80. Arc 5: Split Personality's Ex-Girlfriend (13)

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In the solemn and sacred temple, surrounded by sandalwood incense, the Buddha in the center of the temple smiled, as if pitying the world and everything deluded by illusions.

The man's face was bloodless.

He covered his head.

The dusty past was suddenly uncovered after many years, making WeiYang's head ache violently, with some forgotten fragments flickering through.

In the temple, the small and weak figure burrowed into his arms to keep him warm.

When he escaped the Zhu family to wander, he still could not understand people, not much money a day, the two had to starve, but she consoled herself in turn, a steamed bun were divided and eaten for many days.

Finally, what he heard was his sister's slightly shrill cry.

"Brother, I'm going to find you someone, you can not die, you can not leave Jinse ah!"

Weiyang's heart choked.

"No, it's impossible ......" he murmured.

Linlang, however, cruelly broke his self-deception.

"Why is it impossible? You've never looked at me properly, have you?"

The woman's fingers brushed over his brow.

The beautiful face reflected in his eyes, surprisingly vaguely resembled his!

Fear surged through Weiyang and he staggered back a step.

The chest felt like it was being squeezed tightly, and he couldn't breathe.

He vaguely remembered someone saying that the two looked like a brother and sister.

Brother and sister ......

He remembered.

What an ironic truth.

He killed his own child with his own hands, just to renew the life of his fake sister!

Ridiculous, how ridiculous.

He covered his mouth to keep the blood from pouring out.

Linlang looked at the man with cold eyes as he wrapped his arms around her with trembling arms and said over and over again.

I'm sorry.


But he should be sorry for the original host, the soul has long been broken.

So, she refused.

Rejected this belated apology.

Lin Lang pushed him and walked away without looking back.

In the distance, the sound of chanting scriptures seems to echo, chanting a mantra of the afterlife without sorrow or joy, the lotus flower banners and streamers on both sides of the hall swaying gently in the wind, and the Buddha still smiling compassionately on the altar.

He fell to the ground in distress, his mouth spilled out wisps of bright red.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry ......"

His voice was so hoarse that he could no longer make any sound.

But the woman, she did not look back at him once.

And with that he spent the day kneeling in the temple, his knees now bruised.

But the Buddha, who is a universal sentient being, did not save him from death.

The next day, Weiyang went to the Fang house and nearly strangled the impostor to death.

Linlang had expected this, trailing behind him from the time he left the house, waiting for the impostor to be abused almost to the point where she suddenly appeared to plead for mercy.

Wouldn't it be cheap to let people die so quickly?

The woman looked at her from a distance and had a feeling of defeat when she was caught doing something bad.

Lin Lang did not even look at him, after finishing, twisted her skirt and got on the carriage and left.

Since she has spoken, Weiyang naturally did not dare to disobey her, coldly looked at the woman whose eyes were red with tears, turned around and walked away.

But there was never any reconciliation between the two.

The only chance to see her is in the flower room, either picking flowers or pruning.

Under the blazing daylight, the flowering branches swayed slightly in the breeze, and the jade pendant on her slender waist made a crisp sound. Not knowing whose house it was, the musical sound of the Gong Shang Horn and Feather came from. She closed her eyes and listened sideways, her skirt was scattered with complicated flower shadows.

He just leaned over the eaves and watched in secret.

Thinking that this will be forever.

She hates him, it's okay, he'll spend his life making up for her.

As long as, she could stay where he saw her.

One night, the east wing took on water.

The first time he heard the news, he grabbed someone else's horse and ran back furiously.

"Where is furen? Where is furen?"

He grabbed the butler's collar and growled with red eyes.

In front of him, fire raged.

Dense figures ran past him, carrying buckets of water to extinguish the fire, but it hadn't abated in the slightest.

"furen she ...... is inside."

The butler said.

The words have not yet sounded, he immediately rushed in.

The piece of horizontal wood on the beam of the house smashed down hard, bringing up a large amount of sparks. He smothered a grunt, only to feel a burning sharp pain in his back, almost fell to his knees on the spot.

