Chapter 2 - Lunar Day (1) part 2

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“We don’t have any extra uniforms for men.” The female teacher tilted her head and smiled cutely. “So the new classmate TangZhi, I can only trouble you to wear a female uniform.”


BoYe wanted to bring TangZhi to the infirmary and GuMeng took the initiative to offer his help. “I learnt simple dressing, I’ll go with you.”

Along the way, aside from the three of them, there were no signs of other students on the campus. The lights on both sides were dim and the bushes were only outlined with a gloomy atmosphere.

GuMeng hugged the set of female uniform and walked on one side as he briefly conversed with the other two. He learnt that the new player was TangZhi, of a Chinese-Japanese mixed blood, a year 4 university student, and lovers with BoYe.

TangZhi did not explain the cause of the blood all over him, and GuMeng was too shy to ask more about it even though he was curious.

The entire administrative building was dark, only the corner windows on the first floor were lighted up and it was the infirmary.

Passing through the dark and quiet corridor, GuMeng opened the door first and was caught off guard when he bumped into an old man in a white coat.

The elderly in the white coat should be the school doctor. His face was deathly gray and after looking at them one by one, he suddenly laughed and slowly tilted his body to welcome them in. With an old and hoarse voice, he spoke, “You should be ChunZi’s classmates? What do you need help with?”

Cautiously entering with his back plastered to the wall, GuMeng pointed behind him. “Someone might have been hurt, we would like to borrow the medical kit.”

The school doctor waited for the three to enter before closing the door. “Is ChunZi well?” He asked.

According to the information he knew, GuMeng replied, “ChunZi was killed yesterday.”

The school doctor did not seem surprised. He only sighed deeply and supported himself with the table to sit down on a seat. “It’s unfortunate, ChunZi is a good girl.”

In the middle of the infirmary, BoYe pulled the white curtains apart and told GuMeng, “I’ll check Candi’s injuries first and if there’s any need I’ll call you.”

GuMeng nodded.

The incandescent lamp in the school doctor’s room gave off a dim glow.

GuMeng took out the medical kit from the cabinet and placed it on the single bed that leant against the wall to check the medicine inside.

Gauze, purple hydrogen peroxide, iodine, cephalosporin…… He checked through the kit and the medicine often used were all there.

“ChunZi was a good girl. She came to see me with a gift this morning and before school started she was the only one who thought of me.”

Before the table next to the window, the elderly school doctor opened the newspaper to cover his face, and his voice was deep and gloomy.

GuMeng frowned slightly. ChunZi was killed yesterday, it was impossible for her to bring a gift and meet the school doctor today.

Even though it was a game and one should not pay too much attention to the rhetoric of irrelevant characters since some of the NPC’s lines may not be of use, after listening to the elderly school doctor’s words, one still felt a little stuffy.

“The gift has not been opened yet.” The elderly school doctor said.

Sitting on the single bed and holding a roll of gauze, GuMeng unconsciously raised his head and coincidentally met eyes with a turbid one.

The elderly school doctor was spying on him through the edge of the newspaper.

GuMeng’s hand trembled and the roll of gauze dropped to the ground. When he thought of the elderly man staring at him silently for a long time, he felt extremely uncomfortable. “Doc-Doctor, what are you looking at?”

“Student……” After being discovered, the elderly school doctor shook the newspaper and kept it, before slowly speaking, “You didn’t take the tag off your school uniform.”


GuMeng stretched his hand to the back and touched the tag that was really still hanging on the back of the uniform.

BoYe and TangZhi behind the curtains were currently changing clothes and in the quiet room, GuMeng inevitably heard the conversation between them.

“This isn’t my blood, I didn’t suffer any serious injuries……”

“How did you manage to get here?”

“After the previous instance was cleared I was given a reward, to be able to choose two instances, and then I came here.”

“The previous instance…… How many passed?”

“Only me……” TangZhi’s voice lowered, “My teammates are all dead. If we die in this game we will die for real.”

Using his fingertip to scratch his eyebrows, GuMeng somehow could not breathe, and the next door also fell silent.

The white curtain reflected the silhouette of the person behind it, and the shadow stood up and walked towards GuMeng.

GuMeng felt the curtain beside him move, and one hand extended from it, patting his shoulder.

“It’s done?”

Picking up the medical kit and ready to move, GuMeng raised his head but then his entire body froze on the spot as chills ran down his spine.

He swallowed, and slowly glanced to the side to confirm it again.

Behind the white curtain, there were three shadows.

BoYe and TangZhi were still talking softly, seemingly unaware of the extra person but GuMeng could see it clearly. Just a curtain away from him, a small black shadow stood quietly.

Cold sweat dotted GuMeng’s forehead.

There was the sound of newspaper flipping, and the elderly school doctor glanced from the edge of the newspaper. He muttered lowly, “ChunZi is a good girl.”

At this moment, BoYe stood up to walk towards him, his tall figure overlapping with the third person’s shadow and the white curtain was pulled aside.

“Nearly done, Candi has some scratches on his knee. Please bandage it.”

GuMeng hastily looked but on the other side of the curtain, aside from BoYe and TangZhi, there was no one else.

It was like everything was an illusion.

