Chapter 3 - Lunar Day (2)

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Translator: Jayre

BoYe shook the water off his hands and when he got out of the toilet, he saw everyone staring at him, as if they were looking at a ghost.

He looked behind him, but there was nothing. Feeling that it was a little funny, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

After confirming that he was a player, everyone let out a sigh of relief simultaneously.

At this moment, the lights along the corridor turned off, leaving only the security light on the wall glowing green.

There was an uproar.

“This…… Why are the lights not on?”

“Did the school forget to pay the electricity bill? Should we go to the first floor to check?”

“Let’s go.” The grumpy old uncle turned around to leave, but when he reached the safety exit, the door would not open. “F*ck! The door is stuck!”


It was then the players truly panicked.

There was the sound of the current flowing through the incandescent tube, and the lights came on again, but they were dimmer than before.


Qin JingJing let out a short scream, before she clamped her mouth shut tightly.

The restless crowd fell into a deadly silence.

Their voices seemed to be stuck in the throat, choked down by an invisible hand. Everyone could only hear their own jackrabbiting heartbeat, and their feet were rooted to the ground.

They saw that at the end of the corridor, two people were standing there hand in hand.

BoYe’s right hand was interlocked with that of a petite girl.

The girl had long black hair and if it wasn’t due to the front of her shoes facing forward, one could have easily thought that what they saw was actually the back. She wore the school uniform, and the brown sauce-colored blood stained the clothing, making it so dirty it was impossible to see the original color.

Standing closest to BoYe, TangZhi saw the two in front of him interlocking hands. His clear eyes darkened, and his face was unreadable.

As for BoYe, he did not move from his place, nor did he dared to turn his head. His face that had always been indifferent turned a little unsightly.

Meeting a ghost for the first time, it was inevitable to feel panic.

He tried to withdraw his hand, but the hand without any warmth gripped his tighter.

“Are you alone……” The female voice with its own air-conditioning effect that sent chills down the spine asked him, “I’ll play with you…… You are really good-looking.”

Accompanied with the sound of bones cracking, the head that could not be differentiated from its front or back slowly turned towards BoYe.

BoYe: “Little sister, can you release my hand first?”

“......” The female voice became resentful. “I’ll play with you…… You are really good-looking.”

BoYe’s heart was now in despair. He realised that the girl was stronger than him, and she held his hand until it hurt.

“You are really good-looking……” A bright red tongue stuck out between the straight black hair, and as if it had eyes, it headed towards BoYe’s face.

So the others saw a strange scene.

The girl was not even as tall as the man’s shoulders, and she stood motionlessly in place. Meanwhile, the long tongue seemed to extend indefinitely, licking along the thin jaw and cheeks to the forehead.

Hearing the sound of sticky saliva, GuMeng had goosebumps.

One was not afraid of female ghosts being ugly, one was afraid of female ghosts being ugly and extremely passionate.

“Don’t be like this.” BoYe closed his eyes, his face tilted to one side. He did not want to go through the cold wet experience a second time. “My boyfriend is looking……”

His sentence had yet to finish, there was a “bang” sound and he felt the cold paw wrapped around his hand loosened.

BoYe turned to look and saw TangZhi. He did not know when the latter had reached his side, but he was holding the fire extinguisher in one hand and panting heavily. The look TangZhi had towards the female ghost was scarier than the ghost herself.

Unexpectedly, the ghost was scrabbling at the floor with trembling hands, struggling to get up.

In the end, as soon as she got up on her knees, TangZhi picked up the fire extinguisher and whacked her with it again, knocking her down instantly.

BoYe’s heart shook, wondering where TangZhi’s courage came from.

Throwing the metal object away, TangZhi grabbed the female ghost by the neckline and lifted her up, glaring at her fiercely. “You dare to lick my man! You even did it in front of me, you must be sick of living!”

BoYe: “......”

For the first time, he realised that his boyfriend was so hardcore.

The others in the hallway were even more dumbfounded. They saw a beautiful boy wearing a miniskirt and a jacket tied around his waist hitting the ghost until she was crawling all over the floor. This scene was really a …… pleasant surprise.

GuMeng sighed in his heart. “As expected from one who came from Sadako’s country. When fierce, he’ll even beat up ghosts.”

“Candi.” BoYe saw the female ghost was no longer struggling but facing  TangZhi. The atmosphere was not right and so he anxiously dragged TangZhi away. “That’s enough, anymore and you’ll be killing her.”

TangZhi pulled up his left and right sleeves. His anger had yet to subside and he was intending to go another time, but BoYe had his arm around his waist and the two were slowly moving back.

