Chapter 2 - Lunar Day (1) part 1

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Translator: Jayre


A soft female voice followed the breeze across his neck and GuMeng opened his half-closed eyes as if he was waking up from a dream.

He subconsciously looked back for the source of the sound, but there was nothing except for the mottled campus iron gate slowly closing behind him.

Looking around at the unfamiliar campus environment, GuMeng only took two seconds to digest the current situation and understood that he had entered the first instance of the game.

He looked ahead of him to see a woman wearing a black and white uniform currently leading two rows of people, seemingly taking on the form teacher role or something like that.

The group passed through a wet basketball court and stopped in the corridor on the first floor of the teaching building. On the right hand side were three rows of lockers.

The woman in front turned to face the crowd, holding a teaching stick in one hand and lesson plans in the other. With bangs and smiling eyes, she looked very young, and her body was as hot as a TaoBao model.

“Third year Class A’s classmates, the long vacation is over. Welcome back to the campus everyone. Teacher XiaoYu has been waiting for everyone here for a long time.” The woman started talking, her cute image filled with vitality. “However, before the start of school I have some regretful news. There are only 16 students in this semester’s roster, because ChunZi was killed the day before the start of school.”

When the unlucky word “killed” was uttered, everyone’s faces underwent an abrupt change.

The woman continued speaking, “In the following seven days, as ChunZi’s classmates before her death, everyone should work together to fulfill ChunZi’s last wish. Are you confident?”

The question was asked, and no one responded.

Many looked at the woman in front of them in a daze, as if what was happening before them was nothing but a farce. Or perhaps, it could be said that from the moment they were locked up in the glass cube, they felt that everything was a farce.

“Teacher, when will the school gates open?”

A low male voice asked from the crowd.

GuMeng looked for the owner of the voice, and saw a tall man leaning against the locker.

Although everyone was wearing a white shirt, the man was still eye-catching. It was not only because of his outstanding appearance, but his overly indifferent temperament that made him seem different from the others in the tense and suppressed atmosphere.

Seemingly happy that someone had asked her this question, the woman cutely tilted her head and smiled till her eyes formed crescents. “Student BoYe, when everyone completed ChunZi’s last wish, the school gate will open again.”

The man was slightly startled. He probably did not expect to be called out by his name, but his reaction was fast and he continued to ask, “What is ChunZi’s last wish?”

Except the woman ignored his question and said to everyone, “The new school uniform has been designed and placed in everyone’s lockers. If you wear personal clothing in school, you will be deducted points if you are caught.”

No one moved and a few people in the crowd looked outside of the corridor.

At the end of the main road, the mottled gate of the campus remained tightly closed.

Standing at the front of the crowd was a middle-aged man. He withdrew his gaze from the school gate, swallowed his saliva and urged the other players. “This is just the environment stimulated by those whatever Homosapiens. It’s all fake, this teacher should also be fake. Should we try and walk out? We can discuss our next actions if we are stopped.”

“The new school uniform has been designed and placed in everyone’s lockers……”

It was probably due to the lack of advancement in the plot, so the woman repeated her instructions every thirty seconds. At the same time, her line of sight glanced over everyone present. It was clearly a cute and gentle smile, but it was a little stiff.

Everyone looked at one another and no one dared to respond to the middle-aged man’s proposal.

“I advise you not to take risks.” The man called BoYe said lightly. “The novice guidelines clearly stipulated that if you refuse to participate in the game, you will be erased.”

Before the game started, the glass cube had issued a novice guide. But what “erased” referred to exactly was not stated.

The middle-aged man looked at the gate not too far away, gritted his teeth and walked down the corridor of the teaching building. He said angrily, “I don’t believe in evil, pretending to be a ghost, this is just a prank! If none of you dare, I’ll go first!”

“Classmate Chen JiDong.” The woman turned her head to look at him, and warmly reminded him, “Please hurry back and don’t leave the campus without authorization.”

The middle-aged man stalked forward, his back exuding aggressiveness, but his gradually accelerating pace revealed his panicked feelings.

The woman smiled as she raised her volume. “Please hurry back now, if you keep on being like this, this teacher will get angry!”

