Chapter 50 Ghost Child (ETL) Part 2

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Chapter 50 Save people and ghosts but it’s hard to save hearts Part 2

[Hello, I am the messenger of the true God. Your wish is too big, which will make the true God unable to feel sincerity and help you realize it. How about another one?]

Gu Ye: [Didn’t you say that the true God will help me? My heart is very sincere, as long as there is a true God, He can feel it. The true God will definitely give me a big house of 500 square meters, give me 10 million, and make Gu Decheng come to me and recognize me as his son.]

The messenger of the true God was stuck and did not reply for several minutes. Gu Ye was amused. The other party probably scolding him right now for being crazy.

After a while, the messenger of the true God finally replied: [Junior believers cannot make such high wishes. You can try asking to be with someone, or ask for test answers, all of these are fine.]

Gu Ye sneered and replied: [Feelings/Relationship also can be asked?]

[Yes, true God will help you realize your wishes.]

Gu Ye: [I want to get married to the national goddess Bai Xueqin. Can true God make her divorce and marry me now?]

The person on the other side was forced into silence for another 2 minutes before replying: [Yes, as long as you are sincere and donate enough incense money, the true God will fulfill your wish.]

Gu Ye: [So I want to be Gu Decheng’s son, I want a fortune of 10 million and a big house of 500 square meters.]

The other party was finally annoyed by Gu Ye and immediately replied: [God will not favor a messy person like you! You can leave now!]

Gu Ye took a pen and sketched the ghost child. It was so ugly that he couldn't bear to see it. He sent it to the other party: [Dear, does your family’s true God look like this?]

The other side went silent again. Gu Ye guessed that the other party's grubby paws were numb now. He had detained this ghost child for a week. There must have been many clients chasing them to realize their wishes for a relationship. These people were already as anxious as ants on a scalding pot so now that they saw this sketch of the ghost child, their excited hearts must be beating at 180 per minute.

Gu Ye: [This little thing is mine now. Not only it is blessing me, but it also performs singing, dancing, and flying for me~]

Man: "Ghost child #2 is actually in his hands! No wonder he disappeared! We must get him back. Without him, this website will not survive!"

Man: "The IP has been found. It's in a high-end community near Capital University! Brother Yu, this address belongs to Gu Ye! He is Gu Decheng's son, and also Li Jiatong's target. Why don't we find that Taoist priest and see if he can recall the ghost child? We can only take action secretly against Gu Ye. If we seek him out blatantly and Gu Decheng finds out… we really can’t afford to offend him.”

"Fk that, that stinking Taoist priest just wants money. I spent 3 million yuan to buy this ghost child. If we ask for his help, who knows what he will ask for." The man called Brother Yu thought for a moment and gritted his teeth before saying, "Get the loan sharks take a look, they have the experience. The opponent is just a 20-year-old boy, tell them to act according to the circumstances."

After Gu Ye exited the website, he told Hong Dou, "They will definitely send someone to come to me in a while. I will take a sleep first. When they come, you call me."

The only place in this community where strangers can sneak in is an adult products store next to the side door. In order to make shopping easier for people in the community, the boss opened a back door so that people could come in directly from the community without having to go around a long way.

In order not to arouse suspicion, 5 young and strong young men each bought a box of cond6ms and swaggered into the community[1]. Following the address given, the men arrived at the downstairs of Gu Ye’s residence and got dumbfounded. Without the access card, they couldn't even go upstairs.

At this moment, a chubby woman happened to go downstairs to throw away garbage. The men saw the opportunity coming, and they all followed behind her gleefully. After they managed to enter the building, they regretfully thought to themselves that it was a pity this woman was not attractive at all.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the door of Gu Ye's house. The woman turned back and looked at them with a smile, "Come in, the tea is ready at home."