"furen? Where are you, furen?"

His eyes were smothered by the thick fog, his vision began to blur, his head was getting heavy, and he couldn't see.

"furen, cough cough, you come out ......"

It's all your brother's fault. Why are you so stupid to punish yourself?

Between the roaring fire, he could barely see a person lying on the bed, bright red skirt draped over the side of the bed, sleeping quietly.

And at this point, the tongues of fire were pouring in further and further.

The exit was basically blocked.

No matter how strong his martial arts skills, if he does not leave, he can only be buried in the fire.

The screen on top of the bed burned, the whole piece began to fall down.

The man pounced on the woman, protecting her tightly in his arms, only to hear a thud, the back has become a bloody mess.

Weiyang eyes completely open, coughing, unhooked his cloak and covered her body.

"Sister don't be afraid, there is brother."

For the first time, he called this name so tenderly, but before he died, at a time when she would never respond.

He wrapped his arms around the already cold body and curled up in the corner, covering her solidly with his own body.

This time, brother will not leave you behind.

My sister is a good girl. If you fall asleep, it won't hurt anymore.

Brother will accompany you like this and protect you forever and ever, OK?

Weiyang gently patted the female corpse's back, lulling her to sleep like he did when she was a child.

Under the moonlight, humming the unknown nursery rhyme.

"The moonlight shines on the pond. Riding a bamboo horse, crossing a flooded pond ......"

"Asking for the long and short of Lang, asking when Lang will return ......"

She childishly asked, brother, what is the meaning of Lang ah?

"Well ...... Lang means husband, is to accompany each other for life."

He actually does not quite understand, but like a small adult pretending to be profound.

"Then ...... can I call my brother Zhu Lang in the future? We have to be together all the time."

He patted his chest and said, "No problem.

When you grow up, brother will marry you and you will be my bride.

"pinky swear, Lying is for dogs."

"Good, brother will do what he says."

The two little people returned home happily holding hands.

He promised her a lifetime, but lost all her deep love.

I'm sorry.


Brother is a bastard.

If there is an afterlife, we, never see each other.

The fire burned for a day and a night, burning out all the filth and nastiness.

When the white streamers were hung in the city lord's house, a carriage pulled up in front of the Fang family.

Out of the carriage was a woman wearing a conical hat, with a slender figure, as slender as a willow.

Uninvited guest.

Zhu Jinse, who stayed in the room, immediately changed in her face when she heard this, but she had to go out. After all, Lin Lang is now the city lord's wife, the Fang family are nothing but an easy matter for her to exterminate.

Besides, she had never been a lady of the Zhu family, and she did not have the courage to spill her guts in front of Lin Lang.

"Sister-in-law ......"

Lin Lang gently lifted the tea lid, smiling, "Sister-in-law?"

The other side immediately changed their mouth and timidly said, "Madam."

The female lead is a bit miserable without the male lead as a big backer. But this kind of woman, like a doddering flower, will not be able to survive without a man.

She took a careless sip of tea and opened the door, "Carry the young master out."

The young woman's rosy face immediately became miserable white, like clay dust on the wall. Her eyes flashed with all kinds of painful struggles, and finally squeezed out a forced smile, "Nurse, you go."

Yo, this is to give up her son to save herself?

Lin Lang didn't feel sorry for her.

The nurse was struggling to carry the small child out, he fussed to get down, she had to put this little fat pier on the floor.

"Little heart, come here."

Lin Lang folded her skirt and reached out her hand towards the little one-year-old boy.

The little one heard the sound and crawled on his little legs and turned his head, looking at her with a crooked face.

Zhu Jinse moved her lips, but did not speak. However, her heart is proudly thinking, this is her little baby that she has worked so hard to give birth to, not you, an outsider can abduct in a few words of coaxing.

However, the chubby little thing suddenly got excited and stood up shakily with its hands on the ground.

The nurse was so surprised that she couldn't keep her mouth shut, "Young, young master he will stand ......"

