81. Arc 5: Split Personality's Ex-Girlfriend (Extra)

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hello cherubs, I'm really sorry I went MIA. My grandmother passed away and It's been really hard coping with her loss. she was my rock and my best friend. I will try my best to post weekly but I can't promise I'll be very consistent.

Deep in the clouds and fog, the evening bell of the temple became faint.

Under the Bodhi tree, a green figure stood quietly.

"Sha Sha Sha Sha..."

Someone came over.

The man slowly opened his eyes.

The gray monk-clad young sanyasi1 folded his hands.

"Master Han, the rice is already steamed, come scoop it up and eat it."

"Thank you, sir." He warmly thanked, grace and elegance called the hearts of the people, a few passing female customers could not help but look back several times.

The abbot of Zhaojue Temple ate with him.

The food is simple, but he eats it as if it were a delicacy, and every move he makes is like a gentle breeze, his eyes are pure and clean.

Like a newborn child.

"Lin Liang, are you really not going to join my Buddhist sect?" The abbot said with a sigh.

A year ago, he traveled around the world, passing through the city, suddenly saw the city lord's house flooded, in a corner of the collapsed building, he vaguely saw a figure buried underneath, and immediately dug out with his bare hands. The female corpse in his arms had long lost her breath and could not be saved, but fortunately, the man was still hanging on for dear life, and the abbot retrieved his life from the hand of King Yama.

It was hard to wait for the man to wake up, but everything was forgotten.

The abbot looked at his bewildered eyes, and moved his lips, but did not say the existence of the nameless female corpse.

The next day, Wushuang City had a new owner.

The abbot did not want to delve into the twists and turns, so he took the man who had lost his memory back to Zhaojue Temple and gave him his family name of Han.

The man forgot everything, but one name was always remembered very firmly.

During his coma, he kept reciting it.

The abbot was a little deaf and couldn't hear well, so he could only piece together the words by his lips.

Lin ...... Liang?

The abbot simply called him Han Lin Liang.

After bringing the man back, the abbot felt more and more that he had found a treasure, the man was extremely enlightened, his understanding of the sutra was more thorough than some old monks, and he was what the Buddhists call a "man of destiny". The abbot could not wait to take him as a true disciple so that he could inherit his mantle.

However, the other party always refuses again and again.

This time is no exception.

The man shook his head with a smile, "Abbot is very good, Lin Liang still has worldly affairs unfulfilled, how can he disappear into Buddhism? I am afraid that it will defile this pure place."

The abbot twirled his Buddhist beads and did not speak further.

worldly obsessions are the most pestering.

Even if he can't remember anything, that obsession is still there.

He wanted to find that person.

Lin Lang.

The man silently recited.

I don't know why, when I read this name, my heart is so happy and joyful, as if flowers are blooming.

This seems to be the name of a girl.

So ...... would this be his intended person?

A cloud-like dress, green silk half-pulled, pinned with a gold silk phoenix tail, ear tassels in the wind slowly swing open, bending the waist lightly folded flower branches.

As if she sensed someone looking at her, the woman tried to turn around.

He nervously grabbed the corner of his coat.

Then he awoke.

He punched the bed with some chagrin, he was so close to seeing the person he had longed for.

At the window, the night was clear and cold, and there were a few faint sounds of laughter.

He has always had excellent hearing, and could easily hear the conversations of the others.

Today ...... is the Shang Yuan Festival?

Since coming to Zhaojue Temple, the man has always slept early and woken up with a start, and no longer felt like sleeping, so he put on his shoes and intended to go out for a walk.

Before he knew it, he was on a crowded street.

"Sir, you have a good eye, my family's lamp is the most beautiful on this street, want to buy one for your wife?" The stall owner introduced it enthusiastically.

The man's long and slender fingers gently touched the person in the lantern. Under the bright moon, the beauty lightly holding the bright red palace lamp, slightly tilted her face, as if talking to someone.

There is a poem mentioned above.

Last year on this moonlit spring night,
Lanterns in Flower Fair were bright.
The moon rose above the willow tree,
At dusk, he had a tryst with me.

What a beautiful mood.

He thought, about to take the silver to buy it, another hand suddenly reached across and took away the walking lamp.

The man was slightly stunned.

In the line of sight, there appeared a couple.

The man in the black brocade robe handed the lamp to the woman with no expression, "Here you go."

Although on the surface the expression is not concerned, the ears are secretly red.

The woman's eyebrows are curved, like a beautiful crescent moon, deliberately teasing him, "really insincere ah, look at others, are guessing the lantern riddle to win back, you are good, directly buy me, so perfunctory." She pouted her moist lips in complaint.


He only knows how to do accounting and housekeeping, and she wants him to guess riddles in a literary way?