The 5 men were all stunned. Seeing the fat figure of the woman in front of them gradually become thinner, and the ordinary gray clothes turned into a gorgeous red costume, they were so frightened that the hairs on their scalp stood up, "Gho-”

Before they could finish the word, a roll of toilet paper appeared and blocked their mouth. Hong Dou, who was already standing at the door, waved. Seeing the 5 people walking towards her uncontrollably, she smiled and said, "It is bad manners to disturb people late at night so please stay quiet."

The men were so scared that they almost peed. Their eyes widened and their chests heaved violently as they walked into Gu Ye's house uncontrollably. As soon as they entered the door, the most timid man rolled his eyes and fainted from fright. The remaining 4 couldn't stand it either and they were shaking like dice-shaker because there was a room full of ghosts in the house!!

The person who opened the door for them was a woman with eyes hanging out of her sockets. Half of her face was deformed, and she smiled kindly at them. There are 3 ghosts sitting in the corner playing ‘Fighting the Landlord’. Realizing that there were visitors, 2 of them did not move but simply twisted their heads 180 degrees to look at them curiously. There was also a hanged man who took a toothbrush and carefully brushed his tongue. He ran over to look at their visitors, and there was blood all over his tongue!

"Is this 3D?" One person found that he could finally speak, but the tone of his voice had changed.

Another person trembled and stammered, "It should be a 3D image. These academic masters… often, often do these high-tech things… to, to scare the uneducated."

At this moment, a doll wearing a small skirt came running over. She grinned at them, pointed the magic wand in her hand at one person's knee, and poked it.

The person who was stabbed screamed. The pain seemed to reach the depths of his soul.

Thud! All of a sudden, 2 more people were frightened and fainted. It was...real?!

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Gu Ye came out of the bedroom in pajamas and said disdainfully, "You guys are so cowardly, how can you be a loan shark?"

Gu Ye removed the Spiritual Power Boosting Talisman from the living room and the ghosts disappeared from sight. Sitting on the sofa, he yawned and asked, "Tell me, why did you come looking for me?"

Finding that all the ghosts were gone, the only two men who were still conscious rushed to answer the question, "Looking for something."

Gu Ye asked lazily, "What are you looking for?"

"The boss said that there is a ghost child who can tie the thread of relationships." Someone took out a black Buddhist amulet from his pocket and added, "If the ghost child senses this amulet, he will go into it. We have said everything we can, please let us go, we don't want to look for the ghost anymore.”

"Pfft!" Gu Ye was amused, "No, you're already here, why don't you meet your true God? Girl, bring over your toy."

In the horrified eyes of the 2 men, the little doll held a very evil-looking Sunny Day doll as she ran over. Throwing away the thing in her hand on the table, she pulled out a ghost figure from the doll. She waved her little hand, and a wave of resentment enveloped the ghost. Hence, the ugly little ghost suddenly appeared in human form in front of ordinary people.

“No, no, no, we don’t want to look at it! We are not together with them, we are just loan sharks. We are not under the same boss, we are not from the same unit!"

Now the 2 men are extremely envious of the 3 colleagues who have fainted from fear. They looked so frightened that their faces turned pale and their lips lost all color. They looked at Gu Ye who was lying lazily on the sofa, his delicate eyebrows were as beautiful as a finely carved doll in an environment so dark that only the outline could be seen clearly. There was no difference between his fair complexion and the doll sitting next to him. The more the two of them looked at it, the weirder it became. It felt like the person lying there was not a living person!

Gu Ye yawned and pointed at the ghost child, "You, tie them all together."

The ghost child was stunned, "Huh?!"

"What ‘huh’? Never heard of ‘love pentagon’ before? Told you to tie them up, so you should just do it. The more messy the tie, the better."

"No! We are debt collectors. It’s proper work, we are good citizens!" Obviously, they all know how terrible the relationship line is. As long as it is tied, it is not up to them to decide who they like.

Another person was so frightened that he ran outside, "I want to call the police, I want to call the police! Help!"

Gu Ye curled his lips in disgust, "Good citizen? You're talking like we don't have an ID card ourselves. Drag him back to me and tie him up."