Linlang smiled faintly.

The little one also fell several times in the middle, deflating his little red mouth and bawling.

Zhu Jinse was heartbroken, but she didn't dare to carry him back, she could only watch, while cursing Lin Lang viciously.

He cried for a while, while rubbing his fleshy eyelids, while secretly looking at the person across from him.

It's strange, why didn't she coax the baby?

Does she not like the baby?

The little doll, a little aggrieved and not quite willing, continued to get up and waddle over to her like a drunken, tender-haired duck.

Then, with a flutter, it fell solidly into Linlang's arms.

A crisp laugh was heard.

The little face rubbed against her breast, and his hand tugged at her clothes.

It is obvious that they are very attached to each other.

Zhu Jinse, who was watching this scene, almost jumped up.

"Good boy, baby, call mother."

The mistress of the Fang family froze.

The little doll with a tiger's head and big grape-like black eyes looked at her and slurred his words, "Liang ...... Liang ...... hehehe ......"

Lin Lang was amused by him.

The little one saw her smile and giggled along with her, revealing his bare little tooth bed, and also a cheerful cry of Liangliang, circling around her, with the nurse coughing several times, but he did not stop.

The fleshy little hands tightly wrapped around Linlang's neck and wouldn't let go.

And kissed her face with saliva.

"So naughty." Lin Lang's fingers bent slightly and scratched the little nose of the milk doll, who could not yet speak and would only laugh and giggle, pouting and wriggling around in her arms.

Lin Lang patted his little butt and said in a warm voice, "Don't move."

The little guy really stayed in her arms and was picked up by her.

Hey, he almost couldn't hold it anymore.

Lin Lang huffed the corners of her mouth, wanted to put this little fat pier down, but did not expect the other party hard to pull her neck and did not let go, and to pester her, refused to come down to walk.

This rascal played ...... exactly the same as someone.

I'm sure it's true that it's just like father and son, right?

She had to hold and walk.

Seeing that the person was about to step out of the threshold, Zhu Jinse finally couldn't help herself and stood up with a wave of panic and anger, "Madam, what do you mean by this?"

Lin Lang turned her head back, her earrings swaying like a swing, swirling with the color of turquoise waves, her fingers brushing the child's soft hair, indescribably doting.

"Naturally, I've come to take my son home."

She looked up and smiled softly, "Don't worry, I won't rob your son."

"After all,...... he is staying well in your belly." She said meaningfully.

The woman stiffened for a long time and looked at her blankly, "You, what did you say?"

"Oops, look at me, I forgot to tell you about it." Lin Lang smiled and said, "My sister is weak, and the ones born are also sickly children, so it's not easy to take care of them. I was afraid that my sister would get tired, so I switched our children in private."


The tealight shattered on the ground.

The woman was holding the table, one hand desperately gouging her throat, spitting filth all over the floor, and bleeding.

"You're a madman! Lunatic!"

"You give back my son's life!"

Zhu Jinse was in a frenzied state and rushed towards Lin Lang.

The guards around her immediately stopped her, her face was scratched with several bloody marks, is also very painful, without pity kicked people back


The back of her head knocked against the corner of the table, dripping a large area of bright red.

Wide-eyed still staring dead at Linlang's back, extra creepy, "Zhen Linlang, it's you, you killed my son, I won't let you go even if I'm a ghost!"

A soft laugh came from the wind.

"I heard that people who have done something wrong will always hear the cries of babies in the middle of the night, you may want to listen, whether there are children crying and shouting your name it, say, mother ah, I am so painful, you come to accompany me, OK ......"

"No, no, not me! It's her, it's all that bitch-"

"Ah, you do not come over!"

The sound of heartbreaking cries came faintly from the back.

Lin Lang reached out to cover the child's ears and gently kissed the corner of his forehead.

With no effort, just a show, the whole Wushuang City fell into her hands.

She also got a little baby bump.

This is what is called, a winner in life.

Brother, goodbye then.

No, it should be -

Never see you again, that's right.

Lin Lang smiled gently.