chapter 56

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The atmosphere was a little stiff, and Xie Zhou finaly broke the silence after a long time.

"Aren't you afraid to offend me?"

Chu Zheng asked seriously: "what will happen if I offend you?"

Can you kill me?

Even if you look a little handsome, you can not kill me with handsome ah!


We all know what happens to people who offend him, they all end badly.

Do we need to talk about this?

Xie Zhou thinks he has been in the business for so long, his face is a little thick, but suddenly being asked so ...... he really can not say.

"Miss Gu, can I ask why you want to replace Liu Manman?"

"Mr. Xie, I said, not me."

"..." she didn't admit it. He really had no choice. As she said, although the investor is Shengrui and she is a shareholder, if there is no evidence between the two, it can not be said that she did it.

Xie Zhou took a deep breath: "let me change the question. Which family is Miss Gu from?"

Chu Zheng didn't understand why he suddenly asked. She had all kinds of doubts in her heart. What drama did Wangzhe add to her?

But there is no indication on the surface.

Wangzhe hastened to give her a brief introduction to her new identity, which is to facilitate her spending money in this world without getting into trouble.

Chu Zheng: "..." isn't it trouble now?

【……】Did it do wrong again?

"No comment." Chu Zheng held a noble and cool posture: "if Mr. Xie is all right, go first."

Xie Zhou is afraid of the family that can't be found behind Chu Zheng. He doesn't dare to use ordinary means.

Chu Zheng got up and left. When she left the card seat, she paused, touched a USB flash disk and put it on the table. She pressed the USB flash disk with her fingertips, pushed it to the opposite side and clicked it twice.

"Little gift."

Xie Zhou: "??"


Su Jiu stood in the corner and watched Chu Zheng leave. He looked in the direction of Xie Zhou. Why are they here?

Su Jiu sends a text message to Chu Zheng and asks her what she is doing.

[Chu Zheng: what's up?]

Su Jiu pursed his lips, she would not tell himself what she was doing, every time he sent a text message, only the business can get a reply, the rest she did not return.

He didn't know whether she did this only to him or to others.

Su Jiu continued typing and asked again stubbornly.

[Su Jiu: what are you doing?]

This time Chu Zheng didn't reply directly.

Su Jiu's eyes were dim. He stared at the mobile phone screen and didn't move for a long time.

Don't know how long later, Su Jiu raised his head and looked in the direction of Xie Zhou. There was no one there.

He swiped his fingertips across the screen.

[Su Jiu: I'm not feeling well.]

[Chu Zheng: see a doctor.]

[Su Jiu: I want to see you.]

Nearly a minute later, Su Jiu received Chu Zheng's reply.

[Chu Zheng: where are you?]

Su Jiu gave an address, then put on a mask and waited.

Chu Zheng had left in the opposite direction to Su Jiu. She asked the driver to turn around. There was still a traffic jam going on. Chu Zheng was a little upset.

This impatience was manifested in her increasingly cold eyes at the traffic flow outside, as if she was going to go out to deal with the traffic jam at any time.

The driver parked the car at the designated place. Chu Zheng just wanted to call Su Jiu, and a man came in.

Su Jiu took off his mask and revealed his white and delicate face.

Chu Zheng asked, "what's wrong?"

Su Jiu tilted his head, reached out to hold Chu Zheng's hand and led her hand to his chest: "here."

The driver in front put down the divider and started the car.

"Heart?" Chu Zheng asked calmly, "I'll take you to the hospital."

"Ms. Gu." Su Jiu called her, "it's because of you."

"I didn't hit it." Don't try to touch porcelain!

Su Jiu stared at Chu Zheng with dark, inky eyes. He saw the indifference in the bottom of her eyes. For a moment, he smiled and said, "it's not uncomfortable for you to hug me."

Chu Zheng looked around him and calmly replied, "I'll take you to the hospital."

If you are sick, you have to go to the hospital. What are you holding!

Hug can be good. What do you want a doctor to do!

Su Jiu leaned over and hugged her neck: "I don't want to go to the hospital. I just want to stay with you for a while."

Chu Zheng: "..."

Son of a bitch, if I beat him now, would he still think I'm a good person?

【 Believe me xiao jiejie, absolutly not 】Wangzhe reminded,【 So do not refuse him, hug only, how big a deal, you have slept in a bed together already. 】

Chu Zheng: "..."

The car drove steadily forward. Su Jiu held Chu Zheng and leaning almost all his weight against her.

He carefully grabbed Chu Zheng's hand and slowly held it: "Ms. Gu, what were you doing with Xie Zhou just now?"

"Nothing." Chu Zheng answered with a sound, Su Jiu bowed his head: "how do you know I've met him?"

"I see." Su Jiu answered honestly.

He raised his eyes a little, and his gaze met Chu Zheng's. Her delicate lips were right in front of him. His Adam's apple rolled and he leaned over carefully.

Before their lips touched, Chu Zheng moved back slightly and increased the distance between them.

Su Jiu was slightly disappointed. He lowered his head and hugged Chu Zheng's neck.

"Xie Zhou asked me to talk about something, didn't do anything." Chu Zheng rubbed his head twice: "How come Pei Yu didn't join you?"

Su Jiu's eyes are slightly bright. Is she explaining to herself?

"Brother Yu is busy with other things. I came out to get some air. I sent you a text message before, but you didn't return to me..." he wanted to ask her out, but the text message he sent was like a stone sinking into the sea.

Chu Zheng thought of the information accumulated in his SMS: "don't send me so many useless messages in the future."

Su Jiu only felt an arrow in his heart. In her eyes, those information are useless information?

He was almost sure now that she really had no idea about himself.

If it had been before, he might have been happy.

But now he is not happy at all.


Su Jiu nodded absently. When he recovered, he was already sitting in the box, and the waiter was waiting for him to order with the menu.

Su Jiu glanced at the person opposite and ordered a few dishes casually.

After the waiter went out, Su Jiu got up and sat next to Chu Zheng and began to talk about his recent developments and what he met in filming.

Chu Zheng answered carelessly. In fact, she thought he was noisy and but she couldn't hurt him.

After waiting for the dishes, Chu Zheng finally had a reason to shut him up.

"The food here is delicious. How did President Gu find this place?" Su Jiu touched his stomach with satisfaction.

"Like it?"

"Well, I've never eaten such delicious food." Su Jiu gave a clever reply. His eyes were bright and seemed to be filled with joy: "how did President Gu find this place? Can you bring me here in the future?"

"I was told." The main reason is that the food here is expensive.


Su Jiu is a little concerned about whether others are male or female.

"President Gu..." Su Jiu hesitated: "will you hold others in the future?"


Su Jiu didn't expect her to answer so quickly: "really?"

"Yes." This task is given by that bastard, otherwise she won't have time to hold people.

According to the son of a bitch's habbit, there is only one good man card.

So she won't flatter others.