The last few steps, Chen JiDong ran to the school gates. He glanced left and right and climbed the iron fence.

“Seeking death.”

GuMeng heard a very soft male voice behind him. Looking back, BoYe had changed his posture but was still leaning against the locker, his head lowered and turning the ring on his finger about.

The woman sighed, opened the lesson plans and pulled out a thin piece of paper. “Students who play truant are really annoying.”

GuMeng took a look and through the back of the paper, he saw three words written on it.

“Chen JiDong.”

In the next second, the woman ripped the paper apart.

“AhAh- Ahhhhhhh-”

A wretched scream sounded, and not only the women, but the men yelped too.

GuMeng hurriedly looked forward. Chen JiDong’s hands tightly grasped onto the school gates, but the limbs below his waist fell to the ground, and the dark and sticky blood trickled down.


The sound of paper tearing sounded again and Chen JiDong’s body fell apart even more in the air, with edges irregular like the burrs of the paper scraps.

Even from a distance, GuMeng could still hear the horrifying “puchi” sound.

It was the sound of muscles separating.

At the front, the female teacher breathed heavily as she smiled grimly. Her eyes were wide open and she looked excitedly at the torn pieces of paper in her hands with a kind of almost neurotic madness. Until the paper became mere tiny scraps, she did not stop.

Seeing all this, GuMeng felt uncomfortable in his stomach.

After ripping apart the paper, the woman calmly breathed out and her expression slowly changed to that of kindness. She pasted a standard uniform smile on her face and said, “The new school uniform has been designed and placed in everyone’s lockers……”

Before she even finished, everyone rushed towards the three rows of lockers.

GuMeng found his name on the row of red lockers and opened it. There was a set of navy blue school uniform stacked neatly inside, along with a flip phone next to it.

Just as he was about to take out his clothes, the person standing beside him stilled and GuMeng casually took a glance.

At nearly 1.9 metres, the male was very young and he was currently looking at GuMeng with an air of inquiry. His eyes did not evade GuMeng's and he was almost innocent looking.

GuMeng was stared at until he halted his movements, and he felt that this man was like a curious baby entering the capital.

“What are you looking at?” He asked.

The man widened his eyes slightly, looking surprised. He scanned GuMeng’s face before saying, “What are you looking at?”

His voice was low and soft, reminding people of clean snowflakes.

GuMeng furrowed his brows slightly and noticed something was not right. He repeated, “Brother, I’m asking you, why are you staring at me for?”

(T/N: 兄弟 is brothers but also used for not biologically related males. It’s used for those who are close, and even for strangers.)

The man blinked and furrowed his brows. His tone was not different from GuMeng as he asked, “Brother, I’m asking you, why are you staring at me for?”

GuMeng: “......”

This person was either being nit picky or he was lacking in IQ.

After all of them changed into school uniforms, the players were arranged and lined up in two rows, led by the female teacher to the cafeteria.

Before leaving the corridor, a girl covered her mouth and shouted, “Look at that person!”

After hearing the exclamation, everyone looked outside the teaching building.

There was a boy with a blood-stained face standing there. Under the dim sky, his looks could not be clearly seen and only a pair of big black eyes could be seen, blinking and looking at the crowd above the stairs. He looked cautious and timid.

All of a sudden, the man called BoYe rushed out of the crowd, leaping down the stairs and hugging the person covered in blood.

Everyone looked at each other, and no one understood what was going on.

Below the stairs, the two embracing separated and conversed in low voices before the boy covered in blood stomped his feet, and it seemed like he was crying.

“It’s a new student.” The female teacher opened the lesson plan slowly. As she flipped through the papers, she smiled. “This is troublesome…… Why didn’t you tell the teacher in advance?”

Whether it was the woman’s tone or her expression, both gave the players a bad feeling.

BoYe wiped away TangZhi’s tears and comforted him before he turned back to look at the teacher. “The game did not mention that new players are not allowed to join.”

The woman closed the lesson plan and sighed. “That is true but the enrollment list that the Office of Academic Affairs gave me does not have this student’s name, so it’s a pity……”

Following the woman’s words, many players simultaneously thought of the word “erase”.

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