The ghost child was so frightened by Gu Ye that he had no intention of fighting back. In order to please Gu Ye, he rushed forward bravely and tied the men into rice dumplings with red threads.

Gu Ye looked at his finished product and couldn't help but shake his head. The emotion was so intense and exhilarating that he couldn't even bear to watch it. It was much more lively than a dog-blood TV series.

Even Hong Dou sympathized with the men and couldn't bear to see this complicated love-hate entanglement.

Gu Ye was finally not sleepy anymore. He sat up with his legs crossed and called the security guard, "They broke into the house and tried to rob me. Send them to the police station and let the policemen deal with them."

Several security guys came to apprehend the men apologetically and kept apologizing to Gu Ye, "This is an oversight on our part. We are sorry for the fright!"

Gu Ye waved his hand, "No next time, I won't complain against you guys this time."

The security guy gratefully dragged the fainted people out and woke them all up. Unexpectedly, the men cried and hugged the security guard's legs, begging for help. Several security guys were so angry that they shoved them into the car and scolded, "Breaking into private houses and attempted robbery! You guys still have the nerve to call for help? Send them all to the police!"

Gu Ye stood at the door and waved with a smile, "Bye bye~"

Back at school the next day, Gu Ye came to the classroom where Li Jiatong was sitting with everyone looking in shock and called Li Jiatong who was sitting in the last row out. Li Jiatong followed Gu Ye, holding the book in her hands and squeezing it so hard that her joints turned white. He finally talked to her. Could it be that all her wishes would come true one by one? This is a huge surprise that fell from the sky and it hits Li Jiatong on the head. Her mind went blank and she was so nervous that she didn't know how to walk out of the classroom. Looking at Gu Ye's back, she was so nervous that she couldn't breathe easily.

Gu Ye found a rather deserted place and stopped. Without looking back, he said, "I saw your message on that website."

This sentence was like a basin of cold water, extinguishing all the fantasies in Li Jiatong's heart, "What?"

Gu Ye turned around, looked at Li Jiatong's shocked expression, and said indifferently, "You have signed a loan with the loan shark and yet, your wish has not been realized. It is such a pity."

Li Jiatong grabbed a handful of bangs hair in panic. She lowered her head, almost hiding her entire face, "No, I don't know what, what are you talking about."

"Since I came to you, I already know what you did. You don't have to admit it. I'll leave as soon as I finish." Gu Ye sighed and continued regretfully, "I remembered who you are. You are the girl with soft ears (pushover) who bought fake test answers. Didn't I tell you not to be so soft-hearted? You didn’t listen to me?"

Li Jiatong pursed her lips, and her eyes turned red uncontrollably when she thought of that time. She thought she wouldn't cry anymore, but unexpectedly, the strong defense in her heart was shattered by Gu Ye's simple words. Thinking of that sunny boy, Li Jiatong collapsed and covered her face. She was like a filthy thing living in the sun. How could she get close (to him)? How dare she get close (to him)?

Gu Ye frowned, “The more people look down on you, the more you have to live your life like a great human being. Why don't you dare to straighten your chest? How are you worse than others? You were admitted to a prestigious university, how many people want to live like you?[2]"

Li Jiatong sneered, as if she had heard the biggest joke, "Live like me?"

"Do you think you are dirty? People are never dirty, it is the human heart that is dirty. What do you have to be ashamed of? Even you look down on yourself, so how can others look up on you?"

Gu Ye's expression turned cold and he said disappointedly, "You want to kill your adoptive father. I can understand that you are blinded by hatred, but your sister is only 16 years old. What has she done to make you take such revenge on her? Is it because of her or because of your adoptive mother’s attitude that triggered you? Your thoughts make me feel sick."

"I..." Li Jiatong shook her head, not knowing how to explain herself. When Gu Ye said this, she also felt that the wish she made was a bit too much. But she was really devastated at the time, and she just wanted revenge.

