82. ARC 6: Emperor's Ex-Girlfriend (1-part 1)

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End of the mission.

Linlang opened her eyes, and returned to a familiar place.

"Ow, master you're back!"

A black shadow pounced on her.

It intended to attack her chest.

Lin Lang dodged it perfectly.


It solidly adheres to the wall.

The coal ball struggled miserably and realized that its owner had walked away. He immediately ended his performance and followed suit. Playing coquettish and cute all the way, and finally managed to rub into the fragrant embrace of his owner.

It is a soulful face wagging its little tail.

As Lin Lang combed the kitten's hair, she thought, 'It's been a long time since she saw her good friend. Why don't we go to a show?

Once the storyline world of the taskmaster is opened, if someone else wants to forcefully intervene midway, the points consumed are immeasurable. However, for invisible female billionaires like Lin Lang, who have been occupying the top ten points for years, don't even feel distressed.

On this scoreboard, Lin Lang is anonymous. Well, it was forcibly changed by Sister Junwan to prevent some fresh meat who wanted to hug her thighs from colluding with Lin Lang.

Hey, her girlfriend is a bit domineering. What should I do?

Lin Lang felt melancholy and chose to explore Jun Wan's mission world.

The plot has progressed to 98%.

She glanced at the name of the plot and smiled maliciously.

A pair of newlyweds stood in the sacred and solemn church, and the guests were eagerly anticipating.

The prince's handsome face was filled with deep affection, "Princess, are you willing to be my eternal wife?"

The bride was dressed in a snow-white wedding dress and was about to answer when she heard laughter outside the church.

She doesn't want to

The black tulle dress swayed to the ground, and the plum-red lip color exuded a seductive aura.

"It's you wicked queen again! "The prince looked disgusted." You've been jealous of the princess's beauty and inflicted harm on her three or four times. What else do you want"

The malicious queen laughed with a thousand emotions, and her hair was full of drama. "What do you know, little brat? Beating is cursing, it's love. It's because I love the princess too much that I want to kill her so that I can die with her." She sighed faintly, "Then no one will separate us anymore"

After saying that, Lin Lang winked at the Royal Princess and said, "Are you right, my liver?"

"Wouldn't you say, my little heart?"

The corners of the beautiful heroine's eyes twitched at this point.

she was too idle to actually come and smash her field.

Subsequently, the handsome Prince was stunned as he watched the malicious queen grab his fiancés hand and affectionately said, "Dear, let's elope"


The princess chuckled.

Prince, pawn.

At the age of twenty-five.

Was angry to death.

Lin Lang directly abducted the bride, and the two of them went to the deep mountains and forests to study some strange potions, causing harm to a large area of innocent unlucky people. Finally, tired of playing, she patted her butt and left. All the creatures in the forest wished to set off firecrackers to bid farewell to these two female demons.