside the door and smiled very skillfully: "I made breakfast. Get ready and come eat."

After that, Su Jiu withdrew.

Chu Zheng changed her clothes and went downstairs. There was a delicate breakfast and a bunch of flowers on the table in then kitchen.

"you did this?"

"Yes." Su Jiu nodded and his eyes were bright: "I don't know whether Ms. Gu is used to eating or not. If you don't like it Ms. Gu, tell me what you like to eat, I'll learn."

"Nothing special." Chu Zheng said, "for me..."

She paused, as if aware that she had said too much, and silently began to eat breakfast.

Su Jiu blinked and didn't ask, "Ms. Gu, I gave you trouble last night."

"en, at least you know."

"..." Su Jiu nearly choked.

"So do you think I'm a good person now?" Chu Zheng asked.

Su Jiu twitched at the corner of his mouth: "Ms. Gu, good people won't ask others like that."

Chu Zheng thought deeply and continued to eat breakfast.

On the way, Pei Yu called Su Jiu to remind him of today's schedule. Finally, he asked him where he was, he would come to pick him up.

When Su Jiu answered, he looked at Chu Zheng. Seeing that Chu Zheng had no objection, he reported the address of Chu Zheng.

They had a good breakfast. Peiyu just arrived and called Su Jiu to go out.

"Ms. Gu, I'll go first."

Chu Zheng waved her hand. Please hurry.

Su Jiu took two steps and fell back. Under Chu Zheng's calm vision, he kissed her on the face: "I'll miss you, Ms. Gu."

Chu Zheng frowned slightly.

Su Jiu went out of the villa and sat in Peiyu's car.

Pei Yu looked at him and stopped talking. Finally, he said, "Su Jiu, you and President Gu..."

"Brother Yu, I know how to behave." Su Jiu answered cleverly.

"That's good." Pei Yu turned to laugh: "But if Ms. Gu likes you, it's okay for you guys to really date."

He has seen a lot of people in this circle. To tell the truth, he hasn't seen anyone like his boss.

Giving such a good treatment to a male artist and seemingly having no thoughts about this male artist.

"She doesn't like me." Su Wine looked at the increasingly distant villa from the rearview mirror and whispered, "At least not now."


A month later.

"Man Man, I have something I want to talk to you about." The agent stammered over the phone.

"What's up?" Liu Manman wondered.

"Don't panic after you hear it." The agent said, "The crew suddenly called to say that they want to replace you."

"What?" Liu Man Man stood up from the sofa with a start, "Why do they want to replace me? We've signed the contract!"

"The other side said they were willing to pay for the breach of contract."

"It's not right." Liu Man Man knew how this role came about, although Xie Zhou didn't tell her, but someone close to Xie Zhou had told her.

"What's wrong..."

Before the agent's words were finished, Liu Manman hung up.

She called Xie Zhou, but Xie Zhou's side prompted not in the service area.

Liu Man Man immediately changed her clothes and went out, straight to Xie Zhou's company.

Now her relationship with Xie Zhou is not a secret, the Internet also spread the word, only to be suppressed by Xie Zhou, so when she went to the company to find Xie Zhou, no one stopped her.

Xie Zhou was in a meeting, Liu Man Man was waiting for him in the office, and when she was waiting, she inadvertently turned to the documents on Xie Zhou's desk.

The information inside is about Chu Zheng, Liu Man Man's brain blanked for a moment, Xie Zhou is checking Gu Chu Zheng? Recently he also always excuses himself from something ......

Last time Gu Chu Zheng cheated her so much, she had a hard time coaxing Xie Zhou back ......

There was a sound at the door, and Liu Manman hurriedly closed the information.

Xie Zhou pushed open the door and came in, saw her standing in front of his desk and frowned a little.

"Mr. Xie." Liu Manman smiled: "you didn't answer the phone, so I came by myself."

"Well, what's up?"

Liu Manman hugged his arm and began to complain wrongly: "didn't I say there was a play before? I prepared for a long time. I read the script many times for this role, but today the agent told me that the other Party replaced me."

Xie Zhou frowned: "what's going on?"

Liu Manman shook her head: "I don't know. The agent suddenly told me that the other party wanted to replace me and said that he was willing to pay liquidated damages. I prepared for so long and said to change..."

With Xie Zhou here, he should not know how her role came to be, so Liu Man Man can only claim so at this time.

The latter, she believes Xie Zhou will certainly check.

Xie Zhou comforts Liu Manman for a while and asks her to go back first. He will find her after work.

"What's going on?" As soon as Liu Manman left, Xie Zhou's face sank.

Liu Man Man is at least his woman, he has already exchanged greetings, but they still replaced, is this not a slap in his face?

The assistant had already received the news from the crew's side, and before they could report it, Liu Man Man came first.

"Mr. Xie, it was requested by the largest investor of the crew. They also increased their investment." The assistant slowly said a name: "Gu Chu Zheng."

Xie Zhou's eyes sank: "is it her again? I remember that the play was from Shengrui company. How did it have anything to do with her again."

"She is now the largest shareholder of Shengrui company."

"......" Xie Zhou tapped his fingertips on the desk and murmured, "Give me an appointment with her."


Xie Zhou asked Chu Zheng to meet him, but she refused for the first time. Xie Zhou did not give up and asked his assistant to ask her to meet him again and again.

Chu Zheng was probably annoyed and finally agreed to meet with him.

On the day of meeting, Xie Zhou arrived before Chu Zheng.

"Miss Gu." Xie Zhou nodded to say hello.

Chu Zheng sat opposite him. She was too lazy to greet him. She directly asked, "what can I do for you?"

Xie Zhou held a cigarette, sharp eyes swept towards the Chu Zheng, the girl in front of him had an exquisite appearance, and her every move screamed nobility, and her expression was bland ...... or more accurately, indifferent.

"It seems that Miss Gu is even busier than me." When did he see someone that needed such a succession of appointments.

"Yes." Busy spending money, why are you so nosy? "So make a long story short."

"..." Xie Zhou pressed the cigarette butt out in the ashtray. He leaned back against the sofa and put on a negotiating posture: "Miss Gu, it's your idea to change Liu Manman's role?"


Xie Zhou frowned slightly: "Miss Gu, is it interesting to deny now?"

Chu Zheng put her finger on her knee: "why do you say it was my idea?"

"You are now a shareholder of Shengrui company."

"Don't allow me to become a shareholder of Shengrui?"

"... Shengrui is the largest investor of shuiyue jinghua." When it comes to this, everyone knows what's going on.

"Well, so what. That will prove that I did it?" Chou Zheng asked with an expressionless face, "You have any evidence? Mere verbal statement cannot be taken as proof |1|, don't slander me, Mr. Xie."

1) an Idiom  空口无凭