"In the days to come, just work hard to repay the loan you owe. Your wish will never be realized again. Your adoptive father's life will be listed on your record (to be judged in the underworld after death)." After Gu Ye finished speaking, he turned around and left indifferently. He’s not in the mood to communicate with the girl.

Li Jiatong looked at Gu Ye's back as he left her once again. She collapsed and squatted on the ground, crying uncontrollably. Last time, at least she could expect to see each other again. However, this time they obviously see each other again, but she no longer had any expectations to see him next time. The only sunshine in her life has left her world.

After returning to the classroom, Gu Ye looked through his friend list on the phone in a depressed mood. The only person who could communicate with him at this moment and allow him to speak his mind with confidence was Yu Ze, a mature, stable, and reliable person.

In a distressed mood, Gu Ye sent a message to the other party: [I can catch ghosts and save human lives, but I realized that I can't save human hearts.]

Yu Ze: [Just be yourself, you are already doing well.]

Gu Ye didn't reply, feeling depressed in his heart.

Yu Ze: [I'll finish tomorrow's work today and go find you in the morning.]

Gu Ye: [What’s the matter?]

Yu Ze: [Silly, tomorrow is your birthday.]

Gu Ye thought for a while and replied embarrassedly: [I forgot.]

After the death of his master, no one celebrated his birthday anymore. He was used to being careless and lived the same life every day, and he couldn't remember birthdays at all. As for this body, his birthday is his mother's memorial day, and his family has never thought of celebrating his birthday. On this day every year, his father and brothers are very sad. Who will remember to celebrate his birthday?

Yu Ze quickly replied: [It’s fine as long as I remember, I have something very important to say to you.]

Reading that message made Gu Ye's heart suddenly thudded. He couldn't help but his heart beat faster. He held his hot face in his hands, and Gu Ye shouted in his heart: ‘Don't confess!’ He still can handle it if Yu Ze covers his own face, but if he doesn't, Gu Ye feels that he might be seduced by the beauty! Face-con really has no chance of survival in front of Yu Ze![3]

Gu Ye had been struggling all day long about what Yu Ze was going to say so he got distracted during class. After the whole day of class, Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang noticed that something was on Gu Ye’s mind.

Zhao Pengyu asked in a gossipy tone, "What's wrong? You and that person… what's that girl's name again? What did you say to her? There's something wrong with you when you come back."

Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu's face carefully, couldn't help but raise his hand, and whacked him in disgust.

Zhao Pengyu covered his face, "Frick! What are you doing?"

Gu Ye replied in disdain, "They say that nephews will grow like their uncles, but you are too far behind your uncle."

Zhao Pengyu angrily pressed Gu Ye on the table to beat him. He rebutted angrily, "The hell! I am clearly so handsome that it splits the sky. I am a bright young man who aims for the top! There are many girls who like me. When I play basketball, there are several rows of people cheering for me. Go and see! Can you count?"

Xia Xiang frowned, looking at the two of them playing around with a complicated expression. A look of worry gradually formed in his eyebrows. It wasn't until class started that Xia Xiang sent a message to Gu Ye: [That road is not easy to take. You have to think carefully before making a decision. No matter what, don’t let yourself be wronged. As brothers, I will always support you. Peng Yu is too straightforward and has a strong sense of loyalty, so don't tell him yet.]

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched and he asked inwardly, ‘With Xia Xiang’s meticulous temperament, what else doesn't he know about?’

Gu Ye didn't know how to reply, so he could only pretend not to see the message.

On the other hand, Xia Xiang sighed. Gu Ye actually agreed with his words tacitly; feeling tired in his heart now.

That night, Gu Ye was reviewing the lessons he missed out because he was distracted in class. Then, he felt a strong ghostly energy coming from far away. Gu Ye raised his head warily and looked out the window. A 7 or 8-year-old child was standing there outside the window, smiling at him.

Gu Ye tsk-ed, took a bookmark, and stuffed it into the book. With a smile, he asked, "Kid, you are so fierce, does your mother know about it?"

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