After leaving the infirmary, the three went to the cafeteria to have their meal before finding the six levels dormitory building. Everyone was waiting in the brightly lit hall.

Looking at the TangZhi who had put on a JK uniform, many eyes lit up, consciously or unconsciously looking at his figure, especially at the slender white legs under the miniskirt.

After counting the number of people, Teacher XiaoYu smiled. “Your dorms are on the sixth floor. It’s a two person room, and as long as you find a roommate, you can enter the room. Everyone worked hard, please rest early.”

Hearing that they can rest, many let out a sigh of relief.

The female teacher held the lesson plan and turned to leave, but then stopped suddenly. She turned her head and said, “I forgot to remind you not to be alone in the dormitory building. ChunZi likes lonely people.”

That one sentence caused everyone to be alert again.

There was only one elevator in the building. While waiting for it, the weak girl in the group whispered, “Wasn’t ChunZi murdered? What does ‘ChunZi like lonely people’ mean?”

GuMeng thought of the black silhouette he saw in the infirmary and said, “The teacher was probably reminding us that ChunZi will return, and specifically trouble the people who are alone.”

Everyone silently stepped away from GuMeng.

“......” GuMeng helplessly asked, “Why are you avoiding me? There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Don’t say such unfounded things to scare us.” In the crowd, a very beautiful young girl raised her chin. “When people die, they stay dead. It’s not possible for them to return.”

At that moment, the elevator reached the first floor and the doors slid open silently.

The girl took the lead and walked in, tossing her black hair. “The woman said we can’t be alone, so we should be careful.”

The girl’s words undoubtedly incited the panic in everyone’s hearts, and they unconsciously moved towards her, entering the elevator.

The elevator can carry up to nine people at a time.

Looking at the crowded elevator, BoYe stood outside and lightly reminded, “If there really are ghosts in this game, do you still dare to take the elevator? Aren’t you afraid of what will happen while taking it?”

The faces of the people in the elevator changed instantly.

Indeed, if one really met a ghost in the elevator, there will be nowhere to escape.

After a while, five people left the elevator and it was half empty.

Then, BoYe led TangZhi into the elevator and with a calm attitude, said, “If you aren’t getting on, then I’ll go first.”

The people who later realized that they had been tricked. “......”

In the elevator, those onboard exchanged their names. BoYe only remembered that the young girl’s name was ShuiXing and she was nineteen years old.

He only remembered her not only because she was pretty, but because she had an arrogant and glamorous temperament, and exuded an aura of “I have not been a big brother’s woman for many years”.

The elevator carried the six people to the top floor. When the doors opened, they were met with a long corridor.

The white marbled floor shone coldly in the dim light, and the group of four men and two women walked out of the elevator.

On the left was the males’ toilet and BoYe notified TangZhi before entering the toilet.

The remaining people continued walking forward.

ShuiXing walked forward as she wrapped her arms around her body, her eyes sweeping critically across the passing doors and stopped in front of a door in the middle of the corridor, next to the safety exit.

She said to the weak girl standing behind her, “JingJing, what about this room?”

JingJing had no opinions and she whispered a soft “un”.

Shuixing pressed the door handle to push the door open, but she could not open it. Even after trying a few more times, the door did not budge.

“Let me do it!” Seeing the beauty having troubles, a boy hurried forward and said with a smile, “My name is HeWei, in the future, we will all be classmates.”

ShuiXing arched an eyebrow and looked at him, before giving way.

In the end, HeWei fiddled with the door for a long time but could not open it either.

ShuiXing flipped the hair on her shoulders, lean against the wall and chuckled softly.

With the beauty’s mocking gaze on him, HeWei gradually flushed red. “Perhaps a key is needed……”

TangZhi tried to push the door on his right and similarly, it had no reaction. “This room can’t be opened either.”

“Then do we all have to sleep in the corridor?” Qin JingJing said softly. “But the teacher said that as long as we find a roommate we can enter the room.”

ShuiXing thought about it and guessed, “Is it possible that the roommates had already been assigned and the door will only open as long as we find them?”

“That’s very likely.” A male wearing glasses agreed. “So we have to wait for everyone to be here before trying?”

At this moment, rushed footsteps came from the passage leading to the safety exit beside the room, and ShuiXing turned around, opening the door in one breath.

It was GuMeng.

One after another, the remaining ten people all arrived.

They had climbed the six floors in one shot and everyone was all too tired.

GuMeng bent over, hands on his knees as he panted. He looked at the group and asked, “Why are you all standing around and not going in?”

“The doors won’t open.” ShuiXing explained. “We probably have to find the right roommate.”

“How do we find them? GuMeng asked. “We can’t choose our own roommates?”

Everyone was at a loss. There were some who did not believe and tried to open the doors, but they all failed.

Seeing all these, an uncle felt irritated. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and said impatiently, “Why don’t we just kick the doors open?”

“Not following the rules, you must not be afraid of being torn into pieces……”

From the crowd, a voice said quietly.

Suddenly, the lights in the corridor flickered.

Qin JingJing looked at the mottled ceiling in fear. “It seems a little cold……”

The lights flickered again and the people crowded in the safe passage felt the temperature dropped at the same time.

Slow footsteps sounded from the end of the corridor. Everyone stepped back like a flock of frightened birds, looking towards the source of the sound.


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