79. Arc 5: Split Personality's Ex-Girlfriend (12)

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Linlang  turned her head and looked at the sleeping man next to her.

Although the butler will do it for her, but before he kills the male lead, she feels that she has not had enough fun.

To let him die so easily, it would be boring.

She smiled faintly and reached for the underside of the pillow.

There was a delicate dagger hidden underneath.

She has no other hobbies, she likes to stab the male lead, so she has collected all kinds of daggers that can be hidden, there are straight, curved, and with a hook, the pattern is complex, beautiful and exquisite, looks like an antique treasure for fun, but the sharpness is not inferior.

It is most suitable for killing people without making a sound.

Lin Lang gripped the dagger tightly and made a backhanded plunge.

The blood dripped onto the man's plain white blouse, revealing a scarlet red.

The room was filled with the strong smell of blood.

He reached out and clutched the blade, looking at her coldly, "Are you trying to kill me with this?"

The one person he was least guarded against, had turned on him and tried to kill him!

The dagger was thrown harshly to to the side, making a metallic clanging sound that was particularly piercing in the darkness.

Someone from outside asked what was wrong.

He said indifferently, "Nothing, I just bumped into something."

He rolled over and got on top of her, his hands by her ears, his fingers gently hooked the woman's hair, his tone was doting, but it gave the listener goosebumps, "Tell me, why do you want me dead so badly? Is it because I'm not good enough for you?"

Linlang's teeth chattered slightly and she tilted her head, trying to avoid his touch, but was pulled back hard by the man, forcing her to look at him.

His eyes were cold.

Those who dare to make a move against him can only spend time in hell.

However, Lin Lang thought in her heart, fortunately, this person does not have the habit of choking indiscriminately. In previous missions, her neck was bruised and reddened several times by the furious male lead, tsk, she felt she was really acting with her life.

Seeing how gentle he was, Linlang decided to be nice to him.

"Be good to me? Heh, are you really being good to me?" She laughed gently.

Some of the blood on his hands stained the woman's face, and the fair complexion formed a stark contrast, so that a smile actually has a haunted look.

Weiyang frowned, something was wrong.

She half propped herself up and pressed her lips to the man's ear as if it were a kiss, "You're so cruel, your sister's life is precious but our child's life isn't?"

The man's face changed slightly.

"He is still so small, he can't even speak, if he is in pain, he will only cry."

"How could he have imagined that it was his father, with his own hands, who had his own heart ripped out to renew his sister's life!"

Linlang's tone steepened and she said pointedly, "So next, are you going to kill me as well and give your good sister a tonic?"

The hatred in her eyes was too strong, making Weiyang a little uneasy, he tried to hold her by the shoulders to console her, "I never wanted to do anything to you, besides, we will still have children ......"

Linlang smacked his hand away, her voice trembling, "So what if you have a child? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Zhu Weiyang, I thought you were only cold-hearted to others, but I never thought you could be so cruel to your own child.

She murmured, "The people I thought I could deliver my heart and soul to, the people who I could trust forever, in the end, it was all a lie to me."

"How silly, Zhen Linlang, how could I be so stupid, how could I have believed your bullshit!"

"Furen ......"

"Get out, get out! I don't want to see you, get out of here!"

Linlang raised her hand to cover her eyes.

Tears flowed out from between her fingers and soaked the brocade quilt.

Weiyang pursed his lips and walked out of the bedchamber.

He looked back, the lights under the veil faintly swayed, she crouched on the bed crying bitterly, but had to suppress it, not daring to let the people outside hear.

For the first time, he regretted it.

Since this night, Linlang has never spoken to him again.

The ice in her eyes was cold and mocking.

No matter how much he did, she was always disdainful.

Once, by chance, a bowl of egg noodles was served in the kitchen and she froze for a long time.

That time, he was allowed to eat at the same table with her for the first time.

Weiyang was happy for a long time.

Sometimes he would sneak into the kitchen to see how the others made the noodles. On the day of her birthday, he worked for half a day, almost chopping off his fingers, before he came up with a decent-looking bowl of longevity noodles.

Sprinkle a handful of tiny green onions, bright green beautiful.

She will love it.

He thought so, not even aware of the ash smeared on his face, carefully protected the bowl and carried it all the way to the room.

Linlang is leaning against the window, the bright red phoenix tail dress lining her waist has become increasingly slender, like a paper beauty, a single tear will break.

"furen, the noodles are ready, eat them while they are hot."

He tried to squeeze out a smile.

The woman looked back, her demeanor was cold and as distant as water.

There are some cracks that can never be mended.

He looked at his scarred hands hanging at his side and comforted himself by saying, "Next time, next time he will make the noodles better and more fragrant.

He was about to leave with the noodles when she suddenly came over.

The joy rushed to his heart all of a sudden.

Watching Linlang sit down, he also sat down, his butt only daring to take up a third of the chair, his whole body was taut.

She bit off the noodles and chewed them delicately in her mouth.

Even just watching her eat the noodles he had cooked made his heart happy.

He stared at her without blinking.

what he didn't expect was that she sobbed uncontrollably after a few bites.