The female ghost got up from the ground in a distorted posture, her bones seemingly misplaced. She fiddled with her hair, a black eye staring at TangZhi closely. Her bare skin was gray and mottled and looked as if it would fall off at a single touch.

“I…...Do I seem to not want face……” Her ten fingers scratched her face from the forehead to her jaws, and she staggered towards the crowd, her voice seemingly laughing yet crying at the same time.

(T/N: “我……我不要面子的吗……” = asking if it seems like she did not want respect but well… awkwardly phrased. Screams in byelingual.)

Seeing her terrifying face gradually being exposed, TangZhi sobered up and his whole body became cold.

As the jealousy and anger disappeared, so did the courage.

He clutched BoYe’s hand tightly, and said a little embarrassedly, “Was I too much just now?”

“How many times did I tell you,” BoYe sighed, “Leave a bridge behind whatever you’re doing, I still want to see you in the future.”

At this moment, the female ghost shrilly screamed, “Do I not want face!”

The lights exploded, and everyone’s eardrums were stabbed by the sound.

The female ghost rushed towards the crowd.

The screams from both men and women filled the corridor instantly, and everyone fled to both sides of the corridors in a panic.

With quick eyes and quick hands, BoYe pushed open the door of the dormitory beside him and dragged TangZhi in.

“Boom” came the dull sound of the female ghost hitting the door.

Outside the dorm, some saw BoYe and TangZhi entering and following them, they tried to open the doors, yet could not push any open.

The grumpy uncle kicked the door of a room. “F*ck! Why can they open the door!”

GuMeng had a sudden thought. “Could it be due to BoYe’s hand being held by the ghost?”


At this moment, the female ghost turned her head towards them, and everyone screamed as they scattered.

In the dorm, BoYe and TangZhi leant against the door, taking deep breaths to calm down from the shock.

BoYe reached out to touch the switch on the wall, and the lights came on. He sighed in relief after seeing the comfortably furnished two-person room.

Outside the room, the sound of footsteps, screams, and beating mixed together.

Suddenly, TangZhi recalled the problem they had and looked at BoYe in shock. “How did you get in?”

“I just pushed the door open, it’s not locked.”

“Don’t be alone, ChunZi likes lonely people……”

After thinking for a moment, TangZhi looked at their intertwined hands and suddenly said, “I get it!”

TangZhi opened the door and shouted into the corridor, “Find a person to hold hands with and you will be able-”

The female ghost suddenly changed directions and rushed towards him. TangZhi hurriedly slammed the door shut.

“What will holding hands do!”

The grumpy uncle yelled.

Even though only half of the sentence was heard, GuMeng just followed the instruction. He did not look and just grabbed the hands of the person nearest to him, running towards the start of the corridor.

The doors of the elevator right in front of him silently slid open, and the lights in it were especially warm against the dim environment.

GuMeng’s eyes lit up and he dragged the person behind him along as he sped up.

Entering the lift, he jabbed at the button leading to the first floor and after raising his head, he was shocked till he nearly dirtied his pants.

The female ghost was clearly separated from them by a whole corridor, but in the blink of an eye, she suddenly reached the middle of the corridor. The black eyes were fixed on him.

In the next second, the female ghost was closer to them.

“Foul! Foul! How does she have the teleportation skill!” GuMeng frantically jabbed at the close button on the elevator, so anxious that he was hopping on the spot.

The elevator doors slowly closed, but the speed of the doors closing was slower than the speed at which the ghost was approaching.

GuMeng backed up against the elevator’s wall, close to freaking out. “It’s over it’s over it’s over it’s over……”

From the view of the elevator, he saw that the female ghost had already reached the elevator.

The female ghost showed a weird smile and reached out towards them.


The elevator doors shut completely.

GuMeng let out a sigh of relief, legs so soft he could barely stand up. He leant against his partner and said, “Classmate, let me lean on you for a while.”


A pale hand reached into the gap between the elevator’s doors and the elevator shook a little.

GuMeng trembled with fright and he nearly jumped up into the air.

The doors of the elevator opened bit by bit, and the head lifted up, showing the black eye and the mottled pale gray skin.

She slowly smirked. “I’ll play with you…… You are really good-looking.”

GuMeng plastered his entire body against the wall and cried, “Nonono, I’m an ugly man, I’m not worthy to play with you!”

“You are really good-looking……” The female ghost let out a “oooooooh” laugh and pushed the elevator doors aside fully. “I’ll play with you!”

Seeing the black hair pouncing on him, GuMeng cringed back and closed his eyes.