That's like dropping a rock on his own foot!

Never mind, look at her pitiful appearance, of course, choose to forgive her.

The butler's eyes were closed, his heart was torn, and he walked back to the place where the riddle was being guessed as if he were dead.

If you're embarrassed, you're embarrassed, there's nothing a man can't overcome!

On the other hand, he watched the couple laughing and jokingly left, and did not look back for a long time.

That person ...... he seems to have seen?

Where have I seen it before?

He thought in a daze and walked back to the temple with his newly purchased walking lamp.

Suddenly the wind blew, and the lamp was lifted away.

He didn't even think about going after it, and the lamp face was burned a little. With the firelight reflecting, he saw clearly the verse on the other side.

This year on the same moonlit night,
The moon and lanterns are as bright.
Where is my beloved of last year?
My sleeves are wet with tear on tear.

"Lin Lang ......"

This name unconsciously spilled out of his lips.

A thought suddenly flashed by.

He turned and ran back, desperately trying to pick his way through the crowd.

"Hey, what are you doing, you're sick!"

He remembered.

It all came back to him.

He was Weiyang, and he had a sister-wife named Lin Liang.


He held back the strange sensation in his throat, his heart and lungs seemed to be about to be squeezed and burst, but he did not dare to stop.

Finally, at the side of a more secluded alley, a navy-colored curtained carriage was parked.

Weiyang was stunned.

Two people were walking toward the carriage.

A small figure swayed and pounced into the woman's arms, happily yelling, "Liangliang!"

Lin Liang pinched his chubby little cheeks and gave a soft shush, "Brother is still sleeping, be a good boy, let's keep it down, OK?"

The little boy carved in pink nodded as if he understood, "The younger brother is not well, I wish to be the older brother, to take care of little Fu'er!"

Lin Liang touched his little head oddly and let her husband move this little fat pier back to the carriage.

Seeing that the children were in the carriage when people were not prepared, someone suddenly sneaked in and kissed her hard on the lips, and carried her back to the carriage as if nothing was wrong.

Lin Liang sees him with a serious face but actually did such a rogue thing, can not help but tease him again.

The butlers handsome face reddened , "Stop it, the children are still there."

At least, at least give him some face ah.

Otherwise, how can you control that little monkey in the future?

Lin liang laughed hard.

When she returned to the car, a small hand softly tugged at her sleeve and rubbed her eyes, "Mother, you're back." Compared to his lively brother, his frail younger brother was shyer, and when he saw a stranger, he would only timidly hide behind his mother, burying his head and ignoring everyone.

"Did I wake you up?" Lin liang lowered her voice.

He shook his little head and reached out for a hug.

Lin Liang smiled and wrapped her arms around the little baby.

Who said that to drive the heroine crazy, a child must be sacrificed?

Before taking this step, she had already bribed the male protagonist's side, Ah Fu.

Zhu Jinse received the carton baby, was dead.

As for the stunt that the flesh of the heart can save lives, Lin Liang has always scoffed at it. In the original plot, Zhu Jinse could live, but it was only the words of that Taoist priest that gave her some hope that she would really be cured after eating it.

The drowning man desperately grabbed this straw.

In fact, eat and do not eat, no effect at all, are the psychological blame, which is also known as the positive and negative implication.

I heard that the heroine went crazy six months ago and was detained in the basement by her face-loving husband, and it was still a question whether she could get out.

Let her live in fear and guilt for the rest of her life.

Lin Liang slightly lifted a corner of the window screen, and there was a corner of the alley with a piece of clothing exposed, which seemed to be trembling.

She smiled.

Such an ending, is not it perfect?

The strangers know each other.

Forget the end of the world.

She was kind enough to the male lead.

Lin Liang held her chin and thought, is it true that after having a child, women become particularly soft-hearted? Anyway, she felt that her tactics were much milder.

Lin Liang shamelessly labeled herself as "kind".


The man was driving the carriage outside.

The sound of suppressed and muffled cries came from behind.

She, pretending not to hear.

He, his heart aches.

"You, have you really thought it through?" The abbot said slowly.

Weiyang lowered his eyebrows.

"Abbot, it's time to begin."

A strand of green silk fell.

He closed his eyes.



"I said, from now on you will be called Weiyang."

"The spring is ready to move, the night is not yet over. Spring is born, the night grows, and the weeks never end. What do you think of this name?"

It's a lie.

It's all a lie.

Your Weiyang is dying.

Convert to Buddha.

Convert to Dharma.

Convert ...... convert ......

Convert you.

  1. sannyasi, (Sanskrit: “abandoning” or “throwing down”) also spelled sannyasin, in Hinduism, a religious ascetic who has renounced the world by performing his own funeral and abandoning all claims to social or family standing.