"Fujun ......"

He did not say anything because, he knew, what she called, was not him.

Rather, it was Zhu Wuyang.

Linlang was willing to be close to him again.

But Weiyang was getting more and more depressed day by day.

What was reflected in the bottom of her eyes was the appearance of another person.

A Substitute.

He is a substitute.

So unwilling.

But ...... what can he do?

It was not easy for Linlang to say she wanted to go out for a walk, and he accompanied her all the way.

She is wearing a relatively plain dress today, light turquoise Jade Beads gently swaying along the Pink cheeks, light and elegant as water, just like the blooming flowers in the wind.

Linlang closed her eyes and prayed at the Buddha.

Of course, she is not going to kneel.

Gods and devils are afraid of being tossed by her, this kneeling, it is estimated that they can not afford it.

Weiyang posture is pious, he is carefully inserted into the purple stove incense and candles, the smoke made his eyes red.

May she be safe and happy in this life, a hundred years without worry.

No matter what the cost is to him.

He murmured in his heart.

Listening to the person next to him choke up and say, "Please forgive me, Buddha, if I hadn't insisted on being with my brother, I wouldn't have bred karma and harmed that child of ours ......"

Weiyang opened his eyes with a jolt.


What is she talking about?

Linlang didn't turn her face to look at him, but just tilted her chin slightly and looked at the kindly face on the lacquered gold Buddha statue.

"When I was five years old, my mother suddenly went crazy and locked my brother in the ancestral hall, saying that she would starve him to death, not even giving him food for ten days. I helped my brother escape, he asked me if I wanted to go together, and I said yes."

"Because of the fear of being recognized at the time, we rolled to the mud, pretending to be a small beggar, mixed into the crowd inside. Brother is smart, very pleasing to the adults, the pocket change is the most. Sometimes look at me hungry, also willing to spend a day to earn the copper to buy me food."

"We are living together like this, in turn, is much more happy than in the Zhu House."

"But ah, brother was still targeted by those callers. Despite the fact that brother filially respects them with many good things, they still have bad intentions for the young girl who is only five years old, taking advantage of the fact that brother went out to get a drink to take me ......"

She tightened her collar, a little afraid.

Weiyang's lip trembled.

Later, the brother who was playing wine came back and saw his sister being held down on the ground and smashed a man's head hard with a wine altar, resulting in instant death. Two other old callers also had their throats slit by him with shards, and blood flowed everywhere.

Before he was fifteen, the teenager's hands would shake even killing chickens.

And on the day he went on a killing spree, he couldn't believe that this man with blood-stained hands was himself.

He passed out.

When he woke up again another personality appeared, cold-blooded, gloomy, made to protect his tender sister.

But what he didn't know was that he had a high fever when he fainted, and his sister went out begging to save him, and was almost abducted by the saeki2 to be raised as a thin horse3.

And at that time, the Yan family young lady fell ill and died prematurely, the Yan family mother was overwhelmed with worry and looked like she was also going to follow.

The father of the Yan family happened to see his sister on the street, her eyes and his deceased daughter have some similarity, and the same age, he naturally can not see this little girl fall into the fire.

He immediately called a doctor with a carriage and carried Zhu Jinse to find her brother. When he returned to the temple where he landed, even the blood on the ground was cleaned up.

The little girl was crying and looking for her brother, so Father Zhen took her to the Zhu family, only to be told that the mother had passed away and the Zhu family was busy, so they couldn't just let people in to see their guests. The two young masters of the Zhu family had already returned home, and they thought they were impostors who had come to the door to identify their relatives, and were impatient to drive them away.

That day, she cried so much that her voice was mute.

Probably also unbearable, the guards let someone go to inform.

The person who came out of the door was Zhu Wuyang's other personality after he fell asleep, the fifteen-year-old boy's face was expressionless, a pair of eyes like a layer of cold ice, indifferently scanned the dirty little girl, and laughed lightly, as if in mockery.

He did not recognize her.

At that time, he had already become feverishly confused and mistakenly identified the wandering child who tried to steal something while he was unconscious as his sister. Bystanders who dare to question this do not end well.

That's it, the turtledove.

On the way back, Zhu Jinse had a serious illness.

As well as forgetting all about the brother who heartlessly abandoned her.

After waking up, she became Zhen Linlang.

When he was eighteen, she was exactly thirteen years old, the age of a young girl in love.

When she heard that the new city master was going to patrol the streets, she asked her female companion to go out with her.

But there were too many people, and she was pushed down the street when she was caught in the crowd.

When she saw the horse's hoof was about to step on her, her waist was gently held  and brought to the horse's back.

His soft, spring-like voice was in her ear.

"Miss, are you alright?"

Who would have thought that the day they met would be the beginning of Zhen Linlang's nightmare.

She fell in love with her own brother.

And her son, however, was strangled by her beloved husband, the brother she missed, single-handedly.

So, she would never forgive him.


(1) Saeki:  an assistant to an official such as a guard.

(2) Thin Horse: a term used to denote girls reared specifically for the purpose of supplying Yangzhou's market